The President’s Question To His Successor Makes The Thought Of A GOP POTUS Unbearable (VIDEO)

President Obama appeared on an interview on NPR where he was asked what was obviously a tricky question. He was asked if he had anything to say to his successor, to which the president came up with a pretty big question of his own. With the kind of diplomacy we’ve come to be used to, the president turned an “I may need to think about that” into an answer in the form of another question: Why do you want the job?

He said he wouldn’t outright ask because candidates will do what candidates do and give stump answers, but his advice was that the fun and games and power of the job wears off very quickly, so if that’s a candidate’s reason for running, they’re in for a big surprise.

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The president makes it known that leading the country with fear and ignoring the hope and change that America needs will be disastrous. He essentially reminds us of what will happen if we allow the GOP to win.


Watch President Obama solemnly begin the initiation of a new president below:

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