Unbelievable. The Christian Right Backs Josh Duggar And His ‘Loving Family’ (SCREENSHOTS)

The news that Josh Duggar of “19 And Counting” molested young girls, including his own sisters while they slept, is the shocker of the week, but is it really all that shocking?

The Duggars, who have an incredibly awkward style of child-rearing, have brought the equivalent of a Major league baseball team into the world; parenting all of them effectively seems almost impossible. Statistically, with a brood of 19, you’re bound to have a monster or two.

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Josh Duggar is that monster. No manner of excuse will change the facts of what he did. His parents, the “loving” couple that they are, chose to sweep it under the rug and instead get their son “help” from the church.

In Duggarland, homosexuals can be “cured,” the church has a magic-wand that absolves people from sin, and prayer is the answer to all problems large or small. The “help” they got Josh was most likely just that; repent and ye shall be saved.

What about the girls he molested? Who saves them? Does prayer also remove trauma? Was any attention given to what they went through, or was Josh-repair the sole item on the menu at the time?

Regardless of their motives, their response or their beliefs, this makes the Duggars, already low on the totem pole of decent human beings for their blatant bigotry and hate, a reprehensible gaggle of sideshow freaks whose show needs to be cancelled.

Who in their right-mind would support Josh Duggar and his “loving parents?” The Christian right, that’s who.

While looking through the Facebook posts of news articles surrounding this story, I came across multitudes of people showing their support for the loving Duggars and their perfect son who simply “made a mistake.” With a click of their profile links one thing became perfectly obvious: They are all Republican supporting, Joel Osteen loving, Duggar watching right-wing “Christians.”

They hate the LGBT community. They bash the downtrodden on welfare and food stamps. They support the police who murder black men with great prejudice, and now, with a rallying cry of “judge not lest ye be judged,” they have tossed their morals in the garbage and backed Josh Duggar:



None of our business? When a family makes themselves that public it is absolutely our business. The evilness of others? How about the evilness of Josh Duggar? The loony left is trying to take them down? As a card-carrying member of the “loony left” I can tell you I had nothing to do with Josh Duggar’s actions in his sisters’ bedrooms late at night while his parents slept. I’m fairly certain I was somewhere else, but I’ll have to check my calendar.

What’s more disturbing than this post is the number of people who like it.



If the best you can strive for is your children being half as good as a child molester you’re a failure as a parent.



I put a call in to God, he hasn’t called back yet to confirm that he has in fact forgiven Josh Duggar. Emails are equally unresponsive.



47 Christian extremists like this post, most likely because they’re covering their own guilt for something horrible they themselves have done and been forgiven for by God. Maybe I’m calling the wrong number. I really need to be absolved for stealing a Snickers Bar in 1986. This isn’t merely a sin to be forgiven, it’s a crime. A crime with multiple victims who will never see justice because God was satisfied.



Those poor Duggars. After making millions and using their false fame to push an anti-gay, ultra pro-life agenda, judging the world as not nearly as divine as them and placing the son they knew was a child molester in a position of “moral leadership,” the truth of what they really are comes out, and it’s everyone’s fault but theirs.

He didn’t have to deny it, his parents swept it under the rug. He admitted it and resigned because he had no choice. There are victims involved here so no, we’re not happy. The worst that will happen is the millionaires won’t be able to keep cleaning up by pandering to imbeciles like you. Not happy. Not happy at all.



There are girls younger than that on trial as we speak in the Slenderman case. 14-year-olds who commit crimes of that nature and aren’t tried as adults spend the next four years in juvenile detention. Josh Duggar got to pray for forgiveness, was granted absolution by thin air and his parents and went on to preach morality to others.

Seriously…where do these people come from?

What these people don’t seem to understand is that Josh Duggar wasn’t forgiven, he got away with it. We learn from our mistakes when there are consequences from our actions. Mark my words: This is NOT the last we’ll hear of this. Josh Duggar’s instincts as a sexual predator didn’t just die because God (allegedly) absolved him. Josh Duggar is obviously a sick and twisted individual whose demons have never really been dealt with.

I, for one, won’t be surprised when more allegations pour in. Josh Duggar has four children of his own. Hopefully God hasn’t had to be consulted on their behalf as well.


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  • ta2t2o says:

    You have to love the guy who starts off with “I’m not saying what he did was right….”

    Seriously? The fact that would even be an option for you to consider indicates that there is way more than one sick f#ck on the right who would think that there’s a possibility that there isn’t any issue with what he did.

