WATCH: The Film Republicans Had Banned From Congress That Told The Truth About Iraq (VIDEO)

Once upon a time there was a film called Iraq For Sale that chronicled the ridiculous amount of money the Bush administration spent on private contractors in Iraq. According to reports, for every soldier with a specific skill, there was a private contractor making six figures standing there to do his job for him.

Halliburton charged $99 to do a single bag of laundry. Piles of computers and other equipment were torched because they were “ordered wrong,” and new equipment was ordered to replace it. Brand new trucks came with no oil filters, ran until the engines blew and more new trucks were ordered.

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The film showed exactly why we were there. The Iraqi people, liberation, Saddam Hussein – none of it mattered. We were there to make money for Cheney, Bush and their cronies, and this film proved it.

It was so damaging that Republicans had it banned from being shown in congress. We can’t have the truth in our legislative halls, otherwise some congressperson eager to do his or her job might just vote against our most profitable enterprise – war.

Prepare to be sick to your stomach.

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  • Don Bryan says:

    IT’s OK it was the (R) Leadership Getting richer…..

  • Peter J Heaton says:

    and of course the repubs will proclaim that it’s all a lie.

  • Gail Bergstrom says:


  • kinco says:


    • Roy LeBrun says:

      Are you being paid by Halliburton or taking direct payments from these war criminals?

    • John Troutman says:

      How about just a couple? AND maybe ANYTHING that is equal to or worse than bush? Doubt you’ll find anything.

    • Alison Campbell says:

      Yes Kinco, give us that list. Wait, I’ll make it easy for you, just give us ONE thing Obama has done, “to cause America to fail”.

      • kinco says:

        His EPA’s new war on coal and their new regulations will cost EVERY American household big time! It will hit the poor the hardest! That is one. #2. The Race War! Obama and Holder have set race race relations back nearly 60-years!! We have black shooting cops in the back!! And you think that’s OK?? Obama has made the most dangerous deal in our country’s history with the number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, giving them 1.5 Billion dollars to continue their conquest and further terrorism! This describes all of you here; “There is none so blind, as he who will not (wills not to) see.” You are so brainwashed you refuse to see reality. Your grandchildren in bondage will curse upon your grave! The above are only 2 examples of the most egregious things this imposter president has done to bring down America. When he’s gone from office and the truth is finally revealed (because right now all documents are sealed and everyone is totally afraid to cross this man) America will finally understand how truly evil this man is.

        • DesertSun59 says:

          ‘will cost’. Tell us, o wise one. HOW MUCH will it cost everyone. Give us some specific numbers and tell us why coal is more important than simply creating green jobs. We’ll wait.

          And tell us what is Iran conquering? Tell us how Iran, run by a gov’t stuck thoroughly in the MIDDLE AGES, could possibly cause the US to come undone. We’ll wait.

          And lastly, who are the people ‘afraid to cross’ Obama. Tell us. Name names, organizations and groups that are terrified of him. We’ll wait.

          Yep. We’ll wait because we all know you have simply gone off your meds.

        • Stanley E. Woods says:

          And yet the Bushes who led us into wars with no end and who funded some of these same terrorists that are now attacking us and everybody else, are not evil? And we are not even speaking of the disatrous economy as a result of this police everyone mentality and pour billions into the black hole of the defense budget, which by the way buys ridiculous amounts of unneeded armaments but doesn’t take care of its veterans. Pres. Obama inheirited a lot of this mess and with zero support from the right since day one, has improved the economy with more jobs, lower gas prices, and less deficit spending. But of course like your cohorts you blame him and continue with the hate filled fear mongering which is your response to everything. Your grandchildren will thank you I’m sure if these conflicts continue and they are called to duty to maybe be maimed or killed in an unwinnable war. At least he is trying to end not continue it. Terrorism will remain in some form no matter who is POTUS so quit trying to lay all the blame on
          on Pres. Obama.
          It was happening before him and will continue after him. Lets see what you say when he’s gone and nothing changes because you and your likeminded folks wiuldn’t support an effort to get the U.S. out of the Middle East.

