WATCH: Ammosexual Makes An A$$ Of Himself On U.K. TV Show With His Ignorant Gun Logic (VIDEO)

Niel McCabe from Armed American Radio recently appeared on the U.K. program BBC43 and managed to make every ammosexual in America look like the fools they are.

The show started out with Host Jon Snow asking:

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I can tell you’re a patriot. Are you proud of a country that manages to see the deaths of 13, 338 people, from gunshot wounds from guns fired from civilians in your country in one year?

The gun nut responded by saying that he can’t be blamed for that and talking about his military service (as if that was relevant to the discussion). The host responded by saying that he didn’t ask if he was to blame, he asked if he was “proud” or “ashamed.” That’s when McCabe made himself look like a complete idiot:

I don’t know if I’m ashamed or I don’t know if I’m proud. It happens and in a free country these things happen…

NO! They really do not happen in any other “free country” but America. Why? Because the rest of the industrialized world realized that the kinds of imbecilic gun laws we have are a detriment to society.


The host asked him again if he was proud and McCabe responded by saying it’s “part of life.”

Snow exclaimed:

It’s a part of death!

McCabe is everything that is wrong with this country and his appearance on this show just solidifies that the right-wing ammosexuals are really f*cking stupid.



Featured image via video; h/t Addicting Info

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