    • Iceneedle says:

      I can see there are different morals. If the person is a practicing Christian, practicing as in Paulist, then he is going to ask for God for forgiveness. Which of course God is going to grant him. If you commit a sin, not to worry, either convert to a Christian religion, show your are penitent and pray that God forgives you, and all is okay.
      On the other hand, if you are not a Christian and you plead mercy and forgiveness to the victim, why you are a scum of the Earth.

    • Catey Hamilton says:

      I, unfortunately, have read more than a few posts from people who have used various versions of, “He was just a kid,” “Kids will be kids,” and “Lots of kids do stuff like this.”

      Um… no. Just, NO. To the first, so what? That doesn’t mean his behavior won’t continue as an adult and without competent, certified help, you cannot trust him. To the second, yeah, when four year olds do “Show me yours, I’ll show you mine.” Doing this at 14, even in a house like theirs, isn’t kids being kids. This is a predator refining how to abuse and get away with it. And to the third, if you did stuff like this, you need to be investigated, too.

      There are a lot of sick, delusional people in this world.

  • lilyannerose says:

    I want to see that Heavenly Certificate of Forgiveness.

    • RichardCrow says:

      Long form original only

    • Tim Clark says:

      Read Numbers 31:17-18 to see God ordering and condoning pedophilia and Numbers 31:25-40 to see God implying that he’s a pedophile himself to see why there is no need for forgiveness. Your imaginary friend order and condones pedophilia along with being a pedophile his own damn mythological self

      • Craig_Hubley says:

        Agreed, now quote those passages in EVERY social media thread where there are cultists defending Duggars.

  • Jose O. Gonzalez Lopez says:

    if you have to say that every family has skeletons in their closet, it worries me what is in that persons closet. Cuz i know my family has nothing in its closet.

  • Ginger Martinez says:

    regardless of what they (the Duggers) say, the victims should not have to be around him. Child molestation is extremely harmful and difficult to recover from. It is usually not something that happens a few times and then stops. He should be on a sexual predators list as a pedophile.

  • BahlSanchin says:

    The verbiage reminds me of all the D-bags I witnessed defending Michael Vick. Yeah, it was all just a “mistake” and we should “forgive.”

    • be kind says:

      Demographically different, but with similar lack of emotional development. Yeah, it’s amazing how some people think that, if someone they like commits a crime, it’s totally forgivable and requires oodles of mercy that they do not bestow on someone they don’t like.

    • Candice White says:

      Who are you to call anyone a dirt-bag lived a pious life have you?

      • Coleslaw says:

        The problem with reframing this issue as one of morality versus one of law is that it allows people to muddy the waters. Bahl doesn’t have to have lived a pious life in order to call a convicted criminal a “dirt bag”; he (she?) only has to have lived a law-abiding one. None of us are perfect, but most of us do not commit felonies. Let’s keep the discussion where it belongs, in the realm of laws obeyed or broken in a secular society, not in the realms of theology. This isn’t a theocracy yet.

      • BahlSanchin says:

        D-Bag stands for douchebag, but you can wear that crown with any meaning you like. If you are defending the Duggars, you fit both meanings.

  • Maxine Bruce says:

    please define “dealt with”

    • Pam Dundon says:

      They sent him away for a few months to work with a family friend who was a contractor. Nowhere do they say that ANYONE involved got counseling. I feel so bad for those girls, they didn’t ask to be in this huge family where they would be expected to help raise their siblings and then be groped by their brother.

  • BlueLion says:

    If he did molested his sisters, then it’s a darn good chance he will do the same with a daughter.

    • dacaria says:

      No if about it, he admitted it and so did his parents. And I agree, I fear for his little children.

  • Gurina Kaye Psait says:

    And you wonder why people are leaving religion. How can there be a God who forgives child molester, serial killers and rapist?

    • Dot says:

      Oh, but not homosexuals. They can’t be forgiven. They are to be shunned and put to death. I personally wouldn’t want to be in their heaven, with all their perverts.

  • Dot says:

    I know an aunt who has tried to get her niece and her niece’s daughter to turn in the niece’s father. Her sister married into a family of religious radicals, like the Duggars. He molested his daughter, but the church talked his wife and daughter into “forgiving” him. Years later, he has molested his granddaughter and the church is still protecting the creep. The aunt is a teacher, so when she found out, she reported it, but they can’t do anything, if the victim doesn’t cooperate.