      • Bodhisattva says:

        How about ensuring Iran gets nuclear weapons? The war on coal. Continually obstructing Keystone XL. Apologizing around the world. Creating and continually empowering ISIL. Overspending us into severe debt. Deliberately arming Mexican criminal cartels with automatic weapons. Allowing Russia and China to grow strong while he does everything he can to weaken us. The list goes on.

    • lottogirl846 says:

      It’s not that you don’t have the time, it’s just that you are full of LIES and CANNOT come up with anything

      • Bodhisattva says:

        No, it’s just that you are immune to truth and addicted to lies and propaganda so there’s really no point because even if someone takes the time to meticulously share and document the truth YOU WILL STILL LIE AND DENY IT.

    • Baby_Raptor says:

      And yet somehow the economy has improved, the jobless rate has sunk, the National Debt is shrinking, minorities are finally getting their rights, millions of people now have access to health insurance, we aren’t facing another war, our reputation around the world is improving…

      The US is failing? Only in the rightwing’s lie-filled mind.

    • Michael Paolucci says:

      Look up xenophobia in the dictionary, you are their poster child, you can’t be serious?! Let’s just assume for the sake of argument, that both sides are bought and paid for, the difference being that when the democrats controlled both houses, the Republican Party filibustered their way into making it look like the democrats weren’t getting anything done, in other words( and I’ll use small ones, so as not to tax you’re addled pate) the GOP blocks progress, and then blames the democrats for not progressing, they cause the problem, but offer nothing in the way of solutions, every democratic president dating back to F.D.R. have turned the economy around, and the last three republican presidents have destroyed the economy, or started a war in order to try, and stimulate it, Clinton left office with the biggest surplus in U.S. history, and G.W blew through that, and then proceeded to bankrupt the country by giving his cronies an open checkbook, so please save the rhetoric, history calls you a liar!

      • kinco says:

        Harry Reid, your wonderful leader of the Senate for 6 years, would bring NOTHING up for a vote!!! My U.S. Senator quit because NOTHING was getting done because Reid would not let any bill make it to the Senate floor!! The House passed a budget bill each of those 6 years and Reid did not allow even one to be discussed. I will not post anymore on this site. It is obvious you people believe what you want to believe even if proven to be in error. The president give $1.5 BILLION to the #1 terrorist nation in the world – and you’re just fine with that. You are a lost bunch…… Goodbye

    • DesertSun59 says:

      Whenever someone uses the phrase ‘wake up people’ and they use all caps, well, they’re off their meds.

    • Raj2011 says:

      Really. Like improving unemployment from 11% to less than 5%, like wall street is stabilized, like real estate is thriving again, like two unnecessary wars are stopped. And yes the corruption (read the article) has been removed. Open your eyes. Bush and Cheney ruined this great nation. They inherited trillion dollars in surplus and within one year it was all gone. And you think Obama has mis-managed country? Wow…

    • Mech610 says:


      Bernie Sanders.

      You were saying?

    • Robert says:

      America is not failing!

    • jackh110 says:

      Please do list all of the things Obama has done to hurt our country. It may be enlightening

    • Alice Perkins says:

      Old white Republican, wouldn’t believe that the good ole boys could do anything wrong can you? There is nothing the Democrat party has ever done to the American people to compare with the Republican party has done. You must be talking about the Republicans working for big money and kick backs. The Republican gave a fictitious war that gave us terrorist who blew up the twin towers and killed thousands of people and destabilized the Middle East to a point that it will never be the same.

      • Mike Brasher says:

        Obviously, you don’t know history. Who founded the KKK? A Democrap.
        Republicans try to come up with solutions.
        Democrats throw money, our money, at things, trying to solve a problem that never was.

  • kinco says:

    Why do Democrats hate America so? This is the greatest country in all the world!! People make home made rafts and risk their very lives to live here!!! Why do you Democrats hate her so??

    • Roy LeBrun says:

      why do you hate Americans so much?

    • Lincoln F. Sternn says:

      No, we just hate idiots like you.

    • chicagotribunefragments says:

      We dont hate America. We hate Bush and Cheney for ruining it

    • DesertSun59 says:

      Bingo. You are proof that you’re not paying any attention whatsoever to what this article is about.

