Daily Derp: Vermont’s New State Motto Is In Latin – Conservatives Bash Latinos (SCREENSHOTS)

It started as a letter from an 8th-grade student studying Latin to Vermont Senate Minority Leader Joe Benning.  She asked the Senator to introduce a new state motto in Latin, much like many other states have.

A motto was developed. “Stella quarta decima fulgeat.”  The translation is “May the fourteenth star shine bright,” a reference to Vermont being the fourteenth star added to the flag.

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Harmless enough.  Vermont’s official state motto, “Freedom and Unity” would remain intact.  The student got a visit to the state capitol and a nice reward for her diligence.

When local TV station WCAX reported on the issue, their Facebook page was inundated with ignorance.  Conservative buffoonery at it’s finest.

The issue?  This is ‘Murica.  We speak English.  Them illegals gots no rightses to have their language in our state mottos.

Senator Benning told the Vermont Political Observer in an email:

I anticipated suffering the backroom internal joking from my colleagues in the legislature.  What I did not anticipate was the vitriolic verbal assault from those who don’t know the difference between the Classics and illegal immigrants from South America.

It’s funny because dumbf*ckery makes me chuckle, but on the other hand, it is incredibly sad.  What started as an extra-curricular school project by an enthusiastic young student becomes an attack on Latinos and of course, President Obama.

As of Super Bowl Sunday there are more than 600 comments on the article.  I was astounded how long it took to screencap the stupidity from the first 2oo.

I took nearly FIFTY caps.  In the interest of not being repetitive, I decided to weed out the ones that were basically repeats and was left with three categories to share; Dumb, dumber and dumbest.

In reality they all qualify as dumbest.


vt dumb


vt dumber


vt dumbest


And then we have this guy:

vt this guy

Of Course not all Vermonters are imbeciles.  This post gets the win:



H/T: The Vermont Political Observer | Image: Charles Topher

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  • ADKRambler says:

    Hi. I’m Larry. This is my brother Darrel, and this is my other brother Darrel.

  • jaydeeare says:

    It’s them Romans ya gots 2 wach out fur.

  • jaydeeare says:

    Herewith is a list of states that have already been co-opted by those damn Romans:

    Arizona: Diat Deus (“God enriches”)

    Arkansas: Regnat Populus (“The people rule”)

    California: Eureka! (“I’ve found it!”)

    Colorado: Nil sine numine (“Nothing without God”)

    Connecticut: Qui transtulit sustinet (“He who came across, holds up.”)

    District of Columbia: Iustitia omnibus (“Justice for all.”)

    Idaho: Esto perpetua (“Be always”) ad astra per aspera
    To the stars through dificulties (motto of the state of Kansas)

    Maine: Dirigo (“I direct.”)

    Massachusettes: Ense petit placidam sub libertate (“With the sword he seeks peace under liberty”)

    Michigan: Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circumspice (“If you are seeking a pleasant peninsula, look around”)

    civilitas successit barbarum
    Civilization succeeds barbarism (motto of Minnesota)

    Mississippi: Virtute et armis (“By courage and arms”)

    Missouri: Salus populi suprema lex est. (“The welfare of the people is the supreme law.”)

    New Mexico: Crescit eundo (“It grows as it grows”)

    New York: Excelsior! (“Higher!”)

    North Carolina: Esse quam videri (“To be rather than to seem”)

    Oklahoma: Labor omnia vincit (“Work conquers all”)

    Puerto Rico: Joannes set noman eius (“John is his name.”)

    South Carolina: Dum spiro, spero (“While I breath, I hope”)

    Oregon: Alis volat propiis (S/he Flies With Her/His Own Wings
    The motto was adopted in 1854, then replaced by “The Union” in 1957, and then re-adopted again in 1987. dum spiro, spero
    While I breathe, I hope (a motto of South Carolina)

    crescite et multiplicamini
    Increase and multiply (motto of Maryland)

    cedant arma togae
    Let arms yield to the toga (motto of Wyoming)

  • fbear0143 says:


    • Kathy Saving says:

      Ad Astra Per Aspera – I’m surprised Kansas legislature hasn’t tried to change it because, you know, Latin Americans. Once they destroy our education system, they will get around to changing our motto. Right now, the legislature is our difficulty.

    • kkb says:

      “Don choo be talking yer mex’can roun HERE!!!”

      It would be hilarious if not for the obvious voting repercussions of their ignorance.

    • Russell's Teapot says:

      I know! It’s as if these clowns have never even bothered to take a look at the back of a $1 bill and notice the three separate Latin inscriptions…

      • fbear0143 says:

        I think so and also that they likely never even open a book in school. Ignorance is the bet friend of the lazy.

