The Vine That Proves Bernie Sanders Isn’t Too Old To Be POTUS…Or A Triathlete

You’ve seen the dumb memes and heard the ramblings: “Bernie is too old to be President.” Is he? This vine seems to tell a different story. He may look weathered and his wispy grey hair might remind you of the Crypt Keeper, but Senator Sanders is no slouch.

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Why was Bernie at a full gallop on his way through that train station? There isn’t much reporting on the issue, but speculation is that he was either late for a train, had to go potty REALLY bad or possibly that in a genius political maneuver aimed at stifling rumors of his ailing health he decided to stage himself running through a train station.

So far there’s been no reaction from the Clinton campaign or offers to settle the primary with the hundred yard hurdles.

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Featured image by Gage Skidmore

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