One Year After Michael Brown’s Death, Police Remember Him In The Most Disgusting Way Possible

It’s tough to believe, but it’s been a year since the death of unarmed Michael Brown at the hands of Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson.

Little has changed in that year. People are still regularly killed at the hands of police and as for Michael Brown, he’s still called a “thug” despite the fact that he was unarmed and if he had committed a crime (still unknown), it was absolutely not worth his life.

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To prove how little has changed, police on Facebook posted a “memorial” to Michael Brown. The “tribute” listed his name, birth date and the day he died, but whoever created it also added this disgusting poem:

“There once was a thug named Brown
Who bum-rushed a cop with a frown
Six bullets later
He met his creator
Then his homies burnt down the town”

The post has been taken down, but here’s the screenshot, courtesy of Free Thought Project.


Oh, but it gets worse. When confronted by one of the fan’s page about the disrespectful post, Police Officers said:


The picture has been taken down, but not before getting nearly 4,000 likes and being shared over 1,700 times.

Wilson, who is walking scot-free after the shooting, is going to see his day in court, but only in a civil lawsuit from Brown’s family. Still, crowdfunding has raised nearly half a million dollars for Wilson. That enabled him to buy a new house and pay his legal fees.

Wilson doesn’t seem too affected by Brown’s death either. In an interview with the New Yorker, he said that he has to fly under the radar because of it, but he still blamed Brown and Brown’s parents, saying, “Do I think about who he was as a person? Not really, because it doesn’t matter at this point. Do I think he had the best upbringing? No. Not at all.”

Fortunately, the post about Michael Brown is down and the Facebook page that posted it seems rather thin-skinned about disrespectful people, but similar memes are all over Facebook turning victims into perpetrators, simply because of the color of their skin.

Featured image via Facebook screen capture.

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  • Ricardo Rebelo says:

    Loved it! Can’t stop laughing 😀 And he was a thug!

    • LostSok says:

      I’ll give Darren Wilson this much credit: he tricked dipshit wingnuts like you into buying him a house. Like P.T. Barnum said: there’s a conservative born every minute.

      • Ricardo Rebelo says:

        He should get a medal for keeping the streets clean for the rest of us decent people

        • Bert Johnson says:

          You? Decent? Now you’re making me laugh!

          • Ricardo Rebelo says:

            More decent than that thug, that’s for sure

          • cravin moorehead says:

            I’m sorry, Ricardo Rebelo.

            With a name like that, you sound like a low life thug, to me.

            Maybe some goon cop will see it that way too, and “take care of the problem.”

            NOW, do you understand, stupid?

          • Ricardo Rebelo says:

            Not really. You see:

            a) I don’t run away from cops
            b) I dont assault cops
            c) I follow orders
            d) I Don’t drive without a license
            e) I don’t burn my city

            Got that moronhead?

          • cravin moorehead says:

            Oh, you poor thing.

            Why, you actually think that any of that matters, don’t you.

            Good luck with that. LOL

          • Ricardo Rebelo says:

            It does moronhead… It does 😉

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Don’t mind him. This guy has about as much intelligence as a rock. The only difference is a rock is useful.

          • Sure they do. Go back to sucking c*ck, it’s apparently what you know.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            But yes, you remain on topic all the time… when you have a real argument for me hit the reply button… until then don’t bother.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            You should be lucky that Donald Trump has no shot at becoming president because he’d probably ship you back to Mexico if he was. You know where “thugs” thrive.

          • Racist pig. I thought only people that disagreed with you are the racists. Why are you being such a racist a-hole?

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Nice trying to play the race card…

          • Don’t like it? Try not acting racist.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Stop crying. I said nothing different than Ricardo I don’t see you crying about about that.

          • Ricardo’s comments were not racist at all, yours clearly were. You’re implying that he’s an illegal immigrant because of his name, and claiming that Latinos are thugs. Don’t you see the blaring hypocrisy in your statements?

            I wouldn’t say anything at all were it not for you libturds constantly calling anyone who disagrees with you a BIGOT and a RACIST. Just can’t see it in yourself, now can you?