  • TigerFan says:

    Credo Qia Absurdum Est
    I Believe Because it is Absurd

    Yes, I believe these people are actually this stupid.

  • godivademaus says:

    Wonder if any of the Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest set bothered to check the “E Pluribus Unum” on the money they spend? Just for sh**s and grins: How does this little factoid grab ya? “E Pluribus Unum” was the motto proposed for
    the first Great Seal of the United States by John Adams, Benjamin
    Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson in 1776. A latin phrase meaning “One from
    many,” the phrase offered a strong statement of the American
    determination to form a single nation from a collection of states.

  • Dot says:

    You give them books, and you give them books, and what do they do? They eat ’em.

  • kanakagirl says:

    I was born in 1947 to educated parents. My Dad read the classics in school and learned Latin and classical Greek. Back then Latin was a requirement to become a lawyer, which my father became. I grew up reading his childhood books, Lamb’s Tales of Shakespeare, written for young children, tales of the Greek Heroes, etc. He told all 6 children to use their own judgment in choosing a language, with the exception that we all study Latin for at least 2 years to better understand English and Romance languages. Simultaneously I studied Latin and French all 4 years of high school; it’s given me a great understanding of the English language. My daughter attended a school where she studied Latin and Spanish, among other subjects.

    It’s a terrible shame that the Latin requirement was dropped for law school attendees. I believe that our education system began failing and there probably would have been far fewer new lawyers if law students had to learn Latin. It’s enjoyable to study and reminds me of chess because of the intellectual fun in learning.

    All the comments in this article make me feel sad that so many ‘citizens’ (and I use that word sardonically) are completely ignorant. They jump at the chance to denounce foreigners, when in fact this country was built on the backs of foreigners. I can’t understand why anybody with a modicum of intelligence would lean toward the biased, racially prejudiced, vicious Right Wingers with whom they have nothing in common. It’s a terrible commentary on the U.S. today. The rest of the world continues to laugh at us and we deserve it.

    • Lib_IN_YOUR_FACE says:

      Probably the best comment I have ever read on one of these sites. Thank you.

      • Cahow says:

        I agree, Lib! BEST written comment EVER!!!!

        kanakagirl: your ‘education’ is showing, my dear. BRAVO and *clap-clap-clap*

        Latin was a requirement when I went to Uni, too. I majored in Botany and if you didn’t have a Latin class under your belt, you were soon lost in the mists of ignorance. I’m embarrassed for the state of Vermont, and this is coming from someone who’s roommate is FROM Vermont!

    • David says:

      Thank you kanakagirl for such a common sense response to many of these otherwise ignorant comments from those who live in a bubble of “good grief” and (face palm)

    • kkb says:

      Church. It all boils down to church. It paves the way with mindless indoctrination and prepares the brains of the “faithful” for further, future indoctrination of those who support the church, i.e., the (R).

    • Jazzidiot says:

      I tweeted your wonderful comment. It deserves a lot of attention!

    • Cheyenne says:

      Your comment is excellent but I really have to disagree that Latin helps you to learn Romance languages better. I had to take two years of Latin in high school and hated every minute of it. OTOH I excelled in Spanish and majored in it in college. And no, Latin did not help me with Spanish at all.

    • MSGH says:

      I found knowing Latin even helped me with German. I always found German compound words confusing; they often seemed not to mean what a combination of their basic elements would suggest (despite all my German profs’ insistence that they did). Desperate during an exam where I was facing an unknown passage with lots inexplicable compound words, I tried translating the basic elements into Latin and anglicizing the result. Bingo! (Example: English: submarine; German: unterseeboot. The English is an anglicization of 2 Latin words: “sub” (“under”) and “mare” (“sea”). The German is a compound of 3 German words: “unter” (“under”), “see” (“sea”_, & “boot” (“boat”). (BTW: I didn’t have trouble with “unterseeboot,” but there are other German compounds that are less obvious.

      Latin also helped me traveling. I first studied it in a Catholic high school with Church Latin pronunciation. My husband fell ill on the train from Pamplona to Madrid, &, not speaking Spanish, I was having a hard time finding someone who could guide us to a doctor. I saw an old Spanish priest crossing the train station & asked him for help in Church Latin, which he understood and helped us.

      PS: It’s bad enough that Latin is no longer required; in most high schools and universities, no second language is required–another step in the insularization (from the Latin “insula,” “island”) of North America.

  • wannabeexpat says:

    As really funny as some of these comments are in a head-shaking, disbelief kind of way, what really makes me very sad is these total idiots are the same people who are allowed to vote and, thus, have the ability to ruin our lives – as evidenced by our current government.

