SEE INSIDE: Sarah Palin Says ‘F*ck You’ To Michael Moore, Hints At Presidential Run (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin attended the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, a place where ecstatic gun enthusiasts go, and in the middle of her partying, decided it would be a good idea to take sides in the latest controversy between Michael Moore and his recent Twitter comments about the film American Sniper.  She took a picture with Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer, and Twitter user Mike Ramone with the message “Fuc_ You Michael Moore.” No, those aren’t KKK crosses, they are supposed to be sniper cross-hairs in between the O’s of Michael Moore’s name.

Palin posing with Twitter user Mike Ramone and Medal of Honor Recipient  Dakota Meyer. Pic via Death and Taxes.

Palin posing with Twitter user Mike Ramone and Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer. Pic via Death and Taxes.

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Sarah Palin also made a splash by indicating that she would be “ready for Hillary” by possibly running for President in 2016. Perhaps, this Michael Moore gig is her way of gaining more attention for herself, to gauge if the country is ready for more of her antics.

She was captured on film saying:

Competition in the GOP primary will surface a candidate who can take on Hillary and show the nation what it’s going to take [to win]. We cant afford the status quo,which lately is Latin for, ‘getting screwed.’

Interviewer:  So, do you have any interest?

Of course, of course. When you have a servants heart, when you know that there’s an opportunity to do all you can, to put yourself forward in the name of offering service, then of course. America is definitely ready for real change (whether that’s me, or not).

You never know what this God fearing, Christian, gun-carrying, conservative woman is going to do. Oh, one must not forget ‘family values’ after witnessing this latest episode of her promoting the phrase “f**k you. The United States could have had this as a Vice-President in 2008, but passed on the opportunity. Now it looks like people may get that wonderful chance again coming up in 2016. You’re looking at your future President, right here, America.

Can’t help but laugh at this:


Good Christian Palin discussing the 2016 race:

H/T: Shot Show | You Tube screen grab

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