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Nope wrong again. But nice try.

          • Ok then, fine. So what DID you mean by “he’d probably ship you back to Mexico”??

            This ought to be good.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Of course they weren’t “racist” to you because you agree with them. So if you agree with them, of course you’re not going to see fault in it.

          • I agree that Mike Brown was a despicable thug, yes. Are you claiming that only black people are thugs? Sorry, but I know plenty of white and Latino thugs too.

            You, on the other hand, made a overt racial slur against Ricardo because of his name. Be honest, if YOU agreed with what Ricardo was saying, and I was the one who told him he was going to be deported, you’d be screaming up and down that I’m a racist, wouldn’t you?

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            I don’t even think you’re sane at this point. You might want to check into a loony bin. You’re not even making sense. What are you going on about?

          • What am I “going on about”?

            You just stated that I don’t find Ricardo’s comments racist because I agree with them. I replied that I DO agree that Brown was a thug (the only thing he said that could remotely be considered racist).

            You seem to believe that ONLY black people can be thugs, as this is the only justification I can think of for calling Ricardo racist for calling Brown a thug.

            I notice that you refuse to answer my question above. You are clearly a raging racist, and not to bright to boot. Poor thing.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            “You seem to believe that ONLY black people can be thugs, as this is the only justification I can think of for calling Ricardo racist for calling Brown a thug.”

            You do realize now, that you’re the only one who made THAT argument, right? My original comment had nothing to do with race. No one can be this stupid can they? You have no argument. So stop crying.

          • Hmmm, so you don’t remember saying the following after I accused you of acting racist??

            Stop crying. I said nothing different than Ricardo I don’t see you crying about about that

            So just what DID you mean by this then? It sure seems to me that you are claiming that Ricardo is also acting racist. Am I wrong?

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            He’s really not.

          • Rick Derris says:

            I’m starting to think that R&P and Ricardo are the same person.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            That’s what I was thinking too. They really do sound the same…

          • Awwww, sorry to disrupt your little echo chamber here. Not going to answer my questions, eh? Racist dumbass.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Nice try Ricardo, we know you and R&P are the same person. Funny for someone who claims the race card is being played way too much you sure seem to be clinging to the race card that you hate so much. So in other words, if someone disagrees with you they’re automatically racist. That’s republican logic. Or lack thereof.

          • Sounds like your powers of observation are about as keen as your powers of deduction and your ability to follow a conversation. Don’t like being called a racist? Don’t act like one ya dumbass.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Racism. the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
            prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

            I fail to see how my comments are racist.

          • Ok, I’ll humor you.

            You insinuate that because Ricardo says something you disagree with, and has a Latino-sounding name, he must be an illegal immigrant from a country filled with “thugs.” That’s extremely racist, and you clearly know it.

            Think about it this way: What if a guy named Tyrone says something I don’t disagree with, then I tell him to “go back to the hood with the thugs.” You and the other libturds would be jumping up and down in horror at the depth and depravity of my racism. Don’t try and deny it, and stop acting like an extreme dumbass.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Hahaha keep trying. Desperation is what you reek off.

          • Rick Derris says:

            Just flag him and move on. I’ll help.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Yeah. That seems like the rational thing to do at this point.

          • Yup, didn’t think you possessed the cognitive skills to figure this out. Oh well, keep going ya twit, you’re quite entertaining!

            “Reek off”?? Yup, there’s that lack of high school education talking again.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Plus now that Ricardo is not responding religion and politics is everywhere.

  • Otto Greif says:

    What does the D.D. stand for? Dumb Dindu?

  • Sadie Legrande says:

    Of course pigs think this way. They think they’re above the law. The purge.

  • Law says:

    “Do I think about who he was as a person? Not really, because it doesn’t matter at this point. Do I think he had the best upbringing? No. Not at all.”

    The irony of this is nigh overwhelming considering that Wilson was brought up by a criminal.

