WATCH: Paranoid Texas Tea People Tell US Army Colonel Obama Is Invading Texas To Make Them Muslims (VIDEO)

If you visit the county courthouse in Bastrop County, Texas, you will see standing proudly in the middle of a park in front of the building a proud monument to the Confederacy. Yeah, these guys still cheer for the Confederacy … really.

Oh, but that’s not all. Recently, the new Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, had to ask the State Guard of Texas to essentially “watch over” the US Army as they conducted an 8 week training exercise in the county. This came after a judge in Bastrop County did his best to actually feed into the local Tea Party paranoia and issued the following statement during a community meeting;

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It’s a sad [day] when people’s greatest fear is their own government. Think about the ramification of that. If Americans go to sleep at night worrying whether their own government is going to sell them out before morning, it’d be hard to sleep.

Judge Pape made his fear mongering declaration as a US Army Colonel stood in front of a group of citizens at a community meeting for nearly 2 hours addressing every nut job conspiracy theory you can think of.

You see, the people in this small rural county that still sings the praises of the Confederacy is convinced that this is merely a ruse. What is really happening, according to the folks in the crowd wearing the “Did You Miss Me Yet” and “Info Wars” shirts carrying signs that say “Dissent is not a Conspiracy Theory,” is that this is really just Obama “invading Texas,” and after awhile he will send in his secret platoons of “Sharia fighters” and make Texas Muslim.

Yeah, really, that’s what they think is happening.

Fortunately, it seemed that some of the folks there were not part of the tin foil hat crowd, and they can be seen face-palming and showing utter frustration with their fellow county residents and the ridiculously hard time they give the Army representative.  You really gotta feel bad for this Colonel who is merely trying to prepare his troops for overseas operations. One “sane” person does manage to get a question and words of support in, but he is quickly drowned out.

And so now bunches of Texas State Guard troops have to be called up (and paid) just to stand around while the Army does it’s training for 8 weeks. Guys who usually only do the part time gig are now called away from their lives just to quell the nut-job’s fantastical fears.  Their job, according to the judge and the paranoid people of Texas is to make sure and stop these ‘invaders” from carrying out their real mission.

As you can see in the footage below, the Colonel is fighting a losing battle with some of the conspiracy theory nuts. After giving one man a detailed explanation of what was happening, and assuring him that he had served under five Presidents, all with very smooth and peaceful transitions, that this wasn’t a conspiracy and they are just trying to get boys “trained.” The man looks back and tells him, “I don’t believe a word you said.”

You can hear people saying things like “that’s just what Hitler did” and other nonsense. They try to bait the Colonel into ansering questions about immigration policy, gun rights, Constitutional issues, different government agencies, and things that have absolutely nothing to do with this simple training exercise.

Keep in mind, the first video below is put out by allies of infowars. You will see a reasonable Colonel trying to address concerns. They see black helicopters in this video. The second comes to us from Ring of Fire Radio, and shows the Colonel looking even better.

If you wanna see how cuckoo Texas really is up close, WATCH:


And some additional footage HERE:

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  • Names_Stan says:

    As Alternet said yesterday, this should be a clear message about how TPer’s really feel about our military.

    Anyone who needs their conspiracy theories and fear so badly, to publicly state our soldiers are willing to “take over” Texas…

    Well, let’s just say it’s no wonder their party can gut veterans benefits with no worry of upsetting their base. The base only cares on Memorial Day and Labor Day, when they set aside coup d’état histrionics and offer platitudes.

  • Kipco says:

    There’s a whole lotta weapons grade stupid in that room…

    • [email protected] says:

      Weapons grade, plutonium fueled.

    • Peter Cornswalled says:

      You’re right, but the stupid is coming from the false flag operative trying to fool a room full of people into letting Obama rape and pillage Texas. This will end with a battle between Texas patriots and Obama’s brown shirts. My money is on the Texans.

      • [email protected] says:

        I dont know why, the Texas have never won anything before. Remember the Civil war? How’d that work out for ya, huh?

      • Kipco says:

        Well, you know what they say about fools and their money…

        Speaking of which, Alex Jones is laughing all the way to the bank with the money he’s made from saps who believe all of his “false flag” nonsense. No one wants your wretched, barren, moron filled state so chill. If I were Obama I’d yank everything military out of that state immediately. Then when the civilian workers find themselves unemployed, they might stop believing stupid crap like this. I doubt it, but it’s worth a shot.

      • KSC says:

        Look on the bright side, these guys are fuelling an economy for doomsday preppers, arms and all sorts of stuff the rest of the world could find nowhere else

      • frank says:

        You are a BIG part of the stupid and there is no cure for that.

      • Dan5404 says:

        Bull. You are part of an angry, violent minority that is bordering on sedition over absolutely nothing. . No one is mistreating any of you. In 236 years, no one has ever taken your guns, and they are not now. . I suggest if all of you want to fight so much, get an army of “Patriots” together and go to the 5 or 6 countries in which ISIS is located and fight a real enemy instead of an imagined one. Perhaps you could join the.Saudi Arabian army. As far as I’m concerned you are a long way from being true Patriots when you hate your duly elected government more than the real enemies. .

