UNBELIEVABLE: Ellen DeGeneres’ Dance Dare Got A Black Man Thrown To The Ground By The NYPD (VIDEO)

A man decided to take Ellen DeGeneres up on her Dance Dare Challenge on Christmas Eve, like so many other fans of her show. As part of the challenge, viewers are supposed to go up behind perfect strangers and dance without them knowing it. It’s supposed to be good, light-hearted fun. If you want to see all the videos from fans uploaded to her site, you can check them out here.

So, with that said, a black man made a video dancing behind complete strangers, including an NYPD officer. What could have been a simple question and answer session by police, maybe even a lawful search for safety reasons, turned real nasty, real quick.

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As soon as the officer notices the gentleman dancing behind him,  several officers surround him and push him up against their van.


What’s wrong with you?


I’m just dancing. I’m just dancing.

The cop puts his hands around his throat.


What are you dancing in the street for?

At this point he explains that he’s taking the Dance Dare Challenge from the Ellen DeGeneres’ Show, but they are hearing none of it. They go on to frisk the guy, but soon discover they can’t charge him with anything. This, however, doesn’t stop them from ridiculing him.


What the f*ck is wrong with you? Are you a f*cking as*hole?

They then shove him to the ground in the middle of the street, like he’s a piece of trash. 

And, people wonder why cops are hated so much.

There are two videos posted. The first one is the shortened version showing the particular incident in question. The second one is the entire video of the Dance Dare throughout the city, and not just with the cop. Definitely deserving of being shown on Ellen’s show.

The shortened video:

And, here is the full video:

H/T: Being black in NYC | Featured Image: Youtube screen grab

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  • maricorena says:

    Doesn’t the police ever learn? They are the ones deserving all the pejoratives they directed to Dancing man! They are so disrespectful to black citizens, to say the least. They stupidly assign worth to white skin, and when arresting them they call them “Sir” as we have seen in so many videos posted in the internet. It is such strong evidence of their racism. Wasn’t there a “good” cop to save the situation? Why do they gang up? Where are the good cops?

  • maricorena says:

    They could have asked “Do you need help, sir?

  • trk387 says:

    TWO cops just got MURDERED… COPS are getting murdered all over the nation! and the MORON (sorry) is dancing behind two police officers. At ANY time he could pull out a gun and KILL THEM! You can’t be behind the police like that. I have to say for Ellen to even mention such a thing? The FAME has gotten to her head. Not smart, not smart at all.

    These cops are MOURNING their brothers, its XMAS eve, and this guy is doing that. FAIL… trk387

    • David Parsons says:

      Stop being so dramatic with the cap locks. He could pull a gun , but didn’t…because he didn’t have one. Oh, and as far as cops being murdered all over this nation….well ,not as much as they are murdering unarmed citizens all over the nation….EVERYDAY

    • John M says:

      Really? Cops are getting murdered all over the nation? When the number of cops killed hits the number of innocent people murdered by cops, I’ll start to feel sorry for them. Yeah, it was probably kind of stupid for him to do that. But the cops reactions were prototypical of the problem with law enforcement these days. They could have reacted in many different ways. They chose to be confrontational, arrogant and rude. I really don’t care if they’re in “morning”. It doesn’t give them the right to act like the assholes they claimed this guy was.

      • trk387 says:

        Holy shit they printed it! lol I have to say the police acted with great restraint. If this were any other time without the Eric Garner situation he would have received far worse. Police officers are NOT normal people. You can’t stand on their side, be in back of them, etc. If this were allowed? any lunatic could simply grab their weapons. If YOU were a police officer and SEEING everything they see day to day, you wouldn’t want anyone near you either. IMAGINE walking out your house and you do not know if you’re coming back? Where you had to call your life insurance and lawyer to make sure everything was paid and in order? Your NOT placing yourself in the shoes of the police, because you simply don’t give a shit.

        I will say you’re right, they could have addressed the thing in a better way. But this is the NYPD they are ROUGH cops because they are dealing with one of the roughest cities in the Nation. Especially now with Di Blasio at the helm. NY will SEE another Dinkin’s error in 2015 🙁 The ONLY reason this man was elected was because of his bi racial family. He is AL Sharpton’s white bitch. Sharpton OWNS this man… and his FUTURE political career.

        I once was stopped by the police, actually been stopped several times… However, I didn’t give them attitude, I didn’t fight them, I answered their questions respectfully, and guess what? I left in tact and alive.

