Neil deGrasse Drops Mic On Racist Idea That Aliens Built The Pyramids (VIDEO)

One of the most common alien theories around is that the pyramids had to be built by visitors from outer space — from a superior race.

There’s lots of “evidence,” which mostly means that the pyramids are too perfect for such “primitive” cultures to have built. Of course, math historians know that at the time the pyramids were built, Egyptians were pretty damned good at math.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson has his own theory as to why people have such a difficult time with the idea that Egyptians might have built the pyramids — he says it’s racism — that the idea that black people were advanced enough to design and construct such brilliant pieces of architecture is too much for many white people to accept.

Tyson appeared on the webcast, Thug Life. He was asked about the theories and responded:

So, it was Europeans coming to Africa seeing an amazing civilization that they cannot imagine an African built, and they must then invoke some other cause that enabled them to build it.

Clever people come in all colors.

Just admit that you’re not as smart as the people who built the pyramids and end the conversation there.

*drops mic*

Here’s the video:

Featured image via Wikimedia

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  • Christopher Thomas says:

    and another thing is that the guy who he is talking to, is black….

  • NDT has so many good things to say, I especially like his “rant” on GMOs. Howver, this makes no sense. Even IF the ancient Egyptians were black (they may have been, yes), most modern “white people” don’t realize this. We think “Egyptian” and we think Arab, not black. Still may be racism, but it has little to nothing to do with black people for anyone but modern black people, you guys see racism EVERYWHERE.

    • Dennis Fritz says:

      You’ve got it backwards. The problem isn’t that black people see racism EVERYWHERE. The problem is, white people don’t see racism ANYWHERE–unless the alleged victim is white.

      The whole subject of racism has basically been declared off limits for discussion nowadays. If anyone dares mention it, a million white people jump up and scream, “Stop playing the race card!” Or, “This has nothing to do with race!” Or, “Stop stirring the pot!” Serious discussion about race have become almost impossible, because as soon as the subject comes up, it gets shut down.

      • I’d say that both our generalizations are incorrect, and that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I’d also say it’s far less about black and white as it is about liberal and conservative. Liberals are always playing the victim card, trying to claim that we have a supposed “pandemic” of white police brutalizing black people, which is simply not true. The media covers the CRAP out of instances of supposed racial “bias” in an attempt to get this “serious discussion” started, but since most of us see right through the falsehood, no wonder it never goes anywhere. I’m all for having such a discussion, but it doesn’t seem that the two sides are even on the same page.

        • Gayla Tanner says:

          OK, wow. So you don’t think there’s a problem with police brutality in America? Never mind. You think we’re playing cards, ignoring everything (or worse, feeling justified) going on in our nation.

          Back on point, I may have considered alien intervention, but not because I didn’t think any particular race wasn’t capable. If humans were capable of such feats of science thousands of years ago, where did they go wrong? How did it backslide? Why aren’t we MORE advanced now?

          It isn’t that I think blacks (Egyptians, whatever) are incapable, but that humans were.

          • Sure, we have problems with police abusing their authority, but not in a way that targets blacks more than anyone else in particular. The liberal left in this country has been pushing a false racial victimization narrative, pretending like the police unfairly and/or brutally target blacks more often than they do whites. There is simply no evidence that this is true because it is not true.

            I wish I understood how we have backslid so badly, as you say. It’s truly mystifying, but to me much more plausible than some sort of alien interference, although in truth that can’t be 100% ruled out either, now can it?.

          • zerosumgame0005 says:

            Most of the destruction of knowledge came from the Christians with their dark ages and crusades and such. after all it wasn’t until the Roman Empire turned Christian that it fell. lots of burning of offensive scrolls and later books as well as tending to chop off the heads of people they considered “too smart”. it took the Arabs to keep math alive until it became “cool” again

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