Huckabee Stands Up For Duggar – Facebook Users Rip Them Both To Shreds (SCREENSHOTS)

Just in case you had any doubts that Mike Huckabee might actually be in the Oval Office one day, he won’t be. To permanently seal the deal, Mike Huckabee went on television and took to Facebook to extol the virtues of the Duggar family and the incest and child molestation doled out by Josh Duggar, to be specific.

Part of this diatribe includes:

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No one needs to defend Josh’s actions as a teenager, but the fact that he confessed his sins to those he harmed, sought help, and has gone forward to live a responsible and circumspect life as an adult is testament to his family’s authenticity and humility. Those who have enjoyed revealing this long ago sins in order to discredit the Duggar family have actually revealed their own insensitive bloodthirst, for there was no consideration of the fact that the victims wanted this to be left in the past and ultimately a judge had the information on file destroyed—not to protect Josh, but the innocent victims.

What Mike Huckabee left out of the “sought help” is that the founder of the “faith-healing” clinic that treated Josh Duggar for his penchant for incest and child molestation had to step down because he too is a molester.

But, wait, there’s more. And the next part is the part that I like best. The comments on the Huckabee Facebook thread are pure and solid gold. And, they prove that there is absolutely NO WAY this man is ever going to be elected POTUS. Below is a sampling. To see the entire thread click here.

Huckabee Comments 1Huckabee Comments 2Huckabee Comments 3Huckabee Comments 4Huckabee Comments 5Huckabee Comments 6Huckabee Comments 7Huckabee Comments 8Huckabee Comments 9


There’s more, but I think you get the point. This right here is precisely why I think we should let the molesters and rapists and hypocrites and misogynists have their voice. Let them show their true selves loud and clear–rather than making them stifle it so we think we’re dealing with a rational sane person, when in reality we’re dealing with a Mike Huckabee or Josh Duggar.


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  • sfwm.son says:

    So they aired that show, and showed the damaged sisters and Josh interacting? Granted the porducers didn’t know what had taken place, but Josh did and the parents did and they still prostituted the family into the limelight…KNOWING those girls had been molested. It’s completely sick whether you forgive them or not. Shame on them, to profit while the girls were suffering.

  • I’m an atheist, but I wanna thank Jesus for getting Satan to get Josh Duggar to touch his sisters. This has been the best week ever.

    • Lydia/one2the92the82the5 says:

      You aren’t doing Atheists any favors by applauding this disgusting act. It happened and it sucks, but the blatant hypocrisy and cover up attempt by the Duggars should be condemned.

      • AerosmithNirvana says:

        I’m an atheist, and this assclown doesn’t speak for any of us.

        • Lydia/one2the92the82the5 says:

          He might be an anti-atheist troll trying to make Atheists look bad. Or his comment was meant to be satirical in nature. Either way, it was a gross comment.

  • Sephia8 says:

    Reading many of those comments, continues to remind me that even the illiterate can be right once in a while.

  • DJ says:

    That last comment. in the words of Elzar “BAM!” Huckabee is a monster and so are the other potentials who are standing by Duggar. They are all burning in flames as we speak.

  • Sean Jones says:

    So the parents took their child molester to a child pornographer who suggested therapy from another child molester. And the parents were like, “cool, when does he start”.

  • Thom Lee says:

    Hopefully, pandering to the very sick fundamentalist Christian Right. Will prove to any candidate of any party isn’t going to work. Not for those of us who live in a world of reality.

    News flash Christians. None of you is above the law. Not pedophiles, not discrimination none of it. Wake up. We’re a secular Republic. Separation of church and state is here to stay.

    You can not turn America into a Theocracy no matter how hard you try. We won’t let you. It’s not in anybody’s best interest. You want that. Move to the Middle East. See how well that works for you.

  • Suzy says:

    Love the comments to Huckabee. Also I read the police report and Josh was 15 the last time he got caught. He was reading to his little sister and she was sitting on his lap so she was probably the 5 year old. He begin to fondle her chest and then her vagina. He had been caught before but they continue to have all the kids sleep in the same room together. They also taught the kids that when a girl is molested it is because she enticed him. That was in their school curriculum. They are a sick family and shouldn’t be raising any child.

  • KayInMaine says:

    Jim Bob needs to be asked publicly if he has ever touched his 19 children inappropriately!

    • r€nato says:

      I would not go that far, I don’t know that he’s that sick but I bet he has administered ‘discipline’ to his children that in most states would be considered felonious assault.

      • KayInMaine says:

        I hope Jim Bob has kept his hands off his children. I really do. One thing that was mentioned in the police report via one of the victims (a sister) is that the children are disciplined with a rod. WTH.

        • smscott says:

          That is actually more common than many realize among the fundamentalist set…. the Pearls “To Train Up a Child” actually gives “guidance” on what size/type of “rod” to use, and how early to start. (Babies… literally, 6 month old babies!), Please note that I say Fundamentalist and not just Christian. I am a Christian and do not even strike my children, period, much less use a rod to discipline them

          • Cindy Mello says:

            Yeah, and his parents may have raised HIM that way which may have contributed to why he’s f**ked up in the head. He’s a hypocritical piece of shit!….and the way he’s raising his children…they’ll most likely be f*cked up in the head, also. Wrong is wrong….period!