    • Russell's Teapot says:

      Sure, if by current government you mean the House of Reps and the deluge of delusional conservatives…

  • YouKnowMe says:

    I think the stupids encourage and exhort each other on to greater acts of anti-intellectualism. “Yah, that’ll show ’em!” (chortle chortle).

  • Kelli Crackel says:

    HAAHAAAHAA! Two things: firstly, thank God it’s not the south. I love it when other parts of the country are dumber than we are. Secondly, I actually read Latin, being a medieval historian, but I realize it’s not for everybody. Still, how in the hell are you so stupid that you don’t know the difference between the classic, ancient, (albeit dead) language of Latin, and Spanish? I honestly didn’t realize until this moment how dumb the far right really is. Wow.

    • KJean says:

      It took you THIS long??? LOL 🙂

    • kkb says:

      And getting dumber by the day. The (R) are in the vilifying education department, and the ignorant love that, they feel it “elevates” them for eschewing “book larnin’.”

    • Helena_Handbasket says:

      I’ve spent only about two weeks of my 42 years visiting the south… but my fella is from KY and I adopted all his buddies from school…. I can testify I have witnessed firsthand that hillbillies from the same freaking holler as Loretta Lynn are laughing at these idiots.

  • John Bottomley says:

    “Stultior quam Mississippi stercore et faciens respicere melius et melius.” (or in our sacred ancient American english, “Dumber than shit and making Mississippi look better and better”)

  • Danielle says:

    Charles, while I agree with the spirit of your piece, it would be helpful if you, um, dare I say it? Learn English! “Conservative buffoonery at it’s finest?” Should be “Conservative buffoonery at its finest.” Before expounding on the stupidity of others, perhaps you should get your own house in order. Guess the journalism schools in this country have failed too…

  • mikerush says:

    I have my own Latin motto. (Sort of). Non Ilegitimus Carborundum. It means, “Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down!”

  • alex says:

    im hoping this is just a very elaborate prank that a group of comedians decided to go in on….

  • Dinsdale says:

    Well, that’s it. No more US currency will be used by these people. And who knew the Founders were soft on illegal immigration???

  • D Lemon says:

    I despair for our stupid, stupid country.

  • Jeffrey Siegel says:

    Open your wallet and pull out a dollar bill. Turn it over and look at the back side (you do know which side is front and which is back?) See all those funny words in THE GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES? Oh my… Latin? If it bothers you, stop using our currency.

  • Trikkerguy says:

    Prime example of Fox News warped reality fans, and the reason America has bizarre republican law makers.unfit to lead the country. This is a segment of their base who help to maintain the employees of the rich.

  • Rocket says:

    So nobody’s gonna mention that Mexico is in North America?

    • aw3som3 says:

      is that new lib left marxist ed? i went to school in the 80’s. nowhere did any teacher ever teach us that mexico was north america. new socialism re-ed-think ed? good job. totally under the radar.

      • Rocket says:

        I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not, so I’ll simply point out that Mexico and Central America below it are both north of the equator and part of the North American continent. Wikipedia it.

        • aw3som3 says:

          oh. so how do we define ‘south africa’?… ghana? stupid. it has nothing to do with the geographic location relating to the equator. it’s a historical assessment and has absolutely nothing to do with ‘where’ the nation is in relation to the equator. moron. if you can’t ‘tell’ if i’m a troll, you must be a damn insufferable MORON.

          • Helena_Handbasket says:

            Actually, it DOES have something to do with where the equator is, in reference to which continent an American nation is on. That is how it was set up when they named them North and South America. There isn’t a universal rule determining how it is done worldwide.. but that is how it was set up here.

            At any rate, whether you are a troll or sincere, it is clear that the only things you are suffering from are your own stupidity and your pathological need to stop being inferior without actually doing anything to earn it.

      • Russell's Teapot says:

        Clearly you’re just a delusional mouth breather. It not the fault of liberals that you conservatives are just so damn stupid

      • MSGH says:

        Gee, I went to school in the 50s & 60s & was taught that, if you break up the Americas into North and South, everything north of the equator is North America. (A more common division was North America, Central America, and South America.) The right-ward swing of the US was well underway by the 80’s, leading to such current fantasies as that the US was founded as a “Christian” nation, Creationism, and the dictum that the Civil War was not fought over slavery. I hadn’t realized the wing-nuts had “revised” geography by that time, too.

    • Marvin Melhorn says:

      North America is not just Canada and the US. It also includes Mexico and the Central American isthmus (Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama). South America starts with Colombia and everything else after it.