      • Bob Rhodes says:

        Facts are NEVER important to a republican – they will tell a lie when
        the truth would fit better – and then tell it again , and tell it again
        until they have convinced their followers that it is the absolute truth –
        etc etc etc –

      • CharlieAdamsInKY says:

        So, get yer little “second Civil War” started whenever you got the balls, boy. Some of us are getting tired of waiting after listening to y’all bray about it for the past FOUR DECADES and more. Frankly, it’s way PAST time that we stomped your little Treason Movement into the mud once and for all.

      • Alton Keel says:


      • Bill Denaro says:

        I’ll take that bet, and raise you a “lets take all the bases out of Texas”… you in jackass?

      • Patrick says:

        “Texas Patriots”…hilarious!

  • Kipco says:

    You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.

    • Paul Larkin says:

      who do you think that first fought for freedom and spilt their blood real patiots that put country first before politics ,religion ,farmers from the first to fight state ,but they fought against torys ,their brothers ,fathers and sons .

      • Steve Ford says:

        AHHHHHH…. IMMUNITY TO HUMOR… I’m SORRY Paul!!! (Not VERY sorry… but a LITTLE) I’m MORE sorry for anyone that shares a BLOODLINE with you… WOW!!!!

      • Ken Duerksen says:

        Paul, you are being played big time. I am concerned about Obama, but its because he is far too helpful and solicitous top the crooked billionaires that run the GOP – the same people and fortunes that give you all of your information through FOX News and others.. Your “fight” is being waged in the interests of the corporate interests who hate a government of for and by the People, and want to enslave us all.

        • Charlie3 says:

          Those people (the corporate interests, Koch bros., Sheldon Adelson) want the Federal Government dismantled and replaced with a feudalistic state. They have hired the entire Republican party to help them do that. If they succeed, the Republicans will be thrown under the bus with the rest of us as they will no longer be needed.

          • Dan5404 says:

            Adelson’s activities are reportedly related to the Chinese Mafia. Both the United States and Chinese governments are concerned about his financial dealings I would be very wary of Chinese Mafia influence among TP/GOP politicians bought to change our elections. That’s why Citizens United needs to go away..

          • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon says:

            You is one klever librul!

      • Kipco says:

        It’s a joke, dummy…it’s a line from “Blazing Saddles”. Lighten up, Francis.

    • Victoria Gutshall says:

      LOL. Great line from a great movie!

    • CrazyRedhead2 says:

      All hail Mel.

  • polliwogg says:

    I kinda wonder why our military would even WANT Texas……….

    • Peter Cornswalled says:


      • Uillecc MacUillecc Dubh says:

        No. Oil is why Bush went to war with Iraq— The real answer is that they don’t want to be here– this is a mandatory training mission– These people can’t wait to get out of the hell-hole and intellectual wasteland that is Texas and back home to some place where the average IQ is above 82… and people don’t drown looking up for jebus urinating from the clouds during a thunderstorm…

      • Patrick says:

        Hey, Cornholed – we already have Texas, and all it’s oil. Thanks for playing, good-bye.

  • whomod says:

    I get so ANGRY. these people just didn’t wake up and become anti-government paranoid lunatics. THEY ARE BEING FED THIS CRAP.

    they are being fed sedition and treason on a daily basis by the media that these people, because of racial and religious prejudices, choose to ingest as being of their “tribe”. And they’e being misled to a fantastic degree.

    WTF America?

    • DogmaDestroys says:

      Yup. Infowars (one guy is proudly wearing their T-shirt), Fox “News”, hate radio, and let’s not forget many, many “Christian” churches are targeting this crap directly to the scared, the ignorant, and the hate-filled – and they eat it right up.

  • whomod says:

    btw.. what do these idiots think we’ll do when we finally successfully take over Texas? Force science on them? Make them pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States?

  • catbyte says:

    OMFG. Thank you Alex Jones, Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage, and all the rest of you unpatriotic,seditious haters. You have turned the stupid people into paranoid, armed stupid people. Well done.

    • Jay Goldberg says:

      These people have been mentally abused by the people you listed. It’s disgusting what they willfully do to people in this country.

    • Janice F Carlin says:

      Yes, it is not just in Texas. I had a client I was meeting with go bonkers on me when he made a comment about Obama and I defended him, that he is going to change us all to Sharia Law, etc. OMFG is right!! I had to back down as he was elderly and I did not want him to go into cardiac arrest!! He was gut serious. SMH.

  • [email protected] says:

    You know,…after hearing this…..I wish the federal government would round up all these idiots and put them in FEMA camps… least we could sleep at night knowing they were all locked up.

    • Peter Cornswalled says:

      You laugh now. It won’t be so funny when you get hauled off to a detention center for being a white Christian in a nation being forced to become Muslim at gunpoint.