  • I just don’t get it. Why do you retarded libturds continue to regard Michael Brown as some sort of Martyr? The dude was clearly a common criminal, and indeed DID act very thuggishly that night. The officer’s story was backed by all the physical evidence, and it is clear to all fair-minded people that the lies of another little punk thug named Dorian Johnson started all this, and that the “eyewitnesses” that supposedly saw Brown with his hands up changed their stories after the autopsy was released.

    Why should Wilson feel guilty about taking a criminal off the streets? Why can’t you libturds ever answer this simple question?

    • Sadie Legrande says:

      Who said anything about martyrdom? Jeeze what is it republicans and low reading and comprehension skills.

      • Why all the focus on this one low-life scumbag then? Why not focus on the dozens and dozens of black people who truly ARE innocent who are killed in, for example, Chicago every week?

        • Sadie Legrande says:

          Because this article isn’t about them. This comprehension thing is great. You should try it.

          • The fact that this article, like so many others on stupid little hack sites like this one, talks about Brown and not about all the other innocent blacks being killed (mostly by other blacks) is entirely the point. I guess it comes as no surprise that you don’t understand that. Dumbass libturd.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            You see, thanks for proving my point that a weak minded fool like yourself only insults instead of posting actual arguments for their claims. Libtard this, libtard that. That’s all you have.

          • It must be so difficult going through life not understanding what the grownups around you are saying, huh? You poor thing.

            Want some free advice? Go back and finish high school. You still may not have a job, but at least you’ll feel better about yourself. Poor thing.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            You should try making sense. Read your comments in an unbiased view and see if they make sense. Because they don’t. You go on a mini rant, then accuse me of being racist because I don’t agree with your invalid arguments. I graduated high school and college. Earned a degree in business. I’m pretty sure my degree trumps (no pun intended) your invalid babble about absolutely nothing. If you have an argument then use it. People that use memes as substitutes for arguments as though they’re valid by default have no argument. You have none just own it. Now if you’re done being embarrassed I suggest you pick up a book and read. You might learn.

          • Your inability to recognize an argument doesn’t mean that the rest of us don’t have them.

            You have no college degree, at least not from a real school. How on earth could someone as stupid and reading-challenged as you finish a college degree, even one in business?

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            I actually do have college degree. You have presented no argument. Wake up.

    • Sadie Legrande says:

      Libturds this libturds that. It’s so funny that when republicans like yourself (and don’t say that you aren’t one) have no argument against anything you guys cry and then go off on a rant about libturd.

      • So, if I truly “have no argument,” why are you entirely ignoring the argument in my post?? LOL, hilarious!!

        • Sadie Legrande says:

          Because it’s not an argument. That’s why. Pretty simple.

          • So, you consider “Brown was a common criminal” and “the physical evidence backed the cop’s story” and “many of the eyewitnesses were lying” to not be an argument? Wow, you’re either a complete, raging dumbass, or quite the troll. I wonder which it is??

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            I’m gonna assume you don’t know how to read. Because none of that to which you posted is anywhere in my comments. How old are you? 12? Does your mom know you’re using her computer?

          • hehehe, you’re hilarious! Can’t even keep the thread of a short, simple conversation straight. You’re so entertaining! LOL

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Right, because everything you’ve said so far was on topic. Puleeze. For the billionth time, I’m not a liberal or a conservative. Both parties are one and the same anyway.

          • Yup, you’re just a dumbass who can’t even follow the thread of a simple conversation. I feel sorry for you.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Who was the one who accused someone of being racist when the topic wasn’t even about race? YOU! God you’re an idiot. You live in this fantasy land that anytime someone calls you out that you presented an argument. Wake up!

          • Sorry missie, but telling someone that they’re going to be “deported back to Mexico” for saying something you don’t like is the height of racism, especially when libturds like you consider any mention of Brown’s misdeeds to be “racism” as well.

            You would clearly apply this same argument to me were the shoe on the other foot, and you should have at least have to decency to admit it.

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Libtards this libtards that. Is that a good argument? You seem to use it a lot and you think it’s a good argument so why not?