  • reneeroseh says:

    Ignorance and stupidity should be a jail felony.

  • SpiritOnParole says:

    OK… family gets tv show to literally brag about their lifestyle of lots of kids pious living god and country. When it’s found one is a molester and the rest trued to cover it up fans try to tell us “it’s none of our business.” A show about a bragging families personal life but their personal life is none of our business. I don’t think reality TV works they way THEY think it works. It’s just now turning “unscripted.” If you want to make money off your family life don’t get all pissy when your secrets eventually come out. That is reality tv.

    • SunnyDay says:

      Not to mention the robocalls saying “gays are child molesters so don’t let them have rights!” and the fact that Josh has been running part of the FRC! They don’t just use television to spout their jacked-up beliefs.

  • Cozman57 says:

    My problem with all the people who play the “their just human like you” card is that the Duggars don’t present their family that way. They claim their family and parenting is far above that of us non-christians. Clearly they aren’t. I would be surprised if there aren’t other skeletons that will pop out of their sanctified closet soon. With 21 people living under the same roof there is bound to be more than one who has a secret.

    This family is like many I encountered during my nearly 25 years of wasted time in fundamentalist baptist churches. They’re like an apple. All shiny and pretty on the outside and full of worms inside. I say that family services should launch an investigation to see if there is a possibility that there is still a threat to the children.

  • Hank Lamb says:

    Seriously folks?
    The issue was never handled according to the law. This is a typical Tea Publican double standard. Had any Democratic and notable family had the same experience, Tea Publicans would be swinging from the rafters and screaming at the top of their voices for blood. Bill Clinton did FAR less and they screamed for impeachment and more.

    Two faced. That’s all this is.

    • RichardCrow says:

      You are 100% correct.

      Q: How many times in the last year in these comment sections have you heard the name “Chappaquiddick” ?

      Funny how if a “R” did something 10 years ago, THAT is ancient history.
      (just my 0.02)

      • MyLovelyNose says:

        And don’t forget! The Republicans freed the slaves, but talking about George W. Bush is “living in the past.”

    • Ebony says:

      It was never handled. It was swept under the rug.

      • Dee says:

        You didn’t read any of the articles did you?

        • warriorgoddess says:

          Did you? Josh Duggar was “talked” to by a family friend- he was not arrested. He was not jailed. He did not have to go to court to face real judgement for his crimes. And meanwhile his mother was getting multiple awards for her “accomplishments”.

        • dacaria says:

          Did you read the articles? The parents knew about the abuse in 2002, but Jim Bob didn’t report it until 2006, AFTER the statute of limitations ran out to prosecute Josh. The “counseling” Josh received was to go with a family friend to build house outside of town. The police officer Jim Bob reported the crime to was also a family friend currently serving a 60 year prison term for child sexual abuse himself. Josh’s family and friends covered it up. His victims NEVER got justice, only silence, just as the Duggars and the Church Elders wanted it.

          • and they left Josh continue to abuse these girls all through 2003, according to the articles, I have read about 30+ articles now and from them the dates keep rolling back from 2004 to 2002 when this started and it was revealed by Josh when he got caught-1st articles said in 2007 when Jim-Bob caught Josh coming out of a girls bedroom, so there was a huge time span and even after his false counseling of doing labor on a house, it was also reported Josh continued his molestation several more times. 5 victims, 4 of them sisters, one probably 5 y.o. when it happened, they were asleep when Josh started to molest them and how many times did he molest each girl through the years, hundreds of times, thousands ?
            Dee, another child molester supporter ?

          • Dee says:

            You are reading in what you want to read, not what really happened.

          • dacaria says:

            The reports beg to differ, and as far as “reading in what you want to read,” I think you’re the one guilty of that, just as you’re guilty of defending a pedophile.

        • lindi23MN says:

          Did you read them? She is right.

        • E.F. Coleman says:

          Also, to prove it was not handled at all in the way it should have been, no children received counseling just led to continue to believe everything a male in the family does to a girl in the family is A-OK.

          • Dee says:

            You didn’t read anything then. It’s been reported in all the articles that Josh and the girls all received counseling. Just because they don’t tell you exactly what was done or said during sessions doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

          • rinasrose says:

            You are cherry picking what you read then, b/c they did state what “counseling” Josh and the girls received, aka NONE. The mother even admitted that the “counseling” Josh received was to go a few towns over with a family friend to build houses, and the girls were counseled by the Church Elders, who had set up the homeschooling curriculum which clearly stated that the abuse was god’s will and the victims’ fault. But continue to go through life with blinders on.