      • frank says:

        Yeah, everybody is shaking scared. Oh wait, it’s only the idiots that are shaking scared. That’s okay then.

      • markinator says:

        And you will be just the Muslim to do it! Actually, putting all religious people into asylums seems pretty fair.

      • Gail Sims Smith says:

        So you mean that all your BSG’s (Big Scary Guns) aren’t going to prevent all of that from happening? I thought that was why you guys were down there stockpiling all those weapons. Either they will protect you, and you don’t need to worry, or they won’t protect you, so you don’t even need them.

  • Jester says:

    Holy crap, this poor LTCOL was probably never expecting to confront these morons. I would have said, “Listen moron’s, if we wanted to take over this town we’d airdrop in the 82nd, roll in the 1st Armored Division from up at Ft. Hood and send a few flights of Apaches in to clean up the rest.”

  • LoveLife says:

    I can’t believe how gullible these people are. They have worked themselves into a fear frenzy of epic proportions.

    • Peter Cornswalled says:

      After the false flag attacks like 9/11, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon “Bombing” and an illegal immigrant from Kenya being fraudulently placed in the White House by two rigged elections, can you blame us for being watchful?

      • frank says:

        You’re not watchful you’re stupid beyond words is what you are and as gullible as can be. There is no cure for stupid.

      • markinator says:

        Is “watchful” the euphemism in the Treason State for “complete and utter lack of reason”?

      • Alton Keel says:

        what are you smoking?

      • Uillecc MacUillecc Dubh says:

        I wish you had the mental capacity to read your own posts with an educated and critical eye— The BS oozing from your ears is a spectacular sight… Your eyes will turn brown when you reach full…

        False flag? what a maroon…

      • Marco Rassu says:

        where you as watchful when Bush lied about WMD and sent troops to die in Iraq to make a few billions? I bet you were fully supportive! No conspiracies there… hiiiii ya!

      • Patrick says:

        Peter Cornholed – if by “watchful” you mean “astoundingly ignorant”, then yes.

  • AQ says:

    And these are the people who actually show up at the polls.

  • Sherry says:

    Is this real? Plesae tell me tis is satire.

  • Spot Ries says:

    do Teafaggers ever get sick of being wrong? Obviously not.

  • Linda Starr-Spires says:

    WE can laugh about the idiocy of these people, seeing boogey men around every corner, but the scarey thing is HOW MANY elected politicians are EQUALLY DELUSIONAL! The governor is calling in the State Guard, Randy Paul and Teddy Cruz are “looking into the possibility of federal take-over of Texas…

    These people DO NOT have the MENTAL stability to be IN CHARGE.

    • gayle collier says:

      Don’t forget David Brat who is spreading these lies all over the place. And people thought Cantor was an idiot???? People have to be careful what they wish for as this proves it could worse!

    • Ken Duerksen says:

      Remember Louie Gomert and his fear of “Terror-Babies” sneaking across the border in utero?

      …by the way, “Louie and the Terror Babies” is available as a name for a band = go for it.

  • OHIO 61 says:

    And here I thought Louie Gomhert and Ted Cruz are the dumb Texasans,Wrong, the state is full of DUMBASSES

  • squappie says:

    Dissent may not be a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy theory is.

  • squappie says:

    And these people actually think they are smart!!!

  • RAS says:

    No more military training in Texas! Let training take place in supportive communities that can use the income that would come from their presence.

    • Paul Larkin says:

      we should remove all military funding ,and bases in texas ,and let them fund their military usmc vet 1957

    • wingr47 says:

      They forget about the millions that will be spent there over the coming months. When the exercise wraps up the “people?” will be begging the GIs to stay…..and spend more.

  • danielistical says:

    O K SO what will
    this IDIOT do when nothing happens??? TAKE CREDIT for saving TEXASS from that
    evil Obama,,, hey if your not to busy how about securing your own dam border
    and quit blaming Obama because you cant or wount?

  • Can Texas PLEASE just get it over with and secede already? I’m sure Puerto Rico would LOVE to have their star on the American Flag.

    • Kat Martindale says:

      Chuck, I have the same idea. Let Texas secede and make Puerto Rico the 50th state. We won’t even have to change the flag.

      • [email protected] says:

        Joke if you like. At least these people show up at the polls to vote.. Thats a lot more than I can say for my own democratic party.

    • Metro Issues says:

      I doubt it would be that clean, as I imagine Oklahoma (at least) would leave with them. We could even see the U.S. split up the middle from Texas to North Dakota.

    • Peter Cornswalled says:

      Obama is trying to enslave Texas to keep its oil, since he has to hand over Iraq’s oil to serve his Muslim masters.

  • Ken Duerksen says:

    This is RIDICULOUS!! Everyone one knows that Obama is invading Texas to make them all GAY-MARRY, not to make them Muslim.