  • Sadie Legrande says:

    This article makes sense. But most of the comments here make absolutely no sense. Why bother…

  • Smidnite says:

    C’mon people; if you want the #blacklivesmatter movement to be taken seriously you need a better poster boy than Mike the Thug.

  • StrangeOneClearcut says:

    What do you expect from pigs..they live in filth.They act like filth…they are filth.

  • You’re “pretty sure”? Well then you’re dead wrong. Again.

    Gee, look at that. The libturd dumbass caught red-handed using the word “thug” while insinuating that a person with a Latino-sounding name is an illegal immigrant, as well as the fact that Mexicans are “thugs.” Not racist at all #sarc

    Pretty sure you’ve never played chess, too complicated for someone so unintelligent as you.

    • Sadie Legrande says:

      You fail to present an argument Ricardo. All you have done so far is accuse others of being racist who don’t agree with you and call everyone libtard. Grow up.

      • Nice deflection there libturd. At least you’re admitting your racism now, that’s good. Go back and finish high school, seriously.

        • Sadie Legrande says:

          Says the person that can’t present an argument… Doesn’t mean much coming from you, Ricardo.

          • Just because you don’t like my argument and can’t argue against it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Dumbass

          • Sadie Legrande says:

            Just because you don’t have an argument doesn’t mean that I’m racist. Because let’s face it, it’s an unsubstantiated claim based on nothing but the same republican rhetoric and drivel.

          • How can my argument be “an unsubstantiated claim” if it doesn’t exist?? Your dumbass is showing again, pull up your pants.

            You want to hear the argument again? Ok:

            Brown was a thug, a common criminal who got himself killed like so many others. He is not deserving of any sort of “remembrance” at all, unlike people like John Crawford, Tamir Rice, Dillon Taylor, and others who were truly innocent.

            THIS is my argument. Why do you libturds insist of holding up this common criminal as your “Black Lives Matter” martyr? He really doesn’t deserve it. At all.

            Go ahead and ignore it again, it’s what you’re good at.

  • Yea, you did. Your memory sucks

    • Sadie Legrande says:

      Didnt you just use the word thug in one of your comments? So you pretty much undermined your entire argument. Nice try.

      • deeeerp. Dumbass.

        Yup, to describe Mike Brown, who clearly WAS a thug. You poor thing, am I confusing you again with all those fancy words?

        • Sadie Legrande says:

          Hahaha oh so if your issue isn’t with me using the word thug then why are you making a big deal that I’m calling you a thug? You’re talking in circles. Dude get an education. Because so far you have yet to dazzle anyone with this silly crap. Just own it, you’re just having a little temper tantrum.

          • You called Ricardo a thug, so stop pretending like he and I are the same person.

            So, you can’t understand that calling one person a thug based on their actions isn’t the same as calling an entire group of people (i.e. your Mexicans) thugs? Poor little pathetic dumbass

  • Not only “you” specifically, but all of libturdom.

    Brown was a thug, a common criminal who got himself killed like so many others. He is not deserving of any sort of “remembrance” at all, unlike people like John Crawford, Tamir Rice, Dillon Taylor, and others who were truly innocent.

    THIS is my argument. Why do you libturds insist of holding up this common criminal as your “Black Lives Matter” martyr? He really doesn’t deserve it. At all.

    • Sadie Legrande says:

      So let me get this straight if you use the word thug it’s not racist but if I used the word thug then it’s racist? Are you serious? Pot meet kettle.

      • Ricardo called Brown a thug. Brown WAS a thug. “Thug” is not specific to one race, now is it? There are plenty of white and Latino thugs too.

        My issue isn’t with your use of the word “thug,” and you know it. It’s with your calling Ricardo an illegal immigrant and all Mexicans “thugs,” which clearly IS racist. Dumbass.

  • Sadie Legrande says:

    I love how religion and politics b.itches about people going off topic yet only one post of his/her/it is relevant to this topic. Then if you don’t agree with “its” politics “it” throws a little fit and calls you libtard. That is a sign of a weak minded fool.

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