Watch Ben Carson Lie About Dubious Tree Bark Product Curing His Prostate Cancer (VIDEO)

Considering how rich in comedy he’s proven to be, is it really any wonder that Dr. Ben Carson is running a close second to Donald Trump?

Seriously, who needs trucker caps and classy border fences when you’ve got a potential Herman Cain on your hands? If only he realized how utterly ridiculous (and horrifying) he’s sounded lately, he’d get his own trucker caps.

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In fact, he’s become so daffy that I’m thinking of starting a movement that demands to see his medical degree.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer more than a decade ago, Dr. Carson consulted a highly unorthodox source given his lofty medical background: the medical director of a Texas company that peddles nutritional supplements made of substances such as larch-tree bark.

Larch-tree bark? Um, is he a brain surgeon or Gwyneth Paltrow??

Carson, who has openly rejected climate change and other very elementary science, was caught lying on video making claims that total junk science cured his prostate cancer. The Wall Street Journal recently unearthed a YouTube video of Ben Carson, telling a group of sales associates representing a product called Mannatech, that it cured him “within about three weeks” after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

I guess we can now add infomercial actor to Dr. Carson’s  resume.

Watch the infomercial-like video below of the respected doctor touting junk science:

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  • Pat Mckenny says:

    Carson is a low life but larch bark is super healthy.

  • Les Cuebas says:

    and what research have you done to show us otherwise.
    yeah because chemo is cure all.

  • Patrik919 says:

    Larch bark has shown some tiny effects against liver cancer. If you contract Pancreatic cancer, you’re pretty much dead. Prayer ain’t gonna help you. What a blow hard. Remember that some of the most inept doctors may have a certain exceptionalness in one procedure but are totally misguided in their viewpoints. He knows nothing of pharmaceuticals and should just stay away from that field.

  • Ricardo Rebelo says:

    You people are racists!

    • brainless, partisan hack racists.

    • Justin Dhooghe says:

      Because we are making fun of someone who thinks homeopathic remedies work?

      Also if you are going with the whole “revenge” thing for liberals calling out conservatives for being racist, it is different. Why? Because unlike you, we are attacking ideas that have shown to not work. You just hated Obama because he was black and couldn’t show why his ideas were bad with evidence. Grow up.

  • You racist libturds are so silly. You DO realize that not focusing in so tightly on only one type of medicine, and leaving yourself open to other possibilities, including homeopathic and natural, is a STRENGTH, not a weakness? And where’s your proof that this is a LIE?? LOL, you libturds, so funny!

    • Justin Dhooghe says:

      I know science doesn’t come easily to Conservatives but if it has no evidence of working then why would anyone take it except out of desperation? Also, your use of “libtard” and your refusal of understanding science is very disquieting. Should you also think using coconut oil for cancer and the like is a “strength” also?

      In addition, when you make arguments, don’t insult. If you do, you’ve already lost.

      • Oh shush up libturd racist. Cancer has a habit of making people desperate, wouldn’t you agree? Carson is a scientist, as am I, and I can tell you that following scientific method could certainly lead someone to believe that a particular remedy cured them. Once you eliminate all impossible options, whatever is left over, however improbable, must be the answer.

        “Refusal of understanding”?!?!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It’s pretty funny to be lectured by someone who can’t even use basic English grammar correctly … LOL

        You’re worried about insults?!?! LOL!!! You DO know which little hack site you’re on, right? Insults is what IYON does, that and desperate attempts to make people like Carson look bad. Seriously, is this all the opposition has on Carson? Wow.

        • Tony says:

          No. What the opposition has on Carson…is Carson. He is this election’s Rick Santorum. When he opens his mouth the world goes to sleep. He is unable to answer even the simplest questions about the debt ceiling. He thinks gun control caused the Holocaust. He thinks it would be easy to gather a group of unarmed youth to rush a maniac with a gun. He is a dangerous idiot which accurately represents the people who want him to be president.

        • Paul Hartman says:

          If showing his own words makes him look bad – and repeating his words is lies, then by your own admission he is a liar and his own worst advertiser. You need to work on your rationale for your rampant accusations. It is lacking in substance.

      • Guest40 says:

        while it’s true that Conservatives have a very strained relationship with Science, the anger we’re witnessing here on this site is because they refuse to believe their new Christian Candidate is anything more than the savior they’ve been praying for. Articles like this will only preach to the choir as the Evangelicals will ignore most any fault this man continues to display because you know, God.

        • Gee, sounds kinda familiar. Remember what everyone used to call OBummer, before we all realized what a terrible POTUS he is? Yea, that’s right, “The Chosen One.” Don’t pretend for a second that OBummer wasn’t any more YOUR “savior” than some conservatives believe people like Carson to be. Hypocrites.

  • Pat68 says:

    Actually, at about 10:37 minutes into the video, he says it wasn’t cancer at all, but was a congenital anomaly of the bone marrow “and it wasn’t metastatic cancer at all”. It was within a millimeter of breaking through, but was removed through surgery. He also said he may or may not have been cured without the surgery and with just the glyconutrients and he went on to say that natural remedies and traditional medical procedures do not have to be adversarial at all. And believe me, I’m no apologist for Dr. Carson. But lest someone just look at the title or what was written in the post, he really doesn’t say supplement cured him. It was something he used along with surgery, only later to find out that the cancer that was present hadn’t even broken through.

  • yourmomsidol says:

    Some people think this guy is some sort of genius, too. Some people are really dumb.

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