That Time The Bush Administration Lost 5 Million Emails…And Nobody Batted An Eye

The GOP cycle of scandals is simple.  Find something irrelevant, make a big deal about it, forget that your guy did the same thing a few years ago and move on to the next one.

The Hillary Clinton email scandal is just another sorry example of this bruised and battered ideology.  Experts have agreed that there was no legal wrongdoing and that any backlash would be negligible at best.  Hillary’s standing as the favorite to win the Democratic nomination hasn’t been affected.

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That doesn’t matter to the GOP’s ignorant base of indoctrinated sheep.  “Clinton,” “Scandal,” and “Benghazi” are three of their favorite keywords, so at least for them, there will be some mileage driven in this clunker of a story.

Let’s not let them forget that their guy had a similar experience, one that fizzled and died in the span of a few days, without even a mention on Meet the Press the following Sunday.

In April of 2007, The Bush Administration was being scrutinized for firing eight US attorneys for seemingly political purposes.  When congress asked for the emails concerning the issue, guess what?

Yup.  Lost.  5 million emails, run through the private accounts of the RNC were gone forever.  The accounts were supposed to be used for non-policy work to avoid violating ethics laws, but Congress had evidence that official government business, including the firing of the eight attorneys.

Those email accounts were used by 22 White House staffers, including Carl Rove, who used them for a reported 95% of his communication.

That happened on a Wednesday, and by Sunday morning talk show time, it had already run its course and disappeared.

It’s a bit disturbing to think of what else may have been in 5 million emails from the Bush administration that disappeared.  One could almost make the case that in the process of covering up a number of crimes after the Democrats took over Congress, they simply got lucky when this particular issue came about.

H/T: Salon | Image: Telegraph.UK

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  • talonts says:

    You might want to edit/finish this sentence:
    “The accounts were supposed to be used for non-policy work to avoid violating ethics laws, butCongress had evidence that official government business, including the firing of the eight attorneys.”

  • Thom Lee says:

    SSDD, they can do no wrong everybody else can do no right.

  • Lance says:

    I think it’s “Karl Rove” with a K (and not a C), no?

  • David Starkey says:

    Let’s talk about Hillary’s thirty thousand emails
    And while you’re at it:

    • David Starkey says:

      I created that word for a reason – well a LOT of reasons, actually.
      David Starkey – Dallas, TX

      • Paul in Buffalo says:

        Cool.. I coined “Republibots” but it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.. If you want to see a term tie a fist full of loose ends together, Google:


        Reading the exceptional there was like watching a jigsaw solve itself.

      • s_boucher says:


        • David Starkey says:

          Repugnantcans, Republican’ts, Rethuglicans… there are a lot, but their claim to be Christian when behaving in a manner diametrically opposed to Jesus of Nazareth, offends ME the most.

    • stlouisvillecards says:

      Note how your embassy pic does not say, “Total US Ambassador Deaths” or even “Total US Citizen Deaths”

      • Paul in Buffalo says:

        As if that makes a frickin’ difference? It looks from here they all happened at, near, or to personnel of US Consolates and Embassies. Are you sure this is the position you want to die defending?

        • stlouisvillecards says:

          It does make a difference. Show me the last sub-committee investigation done under any administration into the deaths of foreign citizens?
          And, no, that is not what it looks like. US citizens were killed at the Benghazi embassy – if you had investigated you would have found that the VAST majority of deaths were of non-US citizens. Some of whom did work IN the embassies/consulates, but most were security who died doing their job of safeguarding those inside the buildings/compounds. Of course, most of us know that security only gets a passing thought unless they have done something the media deems noteworthy.

          The pic is simply a deflection from the situation at hand: A US Ambassador died for the first time since 1979, along with 3 other US citizens. (Which, I might point out, happened under a Democratic administration in Iran)
          And, YES, as a veteran I’d die defending this position.

          • Paul in Buffalo says:

            As for the bluster and posturing, just STOP. I’m a veteran of two (2) different branches, sir, but more importantly know the difference between debate and deadly force. Down, boy.

            I actually wasn’t going to dignify your parsing American lives as of more value than others with a response, but the fact is the 1983 Marine Barracks truck bombing in Beirut “InterestedObserver” mentioned happened squarely on St. Ronnie the Poseur’s watch as we all well know. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, women, and spin doctors can not rewrite that piece of history. How quickly the mind forgets whatever facts conflict with the ego’s self-image.