  • jt colter says:

    explain why after ALL the training the military has done in the past, on military installations or in remote locations
    , do they now decide they have to train in “town”?…..they havent needed to do so previously

    • nra_pussies says:

      Is this a serious question or are you one of the insane whack jobs that hate my country? Kill yourself you ignorant inbred pathetic waste of oxygen

      • jt colter says:

        first, YES it is a serious question you scatophage, second, apparently you are the “insane whack job” thinking you OWN this country…i served this country proudly and would do so again..if you cant answer my question,you bespawling muck-spout, why are you responding?

    • simeonberesford says:

      The military have always needed to train in towns. Urban and suburban warfare and police actions are the main focus of ground forces nowadays, they are places that need more precision than a bomb or a naval bombardment can provide. some time the army builds fake towns or uses an abandoned town. sometimes the army uses existing towns. This is just another routine operation.

  • good_reader1 says:

    Lets start closing the military bases there and take the good jobs out of Texas. Stop supporting these idiots.

  • lather says:

    These people are my bread and butter. I love them. They are insane.

    • wingr47 says:

      Yer NOT keeping up. There’s plenty of gray in that hair now. Everybody got grayer except Regan and at 75 He still denied hair dye. Yeah, good genes, don’t keep Yer hair black past 60 and only fools couldn’t see the man was an actor with the part of a lifetime.

  • Mr.good News says:

    It’s very hard to explain things to dumb people.

  • I asked my neighbor why he sits all day on his porch with an elephant gun. He said to scare away the elephants. I said this is Texas and there are no elephants in this subdivision. He said you’re welcome. But, God bless him, my progressive friends, he never ever misses an opportunity to vote! And that’s how Texas gets a governor.

  • Gregory Hinton says:

    neanderthal trash.

  • Soothsayer123 says:

    This is like watching a NASA scientist trying to explain to Coast To Coast AM listeners that UFOs don’t exist.

  • Soothsayer123 says:

    This poor colonel is probably thinking, “I risked my lives for THESE morons?”

    I admire his restraint in front of such stupidity and paranoia.

    • Sassy Fox says:

      I’m laughing at the Texas Moron who answered your comment! I knew Texas was mostly ignorant, but I never knew it was this bad! so glad I don’t live in that idiot wasteland.

  • Thom Lee says:

    What’s troublesome to me is, these TEAHADISTS are confined to Texas. They’re in every state.

  • Curt Bergh says:

    Does anyone else feel like we should just let Texas go? They really want to leave, so let them. When that happens they’ll need a passport to get into the country and we can deny them access because they’ll all be on a terrorist watch list.

    • Doc Dee says:

      Well, doesn’t Texas owe a ton of money to the federal government? There’s no way they’d be allowed to secede without paying that back first.

  • ajani says:


  • Ken Duerksen says:

    I’m confused – that one clown identified himself as a member of the “Texas Nationalist Movement”, and then thanked the colonel “for his service”. Is he accusing the colonel of treason against the United States?

  • Mario Thornton says:

    The U.S. Military would demolish those Texas boys and take the state in one day if they wanted to “invade” it! Texans these are your elected officials? Wow!

  • Ed Hino says:

    no way central texas is populated by texas heehaws who marry there cousins theses inbred home folks are the creme of dah crops

  • Aloanstar says:

    This poor Colonel doesn’t realize it, but he is being trained on how to deal with a whole room of ignorant people.

  • Frank Ambessi says:

    there isn`t a bigger group of people on earth including isis who hate America more than republicans

  • El Anticorrupt says:

    How quaint;they allow patients visitors and even guess speakers at that psycho ward. Texas is so ahead in preserving patient rights………

  • Leigh Anne P says:

    If Texas is THIS paranoid about our armed forces taking over their area…..we need to TOTALLY dismantle our military presence in the state. TOTALLY get rid of Bases like Ft. Hood, Randolph Air Force Base, Sheppard Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston….ALL the bases…and all the military support jobs need to go to states that support our military. That way Texas can feel safe and secure.

  • Tiffany Miller says:

    Number one every single memorial to the confederacy needs to be torn down

  • Jay Goldberg says:

    The Fox News diet makes you lose IQ points, not weight.

  • Wendell Craig Woods says:

    Those people are weird and very stupid!!!

  • jeanlingelbach says:

    When will we stop the right wing propaganda machine spreading hate and lies? These ignoramuses are the greatest threat to our democracy and our government. These people suffer from the Dunning-Kruger Effect: Too stupid to know they are stupid.

    • Metro Issues says:

      In simpler terms, it’s a lack of critical thinking skills.

    • Peter Cornswalled says:

      The right-wing information system is telling the truth. It’s liberal mouth-pieces like MSNBC spreading lies.

      • BigB1 says:

        Please put the crack pipe down, it’s making you crazy.

      • Marco Rassu says:

        come back when the training ended and nothing happened so we can all call you a fool! Meanwhile, Alex Jones will be considerably richer by selling you gold and silver at his web site, preparing you for the end of days.

  • Sassy Fox says:

    I think the majority of mentally ill people in America live in Texas! The people speaking in that video had no brain cells! Maybe it’s the water!

