Religious Nut: ‘It’s Time To Make Christians A Protected Class’ (VIDEO)

Conservative radio host Dana Loesch spewed religious nonsense during the religious freedom panel at CPAC. According to her line of thinking, Christianity, slipping from its pedestal of privilege, is the same as Christians being oppressed for their faith. It’s so terrible that she wants a new law in place, designating Christians a protected class.

According to the video on Crooks and Liars, she said:

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I feel like it’s time to make Christians a protected class. Because this is really, ultimately, this is a discussion of protected classes as well, because you seem to have Group A, who is offended if you worship Jesus, you have Group B who is offended if you want to hand out a bible, and ’cause people apparently, you have a right to get litigious if you’re offended, but it seems as though we need to have the discussion about making Christians a protected class.

First off, she’s completely wrong about the idea that this all over “offense.” It’s about two things. The first is equality, to which the Christian mentality seems to be, “Everyone is equal, but we’re the most equal.” The other is this idea that people only sue because they’re offended. The truth is that the lawsuits against Christians that have actually gone anywhere are the ones where Christians were breaking the law in some way, and using their faith to justify it.

She also utterly fails to understand why we have protected classes, and that Christians are already a protected class. Protected classes are classes of people protected from discrimination and harassment. Under federal law, we cannot discriminate against people because of their religion. What Loesch wants is a legal definition that applies only to Christians, which says their religion places them above the law.

We also have to ask these questions: Where, exactly, in American history, were Christians considered less than a whole person because of their faith? When, exactly, were Christians unable to vote because of their faith? When, exactly, were Christians paid less because of their faith? When, exactly, were Christians subjected to laws that prohibited them from marrying who they wanted, because of their faith? In all of American history, when did Christians experience any oppression because of their faith?

Then there’s another, very important question: How, exactly, are Christians being oppressed now? Are Christians losing their jobs simply because they’re Christian (which is illegal), or are the few high-profile Christians who’ve allegedly been fired for their faith actually people whose controversial statements reflected badly on their organizations? There’s a difference there.

Are boycotts of companies that endorse Christian bigotry oppression? Or is this kind of thing simply groups of people expressing their disagreement with a company’s position via their wallets? Do we not have the freedom to do that if the company is expressing Christian bigotry? Would anybody call the bus boycotts back during the Civil Rights Movement oppression?

The Ten Commandments sits on public property in several states. Do lists of the basic tenets of other faiths sit on public property? No. Just the Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments. Other groups, like the Satanic Temple, have fought to put statues on public land, and met considerable resistance for the idea.

We currently have court battles going on over marriage equality, with overwhelmingly Christian opponents crying that legalizing same-sex marriage violates their faith and religious freedom. When have they had to go to court, repeatedly, to fight for equality?

When Christians can give concrete examples of these things happening to them, but not to others, then they can fight for becoming a protected class outside of already-existing religious protection. Until then, our hearts bleed pink carbonated peanut butter for their plight.

This whole idea didn’t stop with Loesch’s initial insanity, though. She, Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, and columnist Cal Thomas, all agree that Christians should wear this horrible persecution like a badge of honor.

Watch her totally oblivious remarks here:


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  • kurtsteinbach says:

    I think I’m going to vomit. I cannot stand this much stupid. I am breaking out in hives and sneezing uncontrollably, apparently, I’m allergic to stupid. . . .

  • Schuyler Thorpe says:

    Can’t believe this woman actually has a brain. To which side did she get paid off to spew this ridiculous crap? Being a Christian douche bag doesn’t give you the right to persecute others and discriminate against them because of religious beliefs.

    This is not Iran.

  • Kenneth Henderson says:

    The sheer audacity of these people. Religion is the bastardization of society. They want to be special? Start by being the lemmings that you are and go jump off cliffs, then when you are endangered, then we’ll consider you a protected class. Until then, STFU.

  • Tiffany Miller says:

    ugh religious whack jobs are idiots

  • Ivan DeGrimm says:

    I think they do need extra protection. They should all wear helmets when out in public. And ear plugs, someone might say Happy Holidays and hurt their widdow feewings.

  • Hagbard Celine says:

    As a psychiatric technician at the largest forensic hospital in America I discovered that the most dangerous book that caused the most problems on the ward was the Bible. For clarity we had Muslim patients and Jewish patients a few self proclaimed Buddhists. We also had two “actual” Buddhas, 3 Jesus’s or is the plural Jesi?

  • GilGordon says:

    Sorry, but there are other groups of Americans who have been in line for protection from “Christian” doctrine, in some cases for centuries…as soon as they are protected from the depredations of the twisted, delusional form of “Christianity” practiced by people like Dana Loesch…then, and only then, should we take a long, hard look at how much protection should be provided to “Christians”…and it’ll probably take almost as long, if not longer!!!

    Give it a couple of centuries, that should be more then enough time to get it right!!!

  • arkycubbies says:

    Ignorance will make opinions into facts. Intelligence will
    make facts into opinion.

    Deceit will use opinions to lie. Truth will use facts to
    support opinions.

    Distortion will use misinformation as opinion. Facts will
    use education to make opinions.

    republicans love their opinions. Democrats love facts.

  • kurtsteinbach says:

    Just because you have not been granted the right to discriminate against others by law, anymore; does not mean that they are a discriminated class of people in need of protection. Christians make up about 25% of the world’s population and more than half of this country. They have historically been the persecutors. For them to now claim to be persecutors is sick, twisted, and perverse. I’m going to vomit now because I’m allergic to bull$hit and to this much stupid. . . .

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