Thanks Obama! Iran Begins Gutting Nuke Program WAY Ahead Of Schedule

Remember when Republicans screamed about Obama’s Iran Deal? They said it would never work and supported military action instead? Well, they were wrong and Obama is laughing all the way to the history books.

Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran’s atomic energy chief, announced that the country has already begun dismantling their nuclear program:

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We have already started to take our measures vis-a-vis the removal of the centrifuge machines – the extra centrifuge machines. We hope in two months time we are able to exhaust our commitment.

Under the agreement hammered out by Obama, the country has to give up 98 percent of their enriched uranium stockpile, promise not to enrich uranium containing more than 3.67 percent of U235, the isotope needed for fission reactions and reduce their 19,000 centrifuges down to a little over 6,000. Obama, in return, promised to lift the economic sanctions that have been placed on the country.

The right, led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “I Hate Muslims” Netenyahu, claimed that Obama was putting both Israel and America in danger by negotiating with Iran. They would have much rather seen the United States waste trillions of dollars going to war with the country. Because, you know, that worked out so well in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama, ignored the war mongering right and decided diplomacy was the best answer — and he was right.

Republicans will likely ignore this development, because their Obama Derangement Syndrome prevents them from ever admitting they were wrong. Instead, they will continue to scream “MOAR WAR!” Fortunately for us, and the rest of the world, we have a president who doesn’t believe in sending our kids off to war every time something happens. This developement proves that diplomacy is far more effective than war and the 47 treasonous senators who tried to sabotage the deal all look like the imbeciles they are.

It’s a good day in America. THANKS OBAMA!

Featured image via Storify :h/t Occupy Democrats


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  • Airb0rne4325 says:

    I wonder if she will speak to the issue when Iran takes credit for the nuclear device it will detonate in the not so distant future.

    • Joshua Schell says:

      Just Stop it.

    • academicjock says:

      AirbOrne, you ignorance is showing! Without centrifuges Iran cannot refine radioactive material in quantities great enough to make anything that is dangerous. BUT, facts mean nothing to right wing morons. Do they mean anything to you, AirbOrne?

      • fafhrd says:

        Iran is allowed to keep centrifuges. “without centrifuges”?
        Iran isn’t destroying centrifuges, just taking them off line, it still has them.
        Iran’s sanctions relief will provide it with billions to support terror groups, Hamas and to buy missile technology (to deliver weapons on).

        • academicjock says:

          Wrong … the centrifuges are being DISMANTLED … taken apart. Here is another FACT for you. Contrary to Trump’s lie that Iran will GET $150 billion, the exact amount is not known. What IS known is that the amount is at a minimum of $25 Billion to a max of $100 billion. However, due to the sanctions that could be put back in place, Iran owes other countries around $50 billion (now, fafhrd, can you do the math?). Iran gets NOTHING until the IAEA has confirmed they’ve complied with the provisions of the Treaty.

          Is the remaining money enough to obtain the technology needed by Hamas? You’ve got to be kidding. After all of these years, the best any of those terrorist groups could obtain are SCUD missiles from N. Korea and those have a range of only a few hundred miles. Even the braggadocios N. Koreans don’t have the technology to build an adequate ICBM. It is not like someone in a garage is going to throw together a bunch of parts from a list they got on ‘google’. Not only must they develop the technology, but the infrastructure and nuclear warheads (which Iran cannot build) must be put together. The first weapon costs 10s of billions. PLUS, then there is maintenance which, according French and US sources costs around $2.6 billion per year to maintain four missiles. THEN, what about all of the sacrificial tests that must be performed?

          The IDIOCY of comments … the lack of research that people like you, fafhrd, do is simply disgusting.

          • fafhrd says:

            I will agree with you about the idiocy of the comments. Particularly yours!
            The fact is that you, nor I, nor probably any English speaker in the world, actuallly KNOWs what Iran is doing.
            I have actually read the non-treaty agreement. Can you say the same?
            I can also say that I would love to see Iran doing what you think and believe that they are, but the agreement doesn’t require the centrifuges be ‘dismantled’, just taken out of service. Iran is allowed to choose the inspectors (so far, it’s just themselves), so no one else KNOWS for sure what is going on over there. You want to believe one thing, I’m just going on 40 years of historical behavior.
            IAEA isn’t “confirming” anything, other than what Iran tells them, because Iran is inspecting itself (per the agreement) on ANY SITE that Iran wants to call a military site.
            “Sanctions that could get put back in place”? Are you kidding me? Those sanctions, that are due to be lifted, where the results of many years of negotiations with many nations. Putting them back in place, will not be fast or easy and Iran is on the committee to determine IF they get re-imposed! This isn’t just about Trump!

