Right-Winger Writes Hateful, Racist Rant To Baltimore: ‘You Are Animals. You Make Me Sick.’

Right-wing nutjob Steven Crowder has not only gone on a totally ridiculous rant about what’s happening in Baltimore, but he’s also posted some incredibly racist and clueless photos to his Facebook page. His rant is a letter to the rioters in Baltimore, where he calls them all sorts of names, and demonstrates typical white privilege as he rails that those people don’t even deserve the most basic of understanding. Of course, he means that their issues don’t deserve understanding, too.

On his website, Louder with Crowder, he says he’s hoping to cut through all the horrible, liberally-biased media coverage with what we suppose could be his idea of truth. But one interesting thing stood out near the end, which said:

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I was raised in Canada, and moved to the United States as soon as I was legally able. This is not the America I sought. This is not the shining city on a hill which I admired from afar. It turns my stomach, and it makes me even more sick to know that people like me will be vilified for voicing these opinions.

Why is that interesting? Because white people being vilified for voicing opinions is nothing compared to the decades of inequality that black people have dealt with. Nothing. If we’re such a free country, if we’re supposed to be the land of equality, is getting vilified for having an opinion really what should be making him sick?

Furthermore, white people do not have the right to tell people of color what they should and should not find offensive. White people do not have the right to tell people of color that America is post-racial, and they should open their eyes.

But wait! He didn’t say America was post racial, did he? Not in that post, he didn’t. However, he did in one of the images on his Facebook page, which is also below:


Obama has nothing to do with this. This is long-simmering anger that’s reached a boiling point, perhaps because these people hoped a black man getting elected to the White House meant they might start to see race relations actually improve in their own communities. That hasn’t happened, and if Obama played any part, it’s this: Racist whites are angry that a black man could be so uppity that he’d dare to invade the highest office in the land. It’s not because of any race-baiting on Obama’s part.

To Crowder’s racist mind, the Civil Rights Movement happened, and black people were given full equality under the law, so obviously, we’re post racial. Signing the Civil Rights Act into law automatically wiped out all biases everywhere, in the single stroke of a pen, so society needs to shut up. Black people need to shut up; they’re the ones making problems out of nothing these days. If we all just stop talking about it, we’ll forget about it, and it will go away.

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Crowder also said:

It is my complete lack of any interest in your race, background, gender, personal beliefs and/or struggles that makes me an insensitive jerk. I accept that. It also makes me incapable of discrimination.

That is just nonsense. To claim color-blindness, and to advocate for it, sounds great to the privileged. It even sounds logical. But it’s dismissive of the real, lived experiences of people of color. We could even go so far as to say that the color-blindness mentality is an insidious way of accusing people of color of exaggerating—or lying—about what they see and deal with every day. That is one of the most racist people can do.

Finally, he says that the rioters in Baltimore don’t deserve understanding, and his understanding is reserved for the people and businesses they’ve hurt. Here’s a newsflash: Most people who empathize with the rioters’ cause don’t agree with what they’ve done. We just understand why they’ve done it. He does say they deserve justice, but that one little nugget of real truth is overshadowed by calling them animals, scumbags, and horrible human beings. You can’t write a rant like this and toss, “You deserve justice,” in the middle, as though that makes the rest of your racist shtick okay. It doesn’t work like that.

The ends don’t justify the means, but peaceful protests and doing things the “right” way has resulted in…nothing. Their voices are still unheard. Their grievances are still swept under the rug. They’re still underrepresented in political leadership and in the workplace. When a black leader’s words on racial inequality make the news, the entire black community is accused of race-baiting, playing the race card, and told they’re the real racists here.

Anger that goes unanswered for too long erupts in very unfortunate ways. They shouldn’t be rioting. Innocent people don’t deserve to pay for what’s been done to them. But they need to be heard, too. Actions and words like Crowder’s add fuel to the fire. They don’t open the dialogue that needs to be opened.

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  • Jeffery says:

    “The ends don’t justify the means”…said no one serious about confronting oppression EVER. BTW, there are a couple of typos in this. Proofread please.

  • danielistical says:

    YES I am very racist too I HATE STUIPID PEOPLE,,sit down and shut up

  • Kelli Crackel says:

    I completely empathize with the protesters and even the rioters in Baltimore. I don’t agree with the rioting, although I do understand where that kind of anger comes from. People of color are being murdered wholesale and those who do the killing rarely if ever are brought to justice if the perpetrator is white and/or a cop. The killing of unarmed people of color by cops is a daily occurrence in America, and most times these cops aren’t even reprimanded, much less actually punished. The system is skewed to benefit white people. I say this as a white woman who has lived her entire life in the Deep South. I see racism daily, both online and in the real world, and it sickens me. I participated in the Racial Healing Challenge on youtube that was started by Dixon White, and while most of the comments for everyone who participated were positive, I noticed in the case of my video it was the strangers who were positive, and it was my family and friends who said the most negative things (not my immediate family. They’re fairly liberal. Not as liberal as I am, but certainly not bigots). If you don’t think racism is still a problem in this country, just go to youtube and read some of the comments on the various videos of people speaking out for racial equality. When simply pointing out that the system is still skewed to benefit white folks causes people to become enraged to the point of making threats towards the people speaking out, it’s clearly a sign that racism is far from over. Also, I sincerely hope this gentleman gets fed up and returns to Canada (not as much as I hope Ted Cruz does exactly that, but still). We have enough homegrown racism and bigotry without importing it. I’m not vilifying this man. He’s entitled to hold his racist views because this is still America, and I refuse to stoop to the level of the white supremacists spewing their hate. That being said, people who are racist, especially blatantly and proudly racist contribute absolutely nothing to the conversation but discord. Despite this, however, it’s important to speak out when we see racism, especially from the people we love and who love us. Ending racism isn’t about changing minds, it’s about changing hearts, which is a much tougher job. And hearts are more open to being changed when the people trying to change them are their loved ones. I hope there are people in this man’s life who care enough about him to try to change his heart, because really that’s the only way we will ever dismantle racism in our world.

  • Chris Maley says:

    This guy owns a Ronald Reagan mask. He wears it when he is alone.

  • stevie1910 says:

    No Steven President Obama has not made the race relations worse, he has simpley exposed them, something this white senior citizen expected when I voted for him

  • churst714 says:

    I just LOL when someone like this guy talks about post racial America which unfortunately is not & never has been true in this county. I pray it happens someday …. probably not in my lifetime but hopefully for my grandkids.

  • Spot Ries says:

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • Kevin Fair says:

    You said America is in a post racial period? Yeah you have zero credibility

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