        As I said there is ONLY way to stop all this. The good cops must go to BLUE war with the bad. Thank you for your comment. trk387

        • blackbearvoltage says:

          i doubt these cops give a rats ass about different cops they never met, just because i work in a warehouse doesn’t mean i should mourn some guy who got killed by a fork lift in another warehouse some states away. an obviously a cop was watching him the whole time. why they surrounded him. abusive of force for no reason after an explanation. way to solve the problem and uphold a law against dancing….

          • trk387 says:

            WOW my private moderators these social media cites hire to STOP my comments must be off today (it is a holiday) lol I BELIEVE they do, and I believe, that they and ONLY they can STOP all this… REMEMBER the civil war? So I guess people in other states didn’t give a crap about other people who owned slaves? You THINK about that…

            TRUST me these GOOD cops are FED up with the BS! and SOON they will RISE and go to BLUE WAR with their evil counterparts. But, you have to BLAME the TRUE guilty here. The police are simply doing what they are being ALLOWED to do. It is THEIR bosses and superiors that are truly to blame.

            I SEE all this crap on the news ( I have to ) I am APPALLED when I see some person (like that kid the other week who they slammed on the police car, some DT came up from behind and punched him his kidneys ( it looked more like a prison shaking ) made me SICK! all for pushing some kid down in his H.S. no REASON for that. So do not link me with all these people that condone what is going on, or even like it. I DON’T. However, to dance behind police officers especially with everything that is going on is just INSANITY. Not mention some media personality to tell them to do it? Is so IRRESPONSIBLE and is a DUNCE thing to have done. trk387

            Thank you for your comment, it is respected.

          • John M says:

            “Good cops”? Yeah, I’ve met a few. But if you believe that the good ones will stand up, you’re a fool. Hell, just mention the name Serpico to most any cop and they’ll get outraged. Why? Because he did the unspeakable thing of trying to stop corrupt cops. Yes, cops are normal people. It’s the idea that they’re not that gives them the ego to think they can get away with crap that anyone else would be arrested for. It’s people like you that make excuses for them, that give them the power to continue like this. I was in the Coast Guard. I did law enforcement patrols in the Caribbean. We had far more legal authority than the any cop. Did we act like them? HELL NO! That’s because our job went beyond just law enforcement (as does most cops). Lose the respect of the people your there to serve and you’ve lost your authority to do your job. Cops are just making their jobs harder, not easier. And it’s only going to get worse. Continue to defend them and it will get allot worse. And until these supposed “good cops” come out of the closet and speak up, I won’t believe they actually exist

        • pat10 says:

          Most African American males walk out of their homes everyday wondering if they’ll be coming back. It’s always going to be de Blasio’s fault when anything happens to the NYPD, just like everything & anything is always Pres.Obama’s fault. I wish people like you would take a minute to see what’s the real reason these things happen & who could actually have stopped it. The Mayor was NOT elected b/c of bi-racial anything, besides what exactly does that have to do with anything? He didn’t ‘turn his back’ on any cop, he just reached out to a family that had just lost a son, sibling, father. Something that Jesus taught us. And for that he was greeted at the funeral for one of the cops by others turning their backs on him like a bunch of 3rd graders. THAT was what was Disrespectful! And anyone that stands by those cops have no respect for human life, any human life. You say you were once stopped by the police & left intact and alive, I imagine you’re not a young black male are you? Those white cops have no regard for the life of a black male & they prove it everyday, hell you can even go on YT & watch videos by the dozens of black males getting harassed & shot for doing nothing at all. And until more of these situations are brought to light they will continue. My how proud Jesus must be of all of you.

          • trk387 says:

            are f kidding me? You know what? I can SEE that you are MIND SET in your beliefs, so for me to even attempt to speak to you would be moronic on my part. So lets agree to disagree… trk387

            PS: the people like you? You don’t know, you know nothing about me. Go watch my youtube channel and then come back here and say ” people like you ” and honey? he WAS elected because is BI RACIAL Son did commercials for him! Now if you don’t believe that? Then your an IDIOT. trk387 People like me, I think I am INSULTED!

          • Robert H. says:

            You’re a fcuking moron. Be insulted.

          • ellid says:

            Not only are you hysterically overreacting, you’re a bigot.