    • chucky says:

      We don’t hate america, we hate you

    • Ron Saunchegrow says:

      I don’t know what makes you think we are the greatest country in all the world….. we aren’t first in anything except military spending and citizen imprisonment….. We were great before, could be great again, but I don’t see that happening until the far left and the far right decide to work together on the things they do agree on. It is the people like you who say it is all one side’s fault that prevent progress. We aren’t best in education, we aren’t best in budgeting (because of both parties), we aren’t best in infrastructure, we aren’t best in taking care of our poverty problem or our massive income disparity problem, we aren’t best in technology, we aren’t best in manufacturing, we aren’t best in making sure that citizens have affordable and appropriate access to health care, we aren’t best in military strategy (as far as when to use military), we aren’t best in national politics (unless you have a lot of money to use as speech), please tell me how we are the best besides that there are other countries around us that do this government thing worse enough to make their citizens want to live here instead. As long as we puff our chests up and think that we are the best because we are ‘Merca we will never have the need to look around at how well other countries are doing and decide that we can do better.

  • Sacco Svd says:

    So who is doing something to catch these guys?

    • rkoenn says:

      It’s even worse. Cheney sits out there pushing his agenda to this day and putting Obama and diplomacy down every chance he gets. Wouldn’t it be great to put him up on charges before the world court? That might finally shut him up. At least Bush keeps fairly well out of sight but then he wasn’t the ring leader anyway.

  • Steven Levy says:

    This is exactly why we have lost the respect of the Arab nations. This is what they see, contractors wasting time and money. The Bush/Cheney administration did not do the USA any favors.

  • Shelley Rubalcava says:

    Ray Iesene you hit the nail right on the head. All these fake scandals with Obama and Hillary, Planned Parenthood, etc. Bush, Cheney and their cohorts should be tried as war criminals. A lot of true Americans and innocent civilians have lost their lived or been damaged by these evil men.

    • Brandon Rowell says:

      Bush and Cheney were both charged and found guilty of international War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity (by absentia).

  • DesertSun59 says:

    I’ve discovered since W was elected that nearly everything they do is a distraction for the public to watch the shiny objects while they stealthly take taxpayer money and put it into their offshore accounts.

  • Raj2011 says:

    Entire nation should watch that movie. The crooks have to be punished. It is a shame how corrupt that administration was and we, as a nation have done nothing about it.

  • RiffRaff says:

    Selling blood for a profit.

  • Chris Ballenger says:

    Today I would have more respect for our troops if they simply laid down their arms and refused to fight for these profiteers. We need generals who will fight for Americans, and not for the for-profit war mongers. Today this is where true courage lies. In this is where the next true American heroes will emerge.

  • Jeffrey V Jacobsen says:

    I was fine with Obama until he agreed to allow Shell to drill in the arctic. Everything else he’s done, that I’m aware of, I’ve agreed with and supported. Bush and Cheney should be in prison and Barry needs to rescind his permission to Shell. Clinton, well other than getting his cigar blown occasionally, was one of the best presidents we’ve had here. If anyone should be the next POTUS, it’s Bernie IMHO. As for anyone siding with the republitards, I hope you realize you are the minority in terms of political parties. When you want something no one else wants in a true democratic society, you may want to change the direction you’re heading before you wind up falling on your faces. Repent and believe in all the people, not just the few sociopaths. Because after a sociopath gets what they want and the $#!+ hits the fan. Guess who’s left standing right in front of that fan? Not them, you.

  • pontfadog says:

    Rent the movie, Fahrenheit 9/11 that will open your minds.!!!

  • Red47 says:

    I saw what you did there. You are so right, right?

  • Cletus B Neckbeard says:

    Please replace your emotional assessment of the world around you with one based on mentation. You’re part of “the problem,” otherwise.

  • Tomy kay says:

    Fraud, waste and abuse. Ironically military men are taught this concept while in basic training…but to see it first hand by the ones whom instill those virtues is demoralizing.

  • Robyn Ryan says:

    And no one in congress was bright enough to see it for themselves…

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