          • E.F. Coleman says:

            Do you believe anything a pedophile and his lying parents says is truthful? These girls and maybe even the boys will need continuing help for the remainder of their lives. And let’s keep in mind I’ll wager this holier than thou has (is) abusing his own little children. You and the righteous right keep defending them.

  • Edward Delaney says:

    “Leave him alone, it’s none of business because he’s a conservative christian and he can do whatever he wants. Now all of these liberals, non Christians and gays, that’s our business and we should never leave them alone”

  • MarkBMorrow says:

    Does anyone really believe that the Duggars would have gotten a tv show and been elevated to the poster family of the Religious Right if this had become public knowledge years ago? Would Josh Duggar have been the face of the Family Research Council? I certainly doubt that this piece of family history was shared with TLC when the show started.

    The Duggar Family isn’t nearly so forgiving of those they choose to demonize.

    Molesting children is not a “Mistake” it is a crime. Self-declared forgiveness from God is not a basis for avoiding the legal consequences of Josh Duggar’s actions or those of his parents for covering it up.

  • Patty Taylor Dutcher says:

    This piece of excrement should be in prison and his victims should be getting counseling for all they have had to endure. The fact that all of this has been hidden under the rug is unconscionable. I’ve known of more than one “Good Christian Family” who have prayed away the damage while their rotten kid gets off scot-free. It is sad that people will try to whitewash this horrible series of crimes.

  • thaddeus says:

    I could only stomach half the article. I have known a few sexual abuse survivors. They remember abuse twenty years ago like it was yesterday. For them to brush it under the rug because it was 12 years ago shows just how stupid these people are. i am very concerned about the mental health of his sisters. the church and this family do not have the qualifications to help heal someone from sexual abuse. sexual abuse lifelong problems for the survivors of sexual abuse. They may turn to alcohol or drugs to mask the emotional pain. They may be fine until they get older and then the problems arise from the sexual abuse. in the state of florida once convicted of a sexual crime, one is labeled a sexual predator and are not welcomed in most neighborhoods. they cannot live within so many feet of a school. their are websites that identify them and their location. I am certain this is not over for Josh. He is a sexual predator and will once again not be able to control his urges. this child needs intense counseling for a long time if he sees he needs to change. if he does not,, there is nothing anyone can do. this is why he needs to be identified and listed as sexual predator. sexual abuse creates holes is souls. i can’t imagine God sweeping it under the rug. there are sins of the flesh and sins of the spirit. this child is a menace and very dangerous. it is only a matter of time before he acts out again. he may be acting out and no one knows about it. I had a friend who was sexually abuse as a child and did not remember the incidents until he was almost thirty. It took him along time to be able to talk about it to a professional because the perpetrator threatened to kill him if he ever talked about it. then, the perpetrator showed him numerous times just how he could do it. i hope the sisters are open to professional help and get the help they need to have a good life. As for the looneytoon rights, this just shows you how insane and irrational they are.

  • sugarmag418 says:

    I agree with your comments here about the despicable nature of some people’s response here. I would also like you to remember, that most kids who ,olest other kds have been molested themselves. SO who was the adult who molested him (if, he was, as statsitcis would suggest) because that adult may still be molesting other children.

  • susanmcnichol says:

    Incest. Child molestation is one thing, but this was also incest. How could he listen to the preaching going on in that house 24/7 and still commit incest? Sorry, I don’t believe he should get a free pass here. Shame on him and his father.

    • SunnyDay says:

      Really? Because there is all kinds of incest in the bible these people choose to believe in and follow.

      • dacaria says:

        There’s also rape, murder, slavery, infantcide and many other atrocities in the bible, should they all get a free pass b/c “these people choose to believe in and follow,” said bible? They cherry-pick the bible to justify their perversions.

        • SunnyDay says:

          I completely agree with you. I was just responding to the commenter that wondered how a kid who had been inundated with “good Christian values” could possible commit incest. I was simply pointing out that those “good Christian values” are based on a book that is full of incest, and yes, all the atrocities you listed.

          • dacaria says:

            Yes, and sadly these same “good Christians” wants to judge and condemn everyone else who is living their lives, while they commit deviances behind closed doors. Hypocrites all.