  • Jim says:

    Whatever happened to Rick Perry and the Texans seceding from the union after President Obama was re-elected in 2012. Really Gov. Perry. I don’t think a half a dozen people in the country care if Texas packs it’s bags and moves out. Actually there’s millions of us that will help you pack. Just one thing. We want Willie Nelson. I’m sure you guys love his music but you can’t be happy with his liberal, pot smoking ways. Don’t worry. I live next to Woodstock N.Y. and all us old hippies would love to take care of Willie. Nobody but Chris Christie likes the Dallas Cowboys so you can keep them. They can play the local high school teams and possibly wind up with a winning season. Remember……if Mexico comes to take the land back you stole from them your on your own. Just like in 1836, nobody will be coming to the Alamo to help you out. But the only difference between Mexico and Texas is Mexicans are use to working for a living, not like your famous son, George W Bush. But as long as you Texans can learn from Mexico how to work a 10hr day without whining and drink Corona instead of Miller High Life, you might survive.

    • buricco says:

      Ah, Woodstock. Had a teacher who lived there. I used to go to Saugerties a lot.

      • Jim says:

        One of the only true hippie enclaves still left in the country. We recently lost Levon Helm but his daughter still has “Midnight Rambles” at the barn. John Sebastian and Ed Sanders are still in town and Saugerties gave Jimmy Fallon to NBC.

  • Mark Prayo says:

    California, the nation’s most populous state, is unsurprisingly home to the largest veteran population. Isn’t California a democrat state?

  • blobert says:

    “Support our troops!… ‘cept when they’unz actually doin’z some trainin’ on mah property that I don’t not own!” (cheers) (gun shots)

  • Dennis Faherty says:

    now i know why irefuse to visit texas..

  • Reid Reasor says:

    Several rights and laws violated in Ft Lauderdale FAA laws, reading the law helps

  • Roberta Carpenter says:

    This is a joke has to be ! I Can’t believe anyone could be dumb enough to think Obama would invade texas

  • Elma Elliot says:

    Funny,most of them look normal.Scary!

  • Cat Fish says:

    there are nearly 1 million forgin troops and nato here they are after the guns . you folks are disgraceful . you none of you have obviously looked at the jade helm 15 you havnt looked at bill and hill selling land to china and the 140,000 troops they have in Minnesota alone . that doesnt include the turks the russians the uk soldiers here nor the 400,000 in mexico 60 miles south of loredo tx. all ok here

  • Doc Bruce says:

    I thought I might be watching a TX version of Monty Python’s Flying Circus in this video. How does mass paranoia come to fruition like this? Here’s how: 24/7 right-wing talk radio + Teapublican rhetoric + Fixation on the idea that gub-ment is a-commin’ for ur guns (with absolutely no indications to back up that notion) + Fundamentalist Christianity + Lack of multi-cultural education = Textbook Paranoia on a big scale, I guess.

  • Jerel C. Wilmore says:

    The solution is obvious: pull as much of our military and defense establishment out of Texas as we can. Close every base not absolutely necessary to national security.

    Texas has long benefited economically from federal defense spending. If they no longer wish to host our troops and bases, then pull them out. There are other states that would welcome the spending and employment.

    • Kipco says:

      Yup. Offer the civilians who are employed on the bases the opportunity to relocate to keep their jobs but if they don’t want to then buh-bye. SOOOO sick of Texas bullshit…

    • Tina Shimfessel says:

      This is the BEST solution that I have seen yet!! I wouldn’t want them to close the bases, but move ALL of the just across the state lines that boarder Texas!! Thus type of mass ignorance has no place in thus country! I hope to goodness the whole twin is sterile!!

  • Doc Bruce says:

    I wonder what Texans think the end result of a Federal take-over would be?… Making decent healthcare available to everyone?… Teaching their children about science?

  • lauralth says:

    And I just thought my town had the looniest constituents.

  • pittardm says:

    Bastrop County probably isn’t the best location for military training exercises.

  • thaddeus says:

    to all the people who believe in this conspiracy, you are correct in your beliefs. run to your bomb shelter and stay there. maybe in a hundred years someone will come get you and let you know you can come back to the real world. you will be dead from old age by then- shucks, what a shame. you will be safe in your bomb shelter. run and hide there now. hurry, i hear the helicopters and bomber planes coming now. RuN!! PLEASe don’t breed while in your bomb shelter.

  • fjwalker1959 says:

    Funny, don’t hear them complaining about the money brought in by the 5 major military installations is that state.

  • Ken Duerksen says:

    Ken Duerksen I’m
    confused – that one clown identified himself as a member of the “Texas
    Nationalist Movement”, and then thanked the colonel “for his service”.
    Is he accusing the colonel of treason against the United States?

  • Jerry Burke says:

    The last Confederate flag.

  • Derrin Harvey says:

    I see old white people

  • Rutger MacDonald says:

    I participated in Robinsage while stationed at Ft. Bragg in the earliy 90s. I was OPFOR, and I had a blast, as well as the civilians. These people are sadly misinformed. I only wish our family were near a Jade Helm area. My kids would have a blast looking for spooks.

