New Video: Cops Pretended Eric Garner Was Alive For Crowd As He Lay Dead For 7 Minutes

A newly discovered video depicting the arrest and homicide of Eric Garner shows how police responded after he was choked to death.

For seven minutes, police stood around calmly — acting as if he were still alive. Meanwhile, Mr. Garner lay handcuffed, dead in the street.

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Police did not try to administer CPR on Mr. Garner. When a witness questioned why the police were not performing CPR on him, they lied, “He’s still breathing.”

Garner was being restrained for arrest after breaking up a fight on suspicion of selling untaxed cigarettes. As he was being arrested, Officer Pantaleo put Garner in a chokehold that was banned by the NYPD.

In other videos, Garner can be heard begging for his life eight separate times, saying, “I can’t breath.”

Although ruled a homicide by the NY medical examiner, a  Grand Jury failed to produce an indictment on Pantaleo.

Watch the video here


H/T: WTAE-TV | Featured Image: Screen Grab

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