        • Craig_Hubley says:

          True but picking one rule out of Deuteronomy while ignoring 70+ others isn’t hate is it.. um…

  • Klypto says:

    I understand people who sexually abuse children have often been abused themselves. This closet may have more skeletons when he was a small child.

  • David Bailey says:

    Would that the right apply this same kind of “it was dealt with and settled a long time ago” reasoning to, say, the Benghazi issue (which they still continue to investigate), or to the ACA (which they repeatedly vote to repeal).

  • YRULookingAtTheTeabagsOnMyHead says:

    My question is this: how pro-life are families like this REALLY, with high-profile examples like the Duggars and the Jacksons (four homeschooled brothers who all gang raped their sister for years while the parents watched). There must be an awful lot of “seed-planting” or whatever these kooks call it, and the inbreeding resulting would make Arkansas look like an X-Files episode without regular therapeutic abortion.

  • Fish Jones says:

    Watching famous Liberals “caught” with sexual “sins” is like watching omnivores eat sushi. If Jane Famous likes basashi and had an abortion and Mitch Notorious likes men and California rolls… this is news?

    Yes, you can still die of STDs and misprepared Fugu, and drunken shrimp, ikizukuri, pedophiles, and cheating on your spouse raise ethical questions, and not every omnivore likes sushi, some like burgers instead, and basashi might give some of them a cultural misunderstanding squick. It’s still not -news-.

    Watching famous Conservatives like this is is like watching PETA “vegans” pigging out at a sushi joint while concurrently screaming at the other patrons about how the omnivores are guilty of animal cruelty and the whole place should be illegal–but that it’s 100% okay when -they- eat sushi because Nemo told them they could.

  • E.F. Coleman says:

    Please protect his daughters, I put nothing past these very sick pedophiles.

    • Craig_Hubley says:

      They covered this up, there is NO QUESTION they have covered worse up.

      No question at all, especially given the high level Republican Party help they have with their obstructions of justice. Like Huckabee.

  • Lauren Perrine says:

    Go to the TLC page and see all these people defending him and demanding to put the show back on the air it is sicking

  • mojones1 says:

    Tell the truth Conservatives. If the same identical situation came to light except the perpetrator was a liberal would you still be understanding and nonjudgmental? Of course not. You would want blood!

  • Where is Child Protective Services in all this?

    • cheatara says:

      That’s how you know none of the girls really received counseling, counselors are mandated reporters.

  • Heidi says:

    Inappropriate relations between siblings that are isolated from the world, left to raise each other, and fed an extremist version of Christianity. Somehow that single statement manages to describe both the Duggars AND the plot to Flowers in the Attic.

  • RB says:

    I do attribute what Josh Duggar did to teenage curiosity. I mean, when you’re that age, your sense of consequences and right and wrong are not fully developed and people forget what it’s like to have been that age and the associated sexual urges and curiosity that come with it. That being said; the family knew about what he did and chose to sweep it under the rug while at the same time preaching their moralistic, family values bullshit and in the interim judging others (LGBT) in contrast to their mantra of “Judge not lest you be judged.” is absolute hypocrisy. They chose to keep quiet about it until the statue of limitations ran out so there was no chance for him to being prosecuted. I don’t believe in a Grandfatherly figure in the sky that is looking down upon us and judging who goes to heaven and who doesn’t. I believe all that kind of nonsense is 100% man-made and man is the creator of these moralistic codes in which they have boxed themselves into this prison of religious beliefs. As far as God forgiving him, well, that will be something that is going to be dealt with once he leaves this earth. What I can not forgive is the hypocrisy and the fact that the victims now have to live with a trauma of having been molested. But that is a societal issue and not God’s and if he actually believes in his heart that it was wrong and believes that he’s been forgiven, then it’s not for God to forgive but society’s. I doubt that they will though, because nobody likes somebody that is a holier than thou hypocrite especially when their ONLY claim to fame is pumping out babies once every 9 months. That mama Duggar must be worn out. As far as scandals go – the only way this can be any better and titillate further is if he had actually impregnated one of the girls. I’m now waiting for GoFundMe for the poor Duggars because they have now lost their source of income. I will guarantee you that they will probably rake in another cool million or so from the ignorant religious right that want to prove to us “libtards” just how moral and “holier than thou” that they are.