  • rom661 says:

    Your ignorance is really showing. I realize you’re not sufficiently self aware to be cognizant of this but you just made everyone’s point.

  • Metro Issues says:

    Better a libturd than a fanatical frightwing freak, any day.

  • rvajeff says:

    Derp at it’s finest…

  • yerflap54 says:

    Oh dear! You have finally convinced people over here in Europe that films like ‘Deliverance’, and programmes like the ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ are not works of fiction but are based on the people living in certain parts of the United States. These people are f*****g loonies and their level of ignorance is mind boggling. America has become a joke.

  • Charlie3 says:

    Very well thought out and substantiated post. “Libturd” was absolute genius. Did you think that up by yourself? Did you think at all? Can you think? I think not.

  • Fearguth says:

    You gotta admit it t took a lot of nerve for that old dude to bring an unabridged dictionary into room full of imbeciles.

  • Charlie3 says:

    The Neanderthals are back, and this time, their clubs shoot bullets.

  • Adrianne says:

    DAAAAAAAYYYUUUMMM is all I got for this, this is just beyond paranoid is like schizophrenic paranoia, WOW

  • Tommy Mullen says:

    Where did those people hatch from? I’m sure that if a president was going to do that it would be a republican president because they are the war mongerers. Not to mention that it would have happened long before now.

  • Old Fogey says:

    Just because you are paranoid does NOT mean that the AREN’T out to get you!

  • Obama should just pull all of the military out of Texas and close all the bases there. Then watch the cry babies complain about Obama. Then pull all of the Border Patrol out of Texas and station them in the states that border Texas. Finally, he should evict Texas from the Union and close the border. I’d vote for that!

  • Ronald Head says:

    It’s a shame people can’t discuss this without reverting to name calling and trying to one up the other. I don’t understand how these people came to believe what they do about the best government in the world. A lot of these Texans decended from the early colonials, like mine did, who came to Jamestown and Plymouth and built this country. What has soured them so much? Surely they don’t believe everything they hear on the right wing talk radio shows and Fox News. I would hope to believe the state of LBJ and Sam Rayburn still has a majority of thinkers.

    • Kipco says:

      Oh, but they DO believe everything they hear on right wing talk radio and Fox News! They believe it with every fiber of their being. That’s why they responded how they did and why reasoning with them is impossible! Alex Jones broadcasts his show from Texas and anytime you see the words “false flag” you’ll also find his fingerprints somewhere as well. Almost the entire state is feverishly seething with hatred for President Obama, and anything that plays to that bias they dive on like a crack head on a fresh rock. I don’t know if it’s racially motivated or not, but the leading voices are all conservative white males, so make of that what you wish. Texas of today is not the Texas of LBJ or even Ann Richards. It’s a haven of ignorance, gun nuttery, conspiracy whack jobs and the numbskulls that believe them. Texas has some of the worst air in the nation, you can drill for oil anywhere with the state’s blessing, they can’t fund their schools but they can give billions in tax breaks to the rich, their water supply is dwindling fast, Texas is home to the highest percentage of uninsured folks in the nation including children, it enjoys the highest number highest carbon emissions, is first in high school drop-out rates, first in lowest voter turn-out and is the largest producer of toxic waste released into the air and water. Besides poisoning the existing water supply, fracking is responsible for water shortages plaguing Texas that evangelical Rick Perry proposed
      remedying in the past with days of prayer and supplication that were woefully unsuccessful.Texas has the highest number of low wage jobs in the country, despite the so called business boom of relocation there. There are a significant number of Texans who yearn to secede from the Union and form their own republic, and there is likely an equal number of Americans willing to let the state leave and become the banana republic state Republicans are attempting to create. A banana republic typically has stratified social classes, including a large impoverished working class and a ruling plutocracy that comprises the elites of business and politics who control and exploit their citizens’ social and economic plight. It makes sense that Texas
      Republicans are proud of their handiwork because they do rank at or near the top of several categories near and dear to conservatives, and possibly they are just as pleased at their ranking at or near the bottom of an equal number of areas endemic to
      conservative policies. Then, there’s the whole “open carry GUNZ” mania that has gripped the state and the 38 percent of all farm subsidies doled out by the fed that Texas receives. I say we cut them loose and be done with it. Cut our losses and let them all rot away in their own ignorance.

  • frank says:

    Sorry REK but they appear to have more morons that any other state.

  • The Patient says:

    When nothing remotely close to Obama invading Texas happens, the wingnuts will claim a victory. Um, yay?

  • danielistical says:

    O K SO what will
    this IDIOT do when nothing happens??? TAKE CREDIT for saving TEXASS from that
    evil Obama,,, hey if your not to busy how about securing your own dam border
    and quit blaming Obama because you cant or wount? ,,,

  • Cappy Walls says:

    Well, the government simply needs to pull all military installations out of Texas, then there will be no proiblem. Except it will probably impact the local economy in a negative way.

