Neo-Nazi Website ‘Daily Stormer’ Endorses Trump Presidency: Do You Still Like Trump Now, Conservatives?

From audience members who shout, “white power” at his rallies to his misogynistic remarks, Donald Trump is making a splash with his conservative followers.

For instance, not only did David Duke announce his support for the Teflon Don, but a Neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer has, as well.

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So, what do you say, conservatives? How eager are you to lay in a bed full of Nazis?

Trump and the National Socialists

Trump began his campaign by calling undocumented Mexican immigrants “rapists.” Racism has been a huge feature of his campaign and that blatant, overt racism — as opposed to the coded speak of the other Republican candidates — is part of Donald Trump’s draw.

Not only did he manage to eek an entirely white crowd out of a town that was majority black in Alabama, but he’s single-handedly shifted the discourse towards gutting the 14th Amendment, proving that the Constitution is absolutely holy and writ in stone to conservatives, except the parts that aren’t.

Thus, David Duke wasn’t the first racist to announce his support for Trump, but he was certainly the most well-known:

So this is a great opportunity… although we can’t trust him to do what he says, the other Republican candidates won’t even say what he says. So he’s certainly the best of the lot. And he’s certainly somebody that we should get behind in terms, ya know, raising the image of this thing.

And now, David Duke isn’t alone: The Daily Stormer announced its support for Donald Trump, as well:

So, having thought it through and looked at the situation for the 12 days since Trump announced, I am ready to fully endorse him as the most viable current candidate for President.

Again, this doesn’t mean I endorse all of his positions or even him as an individual person, but I do believe that having him as President would at least give America some time to stand back and try to figure some things out.

I urge all readers of this site to do whatever they can to make Donald Trump President.

I doubt that this will torpedo Trump, but in the very least, the support of neo-Nazis has effectively rendered Godwin’s law moot when talking about him.

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  • Otto Greif says:

    This makes me like him more.

  • Otto Greif says:

    Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was friends with Obama and you people said that didn’t matter.

    • Beaugrand_RTMC says:

      They served on the same community committee. They weren’t “friends.” Debunked years ago, you’re out of touch.

      • Otto Greif says:

        In an updated afterword to his memoir Fugitive Days Bill Ayers states “[Obama and I] had served together on the board of a foundation, knew one another as neighbors and family friends, [and for Obama I] held an initial fund-raiser at my house”

  • SuzyQ says:

    I trust Donald to know what is best for our country. He is not divisive. He cannot be bought. He loves America and is going to help us make her great again. Trump-2016

    • Judy Taylor says:


    • Beaugrand_RTMC says:

      Totally “not divisive,” just hates blonde journalists who ask him difficult questions. It’s going to be interesting when the mainstream Republicans begin slut-shaming his pornstar trophy wife.

      • Cindy says:

        She intentionally singled him out and asked him a question that had absolutely nothing to do with his plans for the country, etc… she did infact ask those type of questions to the rest of the panel. That wasn’t a difficult question it was a personal attack for ratings, plain and simple. That was by no means journalism as she claims. Prior to the debate it showed her posting on Twitter that ” after tonight I am more convinced then ever that there will be a Democratic nominee and President” go to her Twitter page it should still be there. Didn’t you know that Megan Kelly was a Democrat? I’ve known it for years.

    • Cthulhu0818 says:

      Not Divisive? Go get a dictionary.

    • wisestguy says:

      Donald knows what best for “the donald” the only thing he wants to make great again is himself.
      As for not being divisive – what about the millions of Latinos, women (not you Suzy – you’re a sheep) and numerous others he’s offended?
      Cannot be bought? He was born into his father’s fortune and on his own can’t seem to keep from going bankrupt.
      He loves himself more than he loves America
      He would have to bring manufacturing back to America – but even his own companies source their production in China. So there goes that pipe dream.
      Trump’s old lady – the 3rd wife- she would make a fine 1st lady. hahah! NOT

      • SuzyQ says:

        I have been a Donald Trump fan for at least 20 years. He gets things done.

        • wisestguy says:

          Too bad you’re such a weak-link Suzy Q. – Deleted your own comment.