        • 1YesterdaysWine1 says:

          New York isn’t even closest to the roughest city in the nation anymore. This isn’t 1990. In fact, New York leads as the SAFEST major city in the country. You want rough? Head to Camden, NJ, or Baltimore or DC. In 2013, the safest cities over 500,000 were El Paso, San Diego (#3), Austin and San Jose. The murder rate in NY is the lowest among all big cities. Chicago, which has about 1/3rd of the population of NY has about the same number of murders, for instance. With crime rates falling, it’s ridiculous that police murders of civilians and other forms of brutality is rising.

        • al says:

          Once they established he wasn’t a threat, the situation should have been over. They were trying to escalate the situation. I’m glad he didn’t fall for it.

        • Rochelle Lynn Dunlap says:

          Nowhere in this video did this man act disrespectful. He explained what he was doing, submitted to an unnecessary search, and didn’t mouth off…yet when they found nothing on him they chose to call him names and throw him to the ground. Keep giving excuses to them and one day it will be you that is treated this way. Only when they are held accountable will the violence to citizens stop.

        • ellid says:

          GREAT RESTRAINT? In what universe do you live? Are you on drugs? Beating up someone and swearing at him for DANCING is not acceptable. Period.

          Shame on you.

        • Tino Ramos says:

          What an absolute crock of bull. “This is New York, these are rough cops.” It doesn’t matter where you’re a cop at it doesn’t give them the right to treat people like crap. This guy wasn’t resisting them or giving them attitude, as a matter of fact he told them he was dancing for a prank. How did they react? By bullying him, berating him and throwing him to the ground as if he was trash. As long as there are people like yourself who tolerate this type of Police behavior even when the behavior is video recorded there will always be a problem. You are right about the good cops needing to weed thesea-holes out though. Cops like these are their worst enemies and they need to truly Police there own.

    • FlaGuy says:

      AT ANY TIME ANYONE CAN PULL A GUN AND MURDER ANYONE. That does not give the police or anyone else for that matter any reason to assault and batter an individual who broke no laws! Get over yourself. It’s crap like what these officers did that are the reason people are fed up and taking the law into their own hands with them (thugs with badges)

    • Stuart Hamilton says:

      Right, did you see the FIRST people he danced behind? They were cops. Did they react the same way? NO, they didn’t.

      Cops, being killed all over the nation? Really? Yeah, cop deaths spiked in 2014, but trust me far fewer cops are murdered than ordinary people.

      Stop being so melodramatic.

    • Dar Choub says:

      a) quit using so much caps lock, it’s extremely annoying and makes reading what you’re trying to say difficult.
      b) the fact that you think that the police should treat every single person with extreme distrust and fear “because they might have a gun and they might want to shoot them” is beyond ridiculous and incredibly wrong.
      c) police aren’t dying all over the place, 2 get murdered and suddenly there’s an epidemic?
      d) quit using so many damn caps lock.
      e) put down the kool-aid, your comments don’t make much sense and are extremely ignorant of the reality of the situation.

    • Dar Choub says:

      OMG LOUD NOISES!!!!!!

    • gurukalehuru says:

      The number of civilians killed by police officers is way higher than the number of police officers killed by civilians. You can look it up if you like.

      • hurtlockerg573 says:

        I love this argument, not. The problem when people throw out these “facts” about how the cops are murdering civilians is this: you are looking at stats of the number of people killed by police officers, period. Yes, more civilians are killed by cops every year than cops killed by civilians. But is that bad? The numbers of people killed by cops includes individuals who are trying to murder cops or other civilians along with others who give them no choice. These numbers do not represent INNOCENT lives taken by police, because that number is actually very very small. The media would like you to believe that innocent lives are taken in huge numbers but this is simply not true. Black on black murder is however an epidemic.

        • ellid says:

          Wrong in every way, but don’t let that stop you from blathering.

        • Damian A says:

          You talk about people pulling out funny statistics yet you pull out the old “what about black on black crime”. Well what ABOUT it? Why does it happen? Do you understand why? What about white on white crime?

          • hurtlockerg573 says:

            No, I talk about people looking at a statistic of people killed by police and assume that this represents the number of citizens MURDERER by police, which is not reality and then tell people to “look it up”. Blacks account for 13% of the US population and account for 53% of ALL murders. 93% of blacks murdered by other blacks. Those are staggering statistics and not skewed in any way. White on white crime? Is that even related to the topic of “police targeting young black males”? “White”, which includes all Hispanic, make up 73% of population and commit 45% of all murders. Don’t know what else you are fishing for…

    • 1YesterdaysWine1 says:

      He doesn’t have to dancing to shoot anyone. Real assassins of police would be very surreptitious about it, as the one in Queens was. While cops shouldn’t be gunned down in their cars, they also need to chill out. Respect? A sense of humor? It’s not like he is the only weird guy running around New York. They can’t just manhandle anyone whose behavior seems a little “off.”