  • racytalker says:

    The stupid is strong in Texas. Yee-haw!

  • Anybody can tell that this is just Obama’s secret master plan to force Texans to marry gay Muslims, but only after forcing them to surrender their guns.

    I thought Texas was full of longhorn steers, not mindless sheep.

  • Gloverboy6 says:

    This is what happens when stupid people are allowed to breed.
    Good Lord…

  • Inis_Magrath says:

    These people better hope Hillary is elected. Otherwise they’ll have no conspiracy theories to keep them busy.

  • TheSlag says:

    Close all the bases in Texas and yank every single military dollar from those low-life DB’s.

  • markinator says:

    Maybe you could ask someone to read the article to you.

  • markinator says:

    Considering that our own CIA, with the immense assistance of the ever-corrupt Dallas law enforcement, took out JFK in broad daylight in Dallas, the paranoia and self-righteousness of the Texan mindset is scary. These people are deluded and dangerous.

  • sam_brit10 says:

    Please, Texas. Secede already.

  • Leslie Todd says:


  • Leslie Todd says:


  • Korg8242 says:

    Why do people in Texas think they are the only ones that believe in the Consitution?

  • Hey wait a second, aren’t these the Tea Party people who have been complaining for years that we do not support the troops enough? So now they hate the military… From now on they can not complain when they think that Obama is disrespecting our troops.

  • Joe_the_Troll says:

    Sharia Law would effectively outlaw homosexuality and abortion. It will provide for religious training in public schools. It allows for fewer rights for women than men. It would create a state-sponsored religion. Which part of that do conservatives have a problem with? That’s the modern Republican platform.

  • Bruce Basile says:

    Using terms like libturd shows what an immature fool you RW Texans are.We as a country continue to be divided and you are the perfect example of why……………..STUPIDITY !!! I seved in Nam with many Texans who never acted like you folks do today. You know the oil you get out of the ground is not for cooking I hope. I remember the Texans being great guys unlike those who now continue to elect ignorant RW fools who deny science and continue to underfund public schools creating a state full of rednecks too god damn stupid to think for themselves who repeat the lies on FOX or RUSH making America see how dummies like Perry get elected over and over !!!

  • Oliver Zúñiga says:

    Oh the stupidity. In a few years Americans will be killing Americans in a stupid civil war and terrorists all around the world won’t be able to believe the level of their success…. You just fill a country with ignorance and it will self destruct.

  • Bill Denaro says:

    you had me at “Sorry jackass Texas”, then you had to spoil it.

  • Hata H. Zappah says:

    I think a healthy dose of skepticism about the reality of the country we live in is always a good thing. This, however, is not healthy. It’s dangerously unhealthy, in fact, and it borders on psychosis. You could provide them with a million pages of evidence about why the
    Army is there, but they would still not listen. They are fixated on
    their beliefs and conspiracy theories and nothing will change that. So
    all we can do is keep these soldiers in our thoughts and prayers, and
    hope that the lot of unkempt mouth-breathers in the crowd don’t get in
    the way. You can also be reasonably certain that if push comes to shove, we know how the story will end. We know this, because we know how Waco ended.

  • Uillecc MacUillecc Dubh says:

    Outside of Austin?…

  • I'm not even says:

    Get some army. I may not agree with everything the administration does, particularly stripping the officer and NCO core of the armed forces, but I do believe the majority of our service members do knowingly and willingly swear to support and defend the constitution of these United States, from both foreign and domestic enemies. Thank you Lt. Col. Thank your men.

  • SgtCedar says:

    All these people worry about 1,200 troops coming to the southwest. Don’t these people realize how many troops there are in Texas? If the federal government wanted to take over Texas they have a lot more than 1,200 in the state already.

  • mistercrispy says:

    Here’s how conspiracies work:

    “Obama is invading Texas and instituting martial law!”

    Nothing happens.

    “Our hard work exposing Obama’s secret plan to invade Texas and institute martial law prevented Obama from invading Texas and instituting martial law! We’re heroes.”

    The truth LITERALLY doesn’t matter to these unpatriotic, bigoted, evil buffoons. So don’t bother. You can’t address crazy and expect anything but crazy as a response.

  • Gail Sims Smith says:

    REK does have a good description of his home state–Jackass Texas.

  • Rick Mage says:

    I have just watched most of the video….Just know this…Most of the citizens, who have asked a question, are military veterans….That should speak volumes to anyone who has any perception…….As a military veteran, I have no issues with the people questioning our government and our military. It is the people’s duty to question those who are privileged positions. With that being said, I do think that they are a little too nervous about what’s going on in Texas. Sure, keep an eye on the military, but let’s drop those silly conspiracy theories. Personally, I don’t think Obama and the military would have the balls to implement martial law in the state of Texas. That would be just ASKING for a fight. I also don’t think that my brothers and sisters in arms would dare go to war against their own citizens. That would be very foolish to do. True, state guards have fired upon their citizens in the past. However, these are different times, and the people are just a little more willing to fight. It would be a blood bath if the military ever raised arms against their own citizens, and the blood flow would probably not stop. The blood would be spilled on both sides. The citizens would not be the only ones who lost a lot of blood. So, I really don’t think that the military is going to do anything stupid. Not today, they won’t.

