10 Ways Right-Wing Bigots Are Completely Wrong About Muslims

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. It’s also the most feared. A tiny fraction of Muslims have declared themselves Jihadists, and according to far too many Americans and Europeans, that means that all Muslims are a suicide vest away from killing us all.

That attitude — which is mostly expressed by Republicans, but also shared by a handful of liberals, like Bill Maher — is particularly dangerous. It leads to hate crimes, mostly against perfectly innocent people. The fact is, American non-Muslims have been far more dangerous to American Muslims since 9/11 than the other way around.

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Still, Islamophobes aren’t going to listen. This video, though, starring two very attractive Millennials, shines a whole new light on Islam and helps dispel the myths. Let’s make this go viral. It could be good for the world.

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  • Jeh Jeh says:

    How ridiculous and quite insulting. Conservatives know very well the difference between radical islamists and normal peace loving Muslims. Christians have their own radicals that claim to be God fearing people. They call themselves the ku klux klan. And real Christians condemn them and prosecute them for their crimes. It is not bigotry to not want innocent people to be blown up while watching a concert or soccer match and, quite frankly those who call conservatives bigots just make themselves look ignorant.

    • jackster12 says:

      Do they? Donald Trump just recommended, in his bid to lead the very nation founded by people who sought religious freedom, that we should “consider closing all the mosques.” And he was cheered for it. Who was doing that cheering? Confused leftists… or conservatives?

  • Ivan says:

    Oh wow. I stand corrected. There are lots of Muslims talking about doing something. This should totally stop all the explosions. Whew!

    • jackster12 says:

      So, you’re saying you’re frustrated with the talking… and that taking action would be better. What kind of action?

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