          • r€nato says:

            the scary thing is this religious nutjob has power and influence in his state. The lunatics are running the asylum.

        • r€nato says:

          I guarantee you there has been serious child abuse. The cult to which this freak family belongs, condones it and even encourages it. And they are not talking about a spanking either.

  • my5cents says:

    Why do so many people take the side of the abuser in these situations rather than the side of the abused. What is wrong with you (Huckabee) that you would take Josh’s side over the girls. Because girls are second class citizens and you think they will just get over it or something. Huckabee, you are as sick as Josh Duggar. I guarantee you he will abuse his own girls. This isn’t the last we’ve heard of him, the law and pedophilia, and/or incest, and that judge that ordered his records expunged ought to lose his job too. What’s wrong with him anyway. He’s supposed to uphold the law. He definitely needs to go.

    • smscott says:

      While I agree that the records shouldnt have been destroyed just because i think its a bad idea to do so, Im not sure that there is legal basis to argue that the judge ought to be removed from the bench on this issue…. remember that once this was brought to the police departments attention, the statute of limitations had expired on the incidents that we are aware of at this time. those records bear that out, he couldnt be prosecuted on the basis of those records anyway

      • Jeanie Horine says:

        The problem with the judge destroying the records is the Police Dept state that they usually keep those type of records longer.
        Those records are already in print. So why destroy them?

  • David Christie says:

    Makes you wonder what kind of filth is under the rug at fake, phony Christian Fraud Huckleberry’s house.

  • dontpanik says:

    I have been a registered independent for my entire adult life. I have voted for both parties as well as N/A candidates. I cannot see me EVER voting Republican again after they handed the keys of their party over to the crazy, faux-devout, backwards, greedy whack-a-moles who have now run rampant over the party as well as our country. I was never a fan of Mike Huckabee, but to publicly defend a pedophile makes me think he either has worse skeletons in his own closet or there is a large amount of money involved somewhere linking the two families. He has committed career suicide thinking that every devout Christian Republican is in lock-step with the crazy fundamentalists. Many in your constituency are parents, former victims or just all around good people who deplore victimizing children. I will give you kudos on one thing: You managed to garner bipartisan support against you. See? The two sides CAN come together with a common goal.

  • mcgtrinsofla says:

    and the religulous right says I’M ARROGANT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    because I use rational thought and research for my opinions and beliefs,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • mcgtrinsofla says:

    Huckabee – duggar
    Jindal – Robertson
    is there a pattern emerging from the religilous right,,,,,,,,,,

  • Linda Martin says:

    I’m sure their controlling ways have lot to do with all this. Not letting teenagers hold hands or hug…..he was a 14 year old sack of raging hormones. They wouldn’t let him be a teenager. NOT excusing him at all, but… had to come from somewhere, and I’d bet any amount you want, that the constraints of BEING a Duggar had a lot to do with it. They are NOT normal, and they are NOT perfect. I think we get that now.
    I was molested, repeatedly at a child because people just didn’t believe it. They didn’t WANT to believe it. I just stopped saying anything after awhile. My husband used to tell me, when we first got together, how well adjusted I was for having gone through something like that. I think he probably has a different opinion now. I’m not nearly as well adjusted as he thought. It NEVER goes away and the victim NEVER feels blameless. Even when I say that I understand that it wasn’t my fault, there’s that little devil that pops up and starts whispering doubts in my ear. It’s a lifelong struggle for the victims. Looks like it CAN lead to fame and fortune for the abusers. ………… I think it’s hilarious that Mike Huckabee is making a fool of himself.

  • Helen Wheels says:

    I added about 10-20 and about 100 likes since then. At least he’s not stupid enough to take it down. What’s really amazing about the response to the negative comments is they are all about blaming the Clintons for brainwashing all of us dirty liberals against poor Mike. It’s creepy and weird, what do the Clintons have to do with Josh Duggar molesting little girls?

    Literally – one of the nutjobs up there is lashing out at everyone who criticizes Josh for his “curiosity” – I truly hope she doesn’t have sons.

    Then there is this guy named Jay (hilarious): All u people who are attacking mike Huckabee for this but won’t hold Obama, Hillary, or Bill Clinton accountable for who they support and are linked to are all hypocrites yourselves.

    That’s all they got. It’s really entertaining up there. Critics of Hucksterbee have taken over.

  • Helen Wheels says:

    These aren’t isolated incidents by Josh Duggar, either. This is a systemic way of life for females in the quiverfull cult. Here’s a nice handy chart showing how women are treated like human garbage and baby-makers:

  • Ellis8118 says:

    I used to think Mike Huckabee was just a tubby little grinning jackass of a Christian that wouldn’t harm a fly. He isn’t. He’s as dangerous a hypocrite as you are ever going to see coming from the conservative right. He’s toast!

  • Conservativessuck says:

    I will never believe that Josh the Molester only had five victims over what they claim was a 3 year period. If he was sick enough to molest his 4 year old sister, he was capable of doing anything at anytime to any child. Criminals always try to minimize their crimes. Josh the Molester is no different.

  • Doc Bruce says:

    The standard reaction when Christian Teapublicans get caught with their pants down, “We’re being persecuted by liberals and their media machine! Shame on you for making this simple ‘mistake’ public!”

  • Sephia8 says:

    The only thing we have evidence of, is that since the incident, he hasn’t been CAUGHT again!

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