She’s Never Coming Back: ‘The View’ Gives Kellyanne Conway A Second Dose Of Humiliation (VIDEO)

Does it surprise anyone to learn Trump did illegal business in Cuba? Probably not, but it sure seemed to rattle Spray-tan Hitler’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, when she inadvertently admitted it on Thursday morning while sitting down with ladies from The View.

Now, the proper, adult response is to admit the action and subject himself to the punishment. After all, he broke the law. But it’s apparent that neither Conway nor Trump are adults, and since Conway appears to be learning from Trump, she did the entirely Trump thing as a response: she went on Twitter and trashed the show.

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Memory Hole Status: Failed

The View co-host Joy Behar noted on Friday morning that Conway confirming that Trump’s company “paid money in 1998” was a “huge” moment for The View, saying, “I don’t want to sound braggadocio, but this is huge for The View.”

It is big news, though. According to Kurt Eichenwald’s Newsweek report, the payment was a potential deal to expand Trump’s business in Cuba and was a minimum of $68,000.

Exposed: Donald Trump Got Greedy, Violated Cuban Embargo To Make A Few Bucks

This, it goes without saying, is illegal. If it’d been me or any other common person, we’d be in jail for it. Of course, Trump isn’t a common person, and that’s because Trump is rich. I know, the idea of a rich person engaging in criminal behaviors is shocking, but nobody became a multi-millionaire by being a decent person.

Especially not anyone with the last name “Trump.”

As Conway commented, Eichenwald offered his assessment in real-time:

So what happens to Trump now? I’ll eat my hat if something happens to him as a result of this; Trump’s broken several federal laws already by calling for the assassination of sitting U.S. officials (i.e. his “second amendment solution” rhetoric).

And this probably won’t dent his campaign any, either. We criticize so-called “low information” voters, but I think a whole new class of voter, called “anti-information voters,” needs to be created just to describe Trump’s following. Because you just know the inevitable response to this will be some B.S. about the Clinton Foundation or BENGHAZI!!!!!

Still, it rattled Conway enough that she took the high road and did the adult thing: she lied about it and slammed The View for not being “hard news” in a Tweet:


This did not set well with co-host Jedediah Bila, who ripped into Conway:

“I come from hard news, Kellyanne, so don’t tell me about hard news from The View. You want some hard news from The View, we’ll give you hard news from The View.”

“Why was he talking about how great the embargo was to people trying to get votes while he was behind the scenes going through a consulting firm to try to figure out if he could make moneyc- there? Is that enough hard news for you?”

Co-host Sunny Hostin added:

“Any Latinos that are thinking about voting for Donald Trump, I hope that they saw that interview, I hope that they’re watching now. If you’re a Latino, what would possess you to vote for Donald Trump?”

She would go on to highlight Trump’s stupid wall idea, his comment about Mexican immigrants, and his apparent violation of the Cuba embargo as reasons Hispanics and Latinos shouldn’t vote for Trump.

But for Bila, this all came down to “hypocrisy” on Trump’s part. “If you’re out there saying, I support the embargo because I don’t support what this regime stands for and you’re investigating a way to make money under that regime, you are a hypocrite.”

Trump and hypocrite are synonymous at this point. Just like Trump and criminal.

Watch the video below:


  • Ramona says:

    I have been recording the View just so I can listen to their varied ideas. Everyone is given the opportunity to express their own political views. I listened to KellyAnn Conway talk about Trumps business reps going to Cuba. She disclosed this without hesitation.

  • Dora Ayala Castro says:

    I can wait for election day and watch Hillary Clinton win the election become our first female president. Trump will have a melt down and Kelly Anne will receive a trade of from him losing the election. Trump will then say the election is rigged like he says everything is rigged against him. Tries to sue the every state for fraud. It going to circus because he just that childish I wish the media does not give him any more air time enough is enough. Please let the newspapers report it only.

  • Glenn L. says:

    It’s like Trump & his surrogates walk down the street with a blanket over their heads bumping into people and blaming the people.

  • Glenn L. says:

    To be metaphorical it’s like Trump & co. walk down the street with a BIG blanket over their collective heads, bump into people…then blame the people.

  • Mark Noonan says:

    That Woman Kellyann, boy she really had me screaming at my smartphone last night. Damn I was LIVID. Trump is thin skinned and god absolutely ballistic if any comment or complaint is made. It’s amazing that if a Democrat or Establishment Republican act the way he has THAT’S IT. You’lol NEVER hold office again.

  • Stephanie says:

    Of course nothing will come of his breaking the law once again. Trump the skunk is made of teflon!

  • Juan E Gonzalez says:

    Trino and Giuliani are a DISGRACE to this nation. U have to be blind and deaf not to figure out how Trump is when all the evidence comes out of his filthy mouth. He can’t change who he is…
    Only people who are his equal can support him!!!

  • C havican says:

    Love. You guys Where are his maids from

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