    • Guest says:

      Kill a few more

    • ellid says:

      What utter nonsense – are we not supposed to dance again because a mentally ill person shot two strangers? Are we not supposed to do something that just, might *just*, have brightened the policemen’s day? Why are you defending the indefensible?

    • Charlie3 says:

      False outrage and theatrics just to see your comment on a screen.

      • Charlie3 says:

        Did Ellen mention it on TV? I don’t see anything in the article claiming that. However, if she did not mention it, it would be a shame.

  • King Kredible says:

    It’s not a surprise that he got jacked up. Half the point of these videos is to see how obnoxious you can get before someone jacks you up. That’s the allure of watching them. The irony here is that in this case, it was the NYPD who jacked him up and that is a bad look for them. It’s the one group who you would expect to be professional and hold it together. Instead they are the least tolerant of everyone in the video, and the quickest to resort to violence to address a minor nuisance. It does not reflect well on the state of policing in the U.S.A.

  • Dawmoan says:

    The cops were out of line and whoever pushed him should arrested for assault. Why would they act like this. Because they feel there are no consequences for their poor behavior. I think most cops do a great job. These cops should be fired or at least trained on how to act. They acted like animals. I hardly think dancing behind the police is against any laws. Jerks.

  • Loren Evans says:

    Let’s see, we can get killed or injured by the police for walking down the street with our hands in our pockets, we can get killed or injured by the police for obeying commands to get our ID out of our car, we can get killed or injured for waiting outside of a store for our family…now we can get killed or injured for dancing on the street. What action is left we can do on the street so we don’t get killed or injured???

  • al says:

    Looks like another million lost in NYC’s budget. If you think cops make a lot in NYC, you should see what the lawyers make.

  • jasonwcomes says:

    Sneaking up behind a cop after what happened a few weeks ago is soooo smart! Fricken retard.. They could’ve thought you were making fun of the past situation and mocking it in a humor sort of way. I don’t blame them for reacting like that at all.

  • tommeny says:

    Hey guys. 2 NYPD cops get assassinated by someone who walks up behind them and you wonder why they are on edge. You are a fucknut for trying that. You got lucky. This time I am on their side.

    • ellid says:

      Sorry, but wrong. The cops were in a car when they were attacked by a lunatic. This is not even remotely the same.


      • hurtlockerg573 says:

        Oh I see, they were not in a car and therefore could not be attacked by someone sneaking up behind them. TOTALLY different. Your logic is flawed.

  • onemanvolt says:

    Why do we need dramatic, sinister music in the background? If the incident was so bad, wouldn’t the actual sounds do?

  • JHoughton1 says:

    If he’d been white they’d have called him “Sir” and probably started dancing with him.

  • Norman Boyea says:

    My personal space as a police officer is 8 foot. If you enter that circle I will tell you to stop and step back. If any person is stupid enough to come up behind any other person, let alone a cop, they diserve to be jacked. If he did that to any civilian and got knocked on his butt, I would refuse to arrest the civilian and ask the idiot what he thought he was doing. It’s nice to play Monday morning quarterback. The officer was startled and just saw a person invading his personal space and acting hyper in the side of his eye. For a cop, this unusual behavior means trouble 95% of the time. He wasn’t just dancing in the street, he was screwing with people and used idiotic judgement.

  • K K Putnam says:

    Ellen’s “Dance Dare” contest is not a very well thought through concept. People sneaking up in back of you, invading your space while attempting stupid dance moves comes across as crazy behavior. In this day and age this is a dangerous stunt to attempt. Ellen should grow up and stop inciting people to place themselves in dangerous situations in their attempt to achieve 15 seconds of “fame” only to boost her ratings. Rule #1… don’t do stupid shit anywhere near cops!

  • K K Putnam says:

    Ellen’s “Dance Dare” contest is not a very well thought through concept. People sneaking up in back of you, invading your space while attempting stupid dance moves comes across as crazy behavior. In this day and age this is a dangerous stunt to attempt. Ellen should grow up and stop inciting people to place themselves in dangerous situations in their attempt to achieve 15 seconds of “fame” only to boost her ratings. Rule #1… don’t do stupid shit anywhere near cops!

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