            Any of us can trip over that, sir. Today was just your day.

          • stlouisvillecards says:

            Stop? Bite me. You can value foreign lives over US lives if you like but don’t hold us all to that failing.
            I don’t need your response to consider my post dignified. In fact, for someone claiming to be a veteran I find very little of your post which would dignify any branch of service you might have served in.
            Where did I say something about Reagan? None of this was about Reagan. It was about people giving this administration a pass on the death of citizens they are swore to defend.

          • Artist in Resonance says:

            I do not regard one man’s life more or less valuable than the next and it was foolish of you to assume I did. THAT would be a moral failing. One wonders if the fact all men are created equal is beyond your moral comprehension. Setting up Straw Man arguments says that’s the only kind you think you can win. Further, it does not matter to me what you can or can’t find. Your self imposed limitations are none of my concern. Sorry to burst your bubble but the contents of this thread are not about you or the little you contribute. Read the other posts if you want to keep up. You may not have wanted to be reminded of Reagan’s security failures, but that surprises no one.

          • John Bryant says:

            American lives? How many Americans died ten years before Benghazi, to the day. And who was President then?

          • David Starkey says:

            “They are swore” alone reduces your credibility immensely.

          • Steve Morandi says:

            Lol, a grammar correction. Wow, that’s original

          • David Starkey says:

            Normally, I hate grammar Nazis, but some mistakes are SO bad they MUST be addressed.

          • David Starkey says:

            All human lives are just that: HUMAN lives.
            If you value American lives more than others – congratulations!
            Now, you know you are part of the problem.
            The other half is BECOMING PART OF THE SOLUTION

          • Wayne Neva says:

            stlouisvillecards. What you say is HUGE. The picture “60 deaths at US Embassies”, a lot like comparing apples to oranges.

          • John Bryant says:

            Where was the outrage when 241 Marines were killed in Beirut, and not one single terrorist was ever brought to justice.

      • David Starkey says:

        go on…

        • stlouisvillecards says:

          With what? You want me to spoon feed you information you could Google just as easily as I can?
          You know there is an entire Global Terrorism Database set up through a 3 year grant to the University of Maryland. Called START. 126 megs for all entire download.

          ClearthoughtNY is correct. The Geneva Convention dictates that embassies in foreign countries are to be secured by forces from that country. Any US military security at an embassy or consulate is to stop theft or compromising of classified documents – personal security is of second hand importance.

          • John G Tyree says:

            It does no good to argue with idiots they will continue to spout crap even if they are proven wrong a million times over. The fact that Stevens begged for extra security and was denied over and over does not matter. Even when they had personnel on standby that wanted to go and were less then six hundred miles out nor the fact that a second base was told to stand down and not to send assistance even after they already did that doesn’t matter either all the testimonies proving Hillary and Obama were both the reason the ambasador were killed and all the missing transmissions between the embacy and the dept of state along with letters telling the ambasador to use what resources he had on hand and no other assets would be made available to him or for him do not matter to these people. Facts escape them they live on the what ifs and theories of the few. They don’t believe in this nation or our sovereignty and they do not think you should have a rite to speak against there lord or his demy gods. If you stand for anything they will tell you aliens are coming to suck your brains out because gays built our nation and the Muslims should have a rite to kill you because there president says so. They are backwards and will be the demise of this nation. Sadly they truly believe there own crap and think that everything that spills from the mouth of the Democratic Party is the truth and they will carry that to there graves defending it.they can’t see they have been duped and are doing everything exactly the same way every nation before us learned not to do. Rome, Grease, Egypt, etc… Throughout history.

          • David Starkey says:

            The term “go on” is simply conversational lubricant – it means the same thing as “I’m listening”

      • David Starkey says:

        When you start to nitpick because you have no valid counter argument, people DO notice. You knew that, right?

    • Wayne Neva says:

      I wonder why the Democrats didn’t push this. To be honest I don’t remember the MSM saying much about this.

  • Gregory Mead says:

    Nobody batted an eye because it’s unpatriotic to criticize the president. Oh, wait…

  • Adam M says:

    So because Bush sucked that excuses democrats to suck. Should we not have higher standards then what both parties deliver or do two wrongs make it right

    • Gary Smith says:

      No 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but hypocrisy is a big deal.

