Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump ‘Is A Race-Baiting Xenophobic Bigot’ (VIDEO)

Senator Lindsey Graham delivers Donald Trump an a$$ blistering burn over anti-Muslim rhetoric

Donald Trump is taking some major backlash from the Republican party over his anti-Muslim rhetoric, but South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s tongue lashing is probably the most epic of all. What does he have to lose? The South Carolina Senator is circling the drain in his presidential campaign with 0.0 percent support in polling.

Sen. Graham appeared on CNN’s New Day on Tuesday to say that Trump should go to hell. Graham said to Trump’s supporters:

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I don’t know who you are, and I don’t know why you like this guy. I think what you like about this guy is he appears to be strong and the rest of us are weak. He’s a very successful business man and he’s going to make everything great. He’s going to take all the problems of the world and put them in a box and make your life better. That’s what he’s selling.

Here’s what you’re about: He’s a race-baiting xenophobic religious bigot. He doesn’t represent my party. He doesn’t represent the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for.

Graham says it’s a dirty little secret of American history that Americans have an appetite for bigotry and hatred and that it’s not hard to bring people together using racism and xenophobia as a tool, but Americans need to reject that.

Graham then explained that he was recently in Iraq with Arizona Senator John McCain and Trump’s rhetoric is incredibly dangerous to Americans overseas serving in the military because the radicals take his comments and use them to recruit more people to their terrorist causes. They then use rhetoric like Trump’s to turn Middle Eastern people against America to make them hate us more.

Graham called Trump ISIL’s ‘Man of the Year’ and said:

What Mr. Trump is doing — and I don’t think he has a clue about anything. He’s just trying to get his numbers up and get the biggest reaction he can. He is helping the enemy of this nation. He is empowering radical Islam. And if he knew anything about the world at all, you would know that most Muslims reject this ideology.

Graham went further to explain that 99 percent of Muslims reject ISIS’s ideology and that there is only one way to win the war against terror. That strategy is to embrace Muslims, who are fleeing terror, give them hope and opportunity here because if people are given the hope for a better life or a glorious death, most people will take the former. By cutting them off from our country, they’re trapping people who are already dying by the thousands and taking away their hope for a better life which breeds terrorism.

Graham then points out that Trump only went to military school and didn’t serve, so he has no idea what’s actually going on in the world and that he needs to “knock it off. [He’s] putting people at risk.”

Then the Senator put his boot up Trump’s sagging ass and says:

You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.

Dayum! It’s no secret that Graham is upset with the direction his party has been headed, even going so far as to say that he would rather see Hillary Clinton become President over Trump.

Will Trump’s supporters listen to reason, though?

Watch the entire interview here:

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  • Melinda Killie says:

    WOW!! Graham hit the nail on the head here. I am surprised that one of the gop’s “Own” would go this far in their chastising of trump and his rhetoric. I am a staunch, democratic liberal and I must say that even “I” applaud Graham for his boldness and his “truthful statements” about trump…. Holy Toledo!!!!!

  • Otto Greif says:

    Lindsey Graham is a closet-case, war mongering, neochohen puppet.

  • Rob says:

    Where on this planet do we find these lifeforms and how did this piece of human feces get elected into the position? More disturbing is that the imbecile has mastered speech and now we all must endure the sh%t that is generated in his oversized cranium.

  • Ncrdbl1 says:

    Graham had better be careful. What ever he says on the Senate floor is protected. But walk outside the Senate chamber and he can be sued for slander.

  • Rob says:

    …Graham should focus on the left not his own party, he’s a undocumented democrat. The label of “race baiting, xenophobic, bigot” already belongs to Obama!

    • Melinda Killie says:

      Rob, and you have “legal proof” of your bullshit accusations about Obama where again? You don’t have any??? I didn’t think so. You are just another hypocritical, republican/tea party/traitor moron. Nothing more..

  • Cindy Majors says:

    I’m glad you have no chance of winning the presidential race! Geeze!

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