          • academicjock says:

            You sir, are a liar … plain and simple.

            First, since you are such a self-proclaimed scholar on the non-treaty agreement, provide a reference for the outside deal between the IAEA and Iran. Then, explain the scientific process used for inspection, the name of the machine(s) used in the process and how the instruments are used. If you can’t do those things then you prove your ignorance. Then, explain how this process is a negative. OH, and a reference is not a news source. A reference is directly from the document. You may use your own lack of knowledge explaining the instruments and I hope you do.

            Your denial of the control of inspections is pure and unadulterated bull excrement … just another right wing lie from you, a right wing liar. EVERYTHING I presented about the IAEA is accurate. You’ve clearly repeated what comparable (to you) ignoramuses like Limbaugh, Hannity (et al), and Breitpart (sp?) tell you.

            You’ve clearly not read a thing.

            Finally, below is a link to the full text of the agreement. Now, since you claim to be so knowledgeable on how weak the agreement is, show all of us the weak parts. In the mean time (and, actually into perpetude) you’ll remain a liar.

          • fafhrd says:

            Well, since your reply to me, came without links attached, and any that I’ve sent with links has wound up in moderator limbo. Nothing would be able to satisfy your quest for knowledge, since I can’t provide the links you demand.
            The proper name for the TYPE of device is a Geiger-Muëller Scintillation Detector. The specific model being used, I haven’t the slightest clue, there are several to choose from. Differing nationalities probably using different models.
            The Washington Post published the entire 159 pages of the deal, in pdf format, but I can’t link to it without the moderator stepping on it.
            Iran is mothballing (not dismantling) many of the centrifuges. They will still have some in operation. (page 6, para. 2).
            Indication of Iranian side deals? (page 9, para. 13)
            Sanctions relief? (pg. 11, para. 19 to pg 14, subpara. xix)
            Iran sitting on ‘Joint Commission’ regarding sanctions (pg. 4, subpara. ix), Dispute Resolution (pg. 19, para. 36 & 37). Note, if Iran feels that sanctions aren’t being lifted fast enough, it gets to abrogate the Agreement.
            Iran deciding who can be an IAEA inspector (pg. 39, para. 67)
            Iran is providing “samples” from their “military” sites, that are off limits to international inspectors. (pg. 42, para. 74)
            Read it for yourself. I have. I’ve even annoted it for you.
            (Keep your libelous comments about me to yourself).

          • academicjock says:

            ROFL! Not only are you a liar, you have bovine excrement for brains! Did you think that I had not read the agreement? You did and that is your weakness. Or, did you think that I’d not go back and re-read the paragraphs you listed?

            Well, after re-reading the paragraphs you listed, you confirmed my first evaluation of you … You’re a LIAR! Plain and simply.

            BTW, the side deal was not in the treaty because … are ya sitting down? IT WAS A SIDE DEAL (oops, I used caps for emphasis! Are you offended? Too effing bad) and was one page long. It is also has so little impact that it is meaningless.

            Finally, you ignore the reason Iran entered this treaty which is that due to the economic sanctions, the Iranian economy was about to collapse. They HAD to say ‘uncle’. So … if they abrogate, they are screwed! Your contending that they are some sort of threat is … well, just plain stupid (kinda like you).

            The GREAT thing about this treaty is it eliminates Iran as a nuclear threat at every level. That was its only purpose and that purpose has begun to be realized.

            According to an article from the BBC titled “Iran nuclear deal: Centrifuge decommissioning ‘begins’, the article stated, “About 20 hardline MPs have written to President Hassan Rouhani to
            complain that work to dismantle centrifuges in two enrichment facilities
            at Natanz and Fordow is progressing too quickly.” So, play word games all you want … 13,000 of the 19,000 centrifuges are being dismantled.

            Now … about that ‘libelous’ comment … Sue me! ROFL!
            You are a waste of my time. End of conversation.

          • fafhrd says:

            It isn’t a treaty, because, per the Constitution, 2/3 of the Senate has to approve it. This doesn’t even have approval of half (including several Democrats).
            Iran negotiated to remove sanctions because they were working. Iran didn’t give up anything to get sanctions removed. But, since they are on the Joint Commission, sanctions can’t be re-imposed without Iran agreeing to sanctions being imposed (not that any business will be able to rapidly re-impose sanctions anyway, contracts are such messy things to break).
            Since Iran, it’s allies (the countries it has diplomatic relations with) are the inspectors, the image that Iran wants to put out, is the only one that will get out.
            You can read that Iran is placing centrifuges into STORAGE, and yet you insist that they are being dismantled. Talk about bovine excrement for brains…
            And since Iran gets to keep it’s centrifuges, in no way is it removed from being a “nuclear threat”.

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