  • REK says:

    I don’t believe fear mongering I do my oun research, why does our government think it’s time to start training on public areas. Never before on this scale. Use your brain why does Obama when to allow the un to operate in the U.S.. Everything politicians do is for a reason

    • Bruce Basile says:

      The loon state governor sending out the National Guard to monitor the U.S. military is like the Sheriff sending out the National Guard to flush Rambo from the cave. Texas is an embarrassment to our nation. Please succeed we will be better off without you. You wacko`s elected guys like Perry and Gohmert,enough said.

  • rlibos says:

    These folks are crazier than an outhouse rat!

  • Adam says:

    ahhh the teaparty mantra “if you cannot be intelligent…be louder than everyone else in the room”

  • Joe_the_Troll says:

    Those numbers were not posted in this thread at the time I posted, so there was no reason to be snotty except to stroke your own ego.

  • TEEJAYZ says:

    It was cool under “W” though, right?
    See what happens when Blackie McBlackman is in office?
    When I’m King of the United States my first order of action will be to annex Texas from the country. Next move will be to ban religion.
    My country is going to rock.

  • Lee Sackett says:

    Where is the Tea Party signs? Where is the calling of Obama wants to make us Muslims? What a poorly written story meant to demean GOOD people with false accusations. Shame on you.

  • Lincoln F. Sternn says:

    Tried watching it but these morons started giving me brain-stink pretty quickly.

  • ICBM904 says:

    And the best part is that, after Jade Helm is over and it turns out to be just some military training like everyone with a brain has said, these nutjobs will be congratulating themselves no end for saving Amer’ca. If not for their vigilance, the frickin’ U.S. Army would have captured Texas and turned all of these nutjobs into Muslims.

  • ICBM904 says:

    And the governor of Texas is stupid enough to think the Texas State Guard could protect them from U.S. military special forces if the military were actually trying to do something? Dolt.

  • ICBM904 says:

    Who says Muslims would want people from Texas to join their religion?

  • Raphaël says:

    ‘Muricans finally done lost their mind :)..

  • Patrick says:

    More veterans? So what? That doesn’t make Texas any smarter.

  • Joe Smooth says:

    Dude use spell check occasionally.

  • Kubda Finley says:

    You need spell check as well jerk. You can’t spell intellectual? FIGURES! Or is that how people in Minnesota spell it…

  • Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get ya. Unfortunately Fascinating technologies, philosophies, tactics etc came over on Project Paperclip. Managing and CON-TROLLING the human “DOMAIN” is a (term for electronic surveillance and PSYOP deployment) Best to enslave people covertly/psychologically rather than overtly which raised a lot of red flags during WW2. New generation of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars is basically what it boils down to. Joking about tinfoil hats, black helicopters, and conspiracy theory nuts, or take your medication doesn’t make it less true. One thing the power structure hates most are people that don’t CONFORM, OBEY, and PRODUCE (COP) within the CULT-ural Tribal Norm of Baseball, Sports, Hollywood Entertainment, get yourself a piece of the Pie(sometimes called the american dream),, white picket fence , and adopting the consumer mania mentality. They are also crafting and splicing a spiritual philosophy of nobility called: GIVE GIVE GIVE-SERVE SERVE SERVICE2OTHERS (MEMES) to keep the $Y$TEM served but to also produce a SINCE OF PRIDE and goodness within the enslaved culture. The ones that can separate from the plutocracy’s vision of paradise and do it peacefully are labeled LIBERALS, traitors, terrorists, useless bottom feeders, mentally ill, conspiracy theorist whack jobs, even defiant of the ALMIGHTY, enemies of the state, and “potential criminals” which is another study JADE HELM is conducting in the realm of PRECOG. (see movie Minority Report)

    Now when one hits the sweet spot (close to home) “truth” which is the highest form of patriotism during wartime gets noticed and targeted and it becomes a game of 100 against 1 which isn’t really fair to the 100. Ever wonder why it takes 4 to 7 200+ lb police officers to bring a 170lb guy under submission that’s not resisting? (psychological warfare and trauma) Besides….much of it is run in the framework of the Hegelian Dialectic…..Create the Problem-Get the desired Reaction(from the herd) and present the Solution you had before the manufactured problem was deployed.
    The result: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for some…but not many.

    By the way…all the chemtrails folks talk about the planes spray everywhere is merely a platform for enhancing the surveillance technologies and yes there are other applications it is being used for like meteorological studies and even control. No mystery.

    Well of course I saw it in the movies. Thats another platform to play the plausible deniability card…Oh yeah…you saw that in the movies….That’s all fiction. Right?

    Anyone with a 100 IQ can figure it out.
    COME ON MAN!!!!!

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