  • Evergreen says:

    The woman who married him, I hope she realizes pedophiles can’t ever be cured. If she had any brains she wouldn’t have married him, let alone have kids with him. I’d be running far & fast from him-with my kids in tow. He was never made to face up to what he did. God can forgive easily. But what about the girls he damaged? There is no forgetting what he did. They can receive therapy to help them thru the trama, but in all liklehood, they were coached & coerced into thinking this animal didn’t mean them any real harm. He needs to pay for this in the legal sense of the word. And so you know, I’m a Christian, and a Republican.

  • VMWH says:

    The parents were so busy in their own bedroom ‘filling their quiver” that they did not have the time or energy to supervise the children they already had. Bad bad parenting. All the minor children and grandchildren need to be removed from the home NOW by Child Protective Services.

  • Ebony says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still doing it and he probably is.

  • nycmcmike says:

    The real story here isn’t what he did when he was 14, its how those who proclaim to be Christians are justifying their support while still condemning the LGBT community.

  • Dee says:

    Hopefully all you who are judging don’t have your closet skeletons fall out. I know none of you are perfect and none of you would appreciate having what you did 12 years ago spread around the internet.

    Somebody judging has also molested, killed, stolen, lied, abused…what makes you any better?

    • SunnyDay says:

      Do you really think that “molested, killed and abused” are the same thing as “lied or stolen”? Those two sets of sins/crimes/verbs are very, very different things. I could lie to you and tell you the sky is yellow or I could kill you, which do you choose? I mean, come on!

      • Dee says:

        A sin is a sin. You wouldn’t want people to know about that test you cheated on in school would you?

        • be kind says:

          There’s simply no arguing with a person who thinks that all sins are equal. I have said an unkind word from time to time, and I have lied a few times. If you think that makes me equal to a rapist, a killer, or even someone who touches his little sisters in a sexual way, then we have nothing to discuss.

  • Dejah says:

    A judge just ordered the police report destroyed, “because one of the victims is still a minor.” So, let’s subtract 10 to 12 years from Josh Duggar’s age and realize that he was molesting his FIVE YEAR OLD SISTER, please.

    As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, incest specifically, by my late brother, who never got counseling, he remained a risk for the rest of his life. He was never safe around young girls. Several years before his death, I had to restrict his access to his nieces (my daughters). Though I never had to explain why, his rambling while he was drunk exposed his true desires and made me wary. I could never fully trust him.

    Josh Duggar should not be parenting daughters. Those girls are not safe.

    • whymilikethis says:

      I recently saw photos of my step-brother abuser with his grand-daughters sitting on his lap. My stomach just rolled.

  • whymilikethis says:

    I can tell you from my own experiences that no matter how many times the perpetrator says he’s sorry, sobs for forgiveness from god & before church members, he’s still gonna do it again. I can not believe that the victim gets forgotten about altogether in this Duggar mess. Speaking again from my own experiences, drug and alcohol rehabilitation was the starting block for a lifetime of learning to try and put the past in the past. Somedays are great but those experiences are as fresh today as they were the last time I was molested.

    • be kind says:

      I’m very sorry, whymilikethis. I’m glad you’ve been able to make progress in putting horrible things behind you, but sorry you have had to deal with it at all.

    • MyLovelyNose says:

      As another person noted, there are literally millions of “reformed Christians” currently serving time. They said they’re sorry, too! and that Jesus has forgiven. They demand that the crimes should be laid to rest as in the past, and people should stop hating on them and show some tolerance. Because they are forgiven, the victims must forgive, and they’ve all joined hands and put it behind them.

  • Joe Langella says:

    So I have no idea if this guy is guilty or not. It sure seems he has some explaining to do and if guilty hope they can find a way to imprison him for a long time.
    The problem I have is the authors and judging from some of the replies have decided to make themselves judge jury and executioner before gathering all the facts.
    The double standard of liberal’s excluding themselves from people in their own party doing the same thing or in some cases even worst yet defend people like Clinton or Anthony wiener or other politicians that have committed heinous crimes.
    If you want to have credibility then you should include the problem comes from both parties and all walks of life not just Christians.

    • be kind says:

      1) “have decided to make themselves judge jury and executioner” – No need to. He admitted all of this.
      2) “then you should include the problem comes from both parties” – Issue here is hypocrisy. Clinton and Weiner (neither of whom committed a crime, by the way) never claimed to be exemplars of family values. Think it through, man, and stop with the false equivalency!

