The Trump Documentary Trump Doesn’t Want Anyone To See (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is the man who is sucking all of the oxygen out of the air, this election cycle. Many say that Trump is pulling a prank on the nation, others say that he’s a plant by Democrats, but if you learn anything about Trump and his history, the real Donald Trump is pretty frightening.

The man has long been a bully. Of course, we know that that’s his appeal with the right-wing base, but they may not know the extent at which he’ll step on everyone else to get what he wants and what Trump wants is to get richer and to have his ego stroked. That’s it. He has no aspirations to do good for the nation. Trump wants to do good for Trump.

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This documentary, called “Trump the Movie,” made 25 years ago shows exactly how much of a circus clown and “buffoon” Trump is. It shows us how he exaggerates and lies to inflate his own importance, but it warns us against underestimating the man, calling him “dangerous.” It even calls Trump “Lex Luther,” maybe because he even offended the mild-mannered Superman actor Christopher Reeve.

That may be the reason why Trump, 25 years ago, did what Trump does best. He threatened to sue everyone involved with the movie until it was pulled. Now, the filmmakers feel it’s time to finally release it, lawsuits be damned.

Here’s the trailer:

You can watch the entire movie here. It’s worth the hour and 20 minutes.

Featured image via Flickr.

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  • methewaylifeshouldbe says:

    I don’t have to see the movie to know that he is a very “ugly” American.

  • BadtoThebone1 says:

    In all honesty the reason why the creators are releasing this is because Trump cannot sue because his whole life is up for public dissection now without any hope of privacy and the creators of this movie never will be able to profit more from this movies release than right now

    • Alieninvader says:

      How are they profiting? The movie is free to watch and there aren’t even any ads.

    • redstorm928 says:

      lol, the reason they are releasing it now is because someone paid them big dollars to release it……now my guess would be Jeb ….but could be Hillary or Bernie..but yeah I’d stake my life on big dollars exchanging hands….lol

    • keechmabreeks says:

      Trump is suing Univision for $500 mill right now,What do you mean he can’t sue lol

  • Bobster Bissette says:

    Unfortunately, there’s no closed captioning. {heavy sigh}

  • SYG says:

    Well at least he dind’t leave a “blood trail” like Hillary did. You know you’ve made it when both the republicans and the Liberal Democrats start making video about your past trying to discredit you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA It’s a laugh. NOW I know I’m voting for him. And all you liberal can “Baciami il culo.” LOL . . .LOL

    • suki says:

      Syg, no one can fix your ignorant issues. You are just plain dumb to support anyone as stupid and cruel as Trump! How do you make it through a day? Blood trail with Hillary, so far NOTHING with her pretend issues the Repukes make up. NOTHING WAS FOUND. The video on Trump came out several years ago way before he decided to do the nonsense he is doing today!

    • LostSok says:

      Good, man, please vote for him. All the other Republicans…we know exactly what they’d do. Tax cuts for the rich. Corporate welfare. And from past history we know all the things they promise the sheep, err, voters…is a lie.

      “Oh, we’ll end abortion!” Remember Bush weeping over those awful stem cells? Remember what he did when elected: tax cuts for the rich. An energy summit with oil companies to lay out the corporate welfare.

      At least with Trump: who knows. He may be liberal, even extremely liberal, if actually elected…because he WON’T do what people say he should. He’s a total loose cannon.

      So…if a Democrat doesn’t win…I’d just as soon roll the dice on a madman than an actual Republican.

    • Estproph says:

      Hey look everybody! An idiot! Everybody laugh at the idiot!


      • SYG says:

        HA HA HA HA Estproph. . . .I’m laughing, but not with you. I’m laughing at you. For some strange reason I think you look just like your profile picture. Where is your real picture? Ashamed of letting people know what you look like? Just another anonymous Liberal Democrat who swears their candidate’s boat isn’t sinking. hahahahaha

      • Estproph says:

        I really love the Blog Killfile addon! Now I no longer have to see this idiot!

  • SYG says:

    STOP IT. . . . .STOP IT. . . . .STOP IT. . . .Making excuses for this kind of behavior by saying, “Oh they are just some wild but innocent boys playing a joke.” It’s low class and insulting to any female on that campus. Well Jokes can cause problems and these nit wits are the problem.

  • ajani says:

    The twisted fool is full of himself.What a shame The Republican Party is to American politics.

  • suki says:

    the movie has been out for awhile. People need to see how evil Trump really is.

  • Texdakota says:

    There is also a movie called You’ve Been Trumped about what he did in Scotland to acquire land for a golf course. Not a pretty picture at all.

  • Joe Langella says:

    I’m amazed at how scared the left is of this guy.
    While you show your emotional outbursts like someone in the 3 rd grade and I witness the escalation of stupid reasons one should not vote for him yet every attempt you make just made him stronger I realize the phrase for your childish dreams should be we got Trumped!

  • Harris K Telemacher says:

    It’s sad and I’m not questioning the purpose of this movie; it’s important stuff like this gets made. But the binary nature of american politics means that he only people who’d watch this are people who don’t NEED to watch it.

  • cici says:

    Dear Media. The only way to kill a troll like trump is not to feed it.

  • SYG says:

    Howard, what a childish remark. I would expect that from a teenager. So do your homework and go to bed like a nice little boy.

  • eksploited says:

    Is this the movie? It doesn’t really say anything. It shows that some people don’t like him. That is ok. Not much substance or substantiated.

  • Estproph says:

    It’s laughable that these goobers can talk about stupid reasons not to vote for him, and at the same time cheer on the stupid reasons they support him.

    Like dropping $200 BILLION on trying to deport every illegal alien.

    Like saying he is going to force Mexico to build a giant wall on their own dime.

    Like saying he would just waltz into Iran and demand a better deal from them.

    Trump has no idea that actual diplomacy even exists. He’s like putting a drunkard in charge of a company. And the only ones who think this is a good idea are other drunkards.

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