          Guess you realized after posting that you couldn’t actually name ANYTHING that donald trump has done in 20 years.(for the record here’s your previous comment… you know.. the one you deleted.)


          I have been a Donald Trump fan for at least 20 years. He gets things done.

          4:37 p.m., Wednesday Oct. 28

  • Peter J Heaton says:

    My Family escaped from Germany and the nazis back in 1938…I can see it happening all
    over again with Herr trump (the fuehrer).

    • William Shock says:

      Trump is nothing like Hitler and if you did escape the “Nazis” I have zero compassion. Jews have milked the Holocaust Holy Cow to the last drop and have hid their own racism and

      • Shawna Waisath says:

        I take it you think the Holocaust never happened.. I guess ignorance is bliss for you.. Grow a brain

        • chucky says:

          He never said the Holocaust never happened.all he said was that he is a blind tea bagger who can’t see the sameness of trump and Hitler in their messaging. They both rile up the people using a single race of people as the reason for all our problems.he is right about the jews and the way they manipulate people to feel sorry for them as they commit similar atrocities

          • William Shock says:

            Chucky thanks for the response; I am not a teabagger, I identify more as an environmentalist. Immigration is a huge problem when it comes to our own sustainability and natural resources. Trump is not an environmentalist but by tackling immigration he is taking on our increasing overpopulation problem.

          • Peter J Heaton says:

            and frump is a diplomat??????

          • Cindy says:

            No, he’s not a diplomat or a politician, thats why people find him refreshing, because he doesn’t worry about being politically correct, He has brought out problems that all the other little puppets are afraid to even mention, thats why they are afraid of him. He’s got people discussing issues. I’m sick to death of having to be PC all the time, aren’t you?

          • Peter J Heaton says:

            The President of the United States
            absolutely has to be a diplomat.
            He has to be friendly to other Countries in order to get cooperation. trump can get away with his bs here but not outside of the U.S.Believe it or not We are not the only Country in the world.

          • Cindy says:

            A single race? thats funny, whites, blacks, hispanics, latinos and many more support him. He’s not blaming ANY RACE, he is blaming the government and the idiots working there. where are you getting your info from? Everytime he talks about making American great again he blames the government and those idiots up on Capital Hill.

        • William Shock says:

          do you believe they made lampshades out of human skin, shrunk heads, made soap out of Jews, used Jewish hair to stuff mattresses, and tossed truckloads of babies into flames?

          • StrangeOneClearcut says:

            Maybe you ought to do some real research instead of mouthing off revisionist statements.
            Babies into fires ……………yes
            Jewish hair……used for mostly U-Boat Mittens but also other purposes…………….yes
            shrunken heads …………………….. yes

            Go to the library and spend 2-5 years of research then come back and post.

      • Brandon Vega says:

        If anything Trump is Hitler. “I WANT GERMANY (America u.s.a) TO BE GREAT AGAIN!” ” ITS THE JEWS (“illegal immigrants” Latinos really.) FAULT! ” actually he’s quite fond of German politics is seems ” LETS BUILD A “BERLIN” WALL !”

    • StrangeOneClearcut says:

      My Dad is a Holocaust Survivor.Kratz Family line was 80-85% wiped out.

      • Peter J Heaton says:

        My Family was the Meyerowitz,s. GrandPa
        was the director of the Koenigsberg state opera, He stayed and died in a concentration camp. My Mom went to Iran in 1931 and I was born in Iran. But I do see trump as a modern day hitler whose favorite book seems to Mein Kampf.
        The rest of My family went to America in 1938

  • Seth in Philly says:

    If I got to be the next debate moderator, I would ask him directly about this: “How do you explain the fact that David Duke and neo-Nazis find you the best candidate for their agenda?”

  • Daniel says:

    Ha! The whole premise is ridiculous. By the standard premised in the content above, cows love people because people eat cows!! Judging a person by who is attracted does not bode well for many women either. Does it make any given supermodel “a sicko” because there are sickos who are attracted to them? No.

    You’ve got a weak argument and as weak arguments go, it’s pretty easy to take down.

    Now either put some thought into your articles and commentary, or just give up.

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