EXCLUSIVE: South Carolina Neo-Confederates Pressure Citizens, Legislators Over Rebel Flag With Robocalls (VIDEO/IMAGES)

Conservative Confederate sympathizers launched a telemarketing campaign in South Carolina on July 3, asking citizens to pressure their state legislators to vote against removal of the rebel flag from State House grounds.

Such a vote is expected to take place in the second week of July, and in response to the recent, obviously racist, massacre of nine African-Americans at a Charleston church on June 17. After media revealed photos of admitted slayer Dylann Roof holding the rebel flag, Gov. Nikki Haley responded to public cries for removal of the flag from State House grounds, where it’s flown since 1961, requesting state legislature vote on the issue in a current special session.

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Early polls of legislators showing a possibility for that removal didn’t sit too well with a group calling itself “Conservative Response Team,” though. As a result, this group arranged a telemarketing campaign to warn South Carolinians that “leftist fanatics want to destroy the south we love.”

The message, which can be heard in the video below, continues:

Just like ISIS, Obama’s haters want our monuments down, graves dug up, and our schools, roads, towns, and counties renamed. They’ve even taken ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ off TV. What’s next? This attack on our values is sick and un-American and has to stop right here, right now in South Carolina. Two-thirds of both Houses are needed to take the flag down and they’re struggling for the votes.

This telemarketing campaign was geographically targeted, mentioning specific legislators in different parts of the state. The group later said on its Facebook page that it made 40,000 phone calls.

It also intends to begin radio ads next week, targeting 25 legislators, unless they make “a public and unequivocal statement” no later than July 6 about maintaining the Confederate flag on the grounds, the group announced on July 3. It also says it launched radio ads in the Pee Dee region of the state.

The “Conservative Response Team” launched a Facebook page and Twitter account on the same July 3 date. Its self-description reads:

The Conservative Response Team is a 501(c)4 ready to fight back anywhere, anytime against leftist kooks who want to attack our values and destroy America.

When contacted, an unidentified operator of the group’s Facebook page only offered If You Only News the following comment:

We are out to take our country back from the snob liberals who hate America, free enterprise, people of faith and our nation’s history and heritage. We are followers of Saul Alinsky. We have no mercy on our enemies. We aim to win because defeat is not an option anymore.

When asked for more insight, including confirmation of the group’s 501(c)4 status, contact names, and more detail on its claimed Alinsky influence, response was refused.

The Facebook page is regularly updated with comments and images, such as these:

crt imagesAccording to a direct poll of legislators by the Post & Courier, the two-thirds majority vote required to remove the Confederate flag from state legislature grounds is currently present in both houses, but only by slim margin. Of state senators, 34 said they would vote to remove the flag, three more than the 31 needed. State House members stating support total 83 – just one more than the two-thirds required.

Should only two House representatives fall to pressure from this robodial campaign, efforts to remove the Confederate flag from state house grounds could fail.

According to state Rep. Patsy Knight (D-St. George), the vote will come to the floor sometime next week, but only after other scheduled votes are completed.

The South Carolina NAACP is planning a rally regarding the flag’s presence at the state capitol for July 4, and on the same State House grounds where it continues to fly.

Featured image acquired from Facebook

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  • Marv Nochowitz says:

    If your heritage is destroyed by removing one flag from one flag pole, you don’t have much of a heritage.

  • jan says:

    “OUR CULTURE!” The comparison of repainting the General Lee car to ISIS destroying hundreds of museum artifacts, statues, and archaeological sites just confirms how cultured these clowns are…

  • Lee Anne says:

    I had no idea that treason is an American value

  • Von Jocks says:

    “We have no mercy on our enemies.” Their ENEMIES?! People calling to remove the Confederate flag from public property are not just “snob liberals,” “leftist kooks,” and “unAmerican,” but ENEMIES? Yeah, how we could find anything “hateful” in those people, much less the flag valued by white supremacists and rebels against the USA, escapes me. We are all Americans, trying to decide how to best make America work together. At least, some of us are 🙁

  • Elie Challita says:

    Comparing Dukes of Hazzard to 3000 year old statues and tablets from the earliest known civilizations. Really?

  • wilmbear says:

    Okay let us get this historically correct 1 the battle banner is not now nor has it ever been the flag of the confederate it was not voted on ratified or adopted by the congress of the Confederate States of America it was the battle banner of the army of northern virginia, and as such only has historic significance on the battle fields where it was flown or in Virginia. It only rose to popularity in the south until the first half of the twentieth century after being adopted by the KKK as their symbol and battle banner. It was added to most state flags as a reaction to the civil right movement. Most of these monuments that fly this banner were built in the twentieth century or had the banner added later. It is the symbol of traitors to the United States of America, and before you call me a Yankee liberal my family roots go back in the south to the 1600’s, and I am proud of my southern heritage, but not of its history of slavery and bigotry which this is a symbol of, without a doubt.

  • Brava says:

    Apart from the obvious racism, it’s a symbol of treason, no more and no less. These so-called conservatives are urinating on the UNITED States of America

  • samthor says:

    bottom line: the confederate flag IS un- American. it is a traitor’s flag…. the loser’s flag. the Flag is against America and the constitution. it has no business being a State’s flag and flown on Public property as if it were part of our government.
    IF a private individual wants to fly it on their own private property know that it represents a history that was (and still is) very hurtful to Black people. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are being more patriotic or less racist for it.

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