Donald Trump Says No To Higher Minimum Wage: ‘Salaries Are Too High’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump joined Fox Business host Stuart Varney for a phone interview, and said some things that were amazing, even for Donald Trump. One of those amazing comments involved his idea to close American mosques in order to fight ISIS. That one drew a lot of attention, but it only serves to get the Islamophobic GOP base worked up. Thanks to the First Amendment, it will never happen, President Trump or no President Trump. What should be of more concern to voters is what Trump thinks about the minimum wage. That is something that a President Trump can control, and his thoughts about it should scare any sane person.

After the conversation about Islam dies down, Varney tells Trump that he wants to go through a series of issues and get Trump’s thoughts on them. He starts with paid family leave, which workers in many U.S. allies receive, and even in some countries that we would consider to be in the “third world.” Trump says that we have to remain “competitive,” and that family leave is being “looked at.”

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Next comes the $15 an hour minimum wage. Trump replies:

Similar answer. You have to keep our country competitive. One of the reasons companies are leaving is because salaries are too high.

That’s right, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack, who each probably work two jobs to make ends meet, BILLIONAIRE Donald Trump thinks that you make too much money. It’s interesting that the countries he mentions as ones that the U.S. needs to look to when it comes to wages are Vietnam and China. According to Quandl, the minimum wage in China is $242 a month, as of 2013. In Vietnam it’s $73 a month. So if you’re thinking that Donald Trump is some kind of populist on trade and wage issues, you had better think again. He wants to start a trade war with China, and apparently would make American made products competitive with those made in China by forcing American workers to work for Chinese level wages.

Here are Trump’s comments on labor and trade issues:


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