    • David Starkey says:

      No, in fact you can find something about this in the Bible.
      Before telling someone to remove the splinter from their eye, you should first remove the beam from yours.

  • James E Tryon says:

    They wern’t trying to destroy America. Plus if you are a fan of obozo you wouldn’t understand anyway.

    • Droosies says:

      The funny part is they had a reason to ask for the Bush Emails. What were they looking for with Clinton’s????

      • Paul in Buffalo says:

        The same thing you can find in any “National Enquirer.” but John Boehner wants to piss away millions of tax dollars instead. I understand he’s the opposition but the guy’s got no plan.

      • Addum Cable says:

        What were they looking for? They’re quite possibly looking for communications between her and those she’s appointed over during the time of Benghazi. Maybe you don’t know this, but there has been an ongoing investigation into the Benghazi attacks that happened in Sept. 2012.

    • Paul in Buffalo says:

      Just who in your fevered brain is “trying to destroy America”, my conspiracy addled friend? Next you’ll be saying you’re one of “the real Americans doin’ what need to be done.”

    • God Damned Bush says:

      Well all 5 million of those emails disappeared, so how are you sure they were not trying to destroy America? The economy took a nose dive right after those emails went missing….

  • I.O.O.W.R.D.I.

    It’s only okay when Republicans do it.

  • ACL_JR says:

    The NY Post is reporting that the story of Hillary’s emails came from Valerie Jarrett, NOT Republicans. Also it should be noted that the real; issue in this whole email scandal isn’t that she used her private account, its that she used her private account for ALL her emails (after she instructed her staff NOT to) Also, she gets to decide whats being released and whats not.

  • stu elman says:

    Want a scandal? Why not talk about the Bush’s and the Savings and Loan problems of the late 1980’s? They were right in the middle of all that.

  • Michael Munsey says:

    Carl Rove’s job was mostly campaigning. It would have been illegal for him to use government resources (computers, email, etc.) for campaigning.

  • Sonia Collins says:

    I batted an eye.

  • Fergus says:

    The Bush Administration did not lose, erase or delete a single email. To suggest otherwise is a falsehood.

    • DaggerX6 says:

      De-nile aint just a river in Egypt. Your lack of fact checking shows your ignorance. 5 million emails deleted…..
      Missing White House Emails | Washington Week – PBS

      • Fergus says:

        I don’t base my beliefs of other people’s opinions. I also don’t revert to insults when I do not agree with someone less informed – that would be immature.

        • DaggerX6 says:

          But you will post misinformation and lies and blind ignorance is immature….

          • Fergus says:

            I’m lying? How would you know? Other than “believing” what others, who do not have first hand knowledge, are purporting? Unlike you, I base my perceptions from actual fact.

  • David Starkey says:

    No, for 3 reasons:
    1. That word looks a lot like a proper name from ancient Greece.
    2. That word also looks as if it is pronounced with a long i.
    3. Democrats ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THEIR FELLOWMAN & prove it with their actions, a LOT more frequently than Republicans.

  • brunostrange says:

    It’s simply not true that nobody batted an eye. It was a scandal that the media pursued, just as it’s doing today.

    I cannot stand Republicans, but please don’t do what they do – the “it’s only ok when those on my team do it” bullshit. It only confirms the stupidity of politics in this country.

  • David Starkey says:

    I think one thing we can all agree on is this.
    Anyone who disagrees with us is wrong.

  • Steve Morandi says:

    Lol, nice try

  • JCav says:

    Dear Fellow Lefties: Responsibility goes both ways. Because the Bush administration “did it too” doesn’t make Mrs Clinton less responsible, nor anyone in the Bush Administration less responsible. Relativism just doesn’t work. I learned when I was 3 that “two wrongs don’t make a right” and that adage applies here. I think National Security is a big deal, as does the FBI and the CIA. Mrs Clinton’s kool aid is effective, for sure, but being so cavalier with our national interest is a disgrace borne of hubris and arrogance. The changing narrative is a long-time tell. Disappointing.

    • David Starkey says:

      When the Secretary of State requests, specifically, mind you, additional security personnel & the Republican Congress refuses the funding – The REPUBLICRITES DON’T THEN GET TO CRITICIZE HER FOR INSUFFICIENT SECURITY.

  • David Starkey says:


  • Fergus says:

    Yep…. anyone who reports otherwise is lying.

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