  • Viir Exeter says:

    If this were a Democrat that pulled this, these so-called Christian “Traditional Family” Republicans would be ALL OVER IT NON-STOP like a fly on feces, and THEY would be showing absolutely NO compassion, or pity, at all. They would take it and run with it to the maximum, EXACTLY like they did with Clinton. Where was their, “he who is without sin, cast the first stone,” and “we should show pity, etc.,” with Clinton? Non-existent. Because he was a Democrat. They went after him hammer and tongs. One of their own pulls something even worse, and it’s tolerance, tolerance, tolerance. Business as usual. I have ABSOLUTELY no sympathy. At all.

  • Naitoose says:

    I fail to understand why the statute of limitations for child molestation is only three years.

  • Robin T says:

    I was impressed with the way he handled it! Sure it’s easy to point fingers and say”probably this and that” but as a teacher and parent i can tell you accountability is a rarity. No one ever just comes out and admits they screwed up and takes the consequences for it. Our public figures are caught lying all the time so that’s the role model. The boy admitted to his parents and the police and took his consequences. He was a juvenile, so it wasn’t public- which is normal. His screw up may be worse than the ones i did as a juvenile, as I’d bet it’s the case for most adults, but i didn’t get caught or confess.

  • Brian Schreck says:

    “My family’s been here a long time…” – The Yellow King

  • Cerys Doran says:

    WTF isn’t CPS involved at this point? he has minor children living with him RIGHT NOW. He’s an admitted pedophile. He can’t be charged with the original offenses b/c of the statute of limitations but has there been any investigation into the children in his care now? And 😛 to anyone who whines, “but why is it being brought up now?” He’s a public figure, which he benefits from; he can’t expect to always be able to shove his skeletons in the closet.

  • Craig_Hubley says:


    So… have those records been destroyed too?

  • The Duggar supporters are always quick to say, ” why can’t we leave them (Duggars) alone ?” How about the Duggars leave gay people alone ? Especially since they known nothing truthful about them, but feel it is their God given right to purposely spread hatred to a group of people and cause cardsharp in their lives becasue they are different that the Duggars. Newsflash Duggars, straight people create gay progeny, they are born that way. If you God did not want gay people to exist, they would not. Do you seriously think a person wold purposely choose to be gay, so small minded bigots like the Duggars could deliberately cause problems for them ?

  • Dee says:

    It would be terrible if word got out about that shirt you stole wouldn’t it.

    • warriorgoddess says:

      I stole a piece of candy when I was 5. Never stole anything after that. Oh and had I stolen a shirt 12 years ago I would NOT be all that worked up about it at this point anyway.

  • Tom Edwards says:

    You’re mistaken to tar Joel Osteen with the same brush as the rest of these freak-a-zoids. As a general rule, the Christian right hates Osteen with a passion.

  • be kind says:

    I agree with you about Josh Duggar, but Vick did not actually “serve his time.” He served SOME time. He was never prosecuted on dogfighting or animal cruelty per se, and only served time on racketeering charges. So, yeah. Vick served inadequate time, and Duggar served none at all. I don’t think that changes the basic point here, though, which is that a lot of people suddenly find repulsive acts forgivable when they are committed by a perpetrator that the person likes.

  • be kind says:

    You may not be aware of this, Tim Clark, but “freedom of speech,” as it originates in the First Amendment, applies only to the government. “If You Only Knews” is a private entity that can do whatever it wants. Note that the first word there is “Congress,” which means that it applies only to government entities:
    Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  • be kind says:

    I would definitely prefer to have you for a friend, warriorgoddess, than Dee. Swearing, swilling, and cake sounds like a worthy way to pass the time, especially when compared to how Dee probably spends hers.

  • MyLovelyNose says:

    If you’re talking about the Bush/Cheney administration and the PATRIOT Acts I-II, and the President who said the U.S. Constitution is “just a piece of paper,” then I TOTALLY agree, Tim old man.

    Just like to see you demonstrate where Obama did a stinky Bushie on the Constitution. Where he acted just like George W. Bush did.

  • Ginger Martinez says:

    I had the same issue, however, my abuser died before I told my parents, so I never did. I have talked about it in therapy though, and it helped. I did not see any reason to upset my mom more than she was already about his death. However, I know they would believe me and support me anyway they could.

  • Leslie Ward says:

    I truly want to meet you Mr Topher – I’m 60 years old and have never in my life met a perfect person who is without sin in their life. And, oh btw, the reason Christians are ‘backing’ the Duggars is that they know that they are imperfect sinful people who have been forgiven by God too.

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