  • Jazzidiot says:

    These people have no sense of history, and they want to share it all over their tiny world.

  • aw3som3 says:

    yeah, because you liberal leftist don’t have any dumb people on your ‘we are perfect humans’ communism team, huh?… wow. the arrogance is purely astounding. there’s no dumb people on the left, they all believe in the perfectly correct thing. in the morally sublime things. amazing. why would anyone volunteer to be a dumb ignorant, backwoods conservative? wowza.

    • Jazzidiot says:

      I don’t think ignorance is a choice. Too bad for you.

    • Kelli2011 says:

      Could you post that in a form of Engrish language, please?

    • aw3som3 says:

      wow. so all these dunces here are trying to indoctrinate people who don’t think like then, that they are ignorant. is that the new liberal buzzword? ‘i g n o r a n c e’. it’s the new ‘republican’. you found yourselves a new dog to beat. idiots. stupid libtard imbeciles.

  • Jason Dries says:

    THANKS CHARLES TOPHER. I just lost brain cells reading about the collective ignorance of these dumb folks and I think i got stupider ib tho prosess. i kwit

  • glblank says:

    We are quickly becoming the country of stupid. Confederacy of Dunces. New motto, Dey tuk are jerbs.

  • KD says:

    I think an IQ test would be a really great voting requirement

    • Kelli2011 says:

      Could we making passing the citizenship test as a voting requirement. If others should know that information before we allow them to become citizens then native born Americans should not have a problem. But……………..

    • JJF1961 says:

      Great idea, let’s start with the people who can’t figure out how to acquire a photo ID in 2015.

      • Russell's Teapot says:

        Newsflash moron: it isn’t that people cannot figure out how to obtain an ID but rather costs associated with obtaining said ID. Aside from the asinine and superfluous requirement of possessing valid ID for voting purposes there are many poor individuals who simply do not need one in the course of their daily activities. But you already knew that, troll.

  • Eric Drissell says:

    have none of them ever heard of “E Pluribus Unum”, or bothered to look at that money in their pockets?

  • labman57 says:

    Shades of Dan Quayle.

  • Michael Kimble says:

    Just for a laugh, let’s have her introduce a Bill to make “Arabic” numerals the standard for all financial, banking, scientific and medical businesses and to require all students to learn how to count using them.

    • dporteraustin says:

      They would get so angry. You could just tell them to take a deep breathe and count to 10. But only in Arabic, of course.

  • Kimmo Ketolainen says:

    I wonder if those Latin-haters have noticed that the state name is rather French?

  • Christine Stevenson says:

    OMG, the stupidity is awesome. i was 13 years old and took latin classes at the local university on saturday mornings, for fun! i can appreciate most languages now, because i can see the meaning of the words in different languages and connect them to latin or greek origins. when i am unsure i will look up the latin or greek word related to it to figure it out. learning can be fun, people should really try it.

  • Steven Schwartz says:

    Hi homines stulti!

  • robert x martin says:

    This is made up, right? This is like saying that because the Marine Corps uses the motto “Semper fidelis” they should be arrested as a foreign military operating on US soil.

    What’s really scary is that (according to Wikipedia) Vermont was named the nation’s smartest state in 2005 and 2006. Think what would have happened in a ‘dumb’ state.

  • crazycatlad says:

    My parents did some form or whatever (years ago) to stop paying tax dollars into the school system since I no longer am in school. I must phone them up at once and tell them to revert course!

    • MSGH says:

      Please do. Seniors who think they should not have to pay school taxes because their children are not in school: 1) Totally fail to understand such concepts as civilization and democracy, both of which are based on the concept that human beings are communal animals who band together to do things they could not do alone, which means that communal endeavors which are for the benefit of the community as a whole are supported by the community as a whole. 2) Are typical right-wing takers who want the benefits of civilization but don’t want to pay for them. Are they willing to be operated on or even prescribed for by a “doctor” who couldn’t afford to go to school? Do they insist on entering only buildings or driving on roads that were designed by people who had not had the opportunity to study even basic arithmetic? Do they drive only on toll roads so they can repay part of the educated engineers’ school costs? Ignorant, greedy sods!

      I’m almost 70 (next January), and my province (Alberta) used to send seniors rebate checks on their school taxes every year. It always infuriated me & I donated mine to the local school board. Thank goodness they stopped this practice. If you want the benefits of society, you should be wiling, insofar as you are able, to pay for them.

  • niall says:

    Hats off to “Gary Seymour,” who is surely the author of the most epic troll of 2015. Bravo!

  • David Worthington says:

    So how many of these commenters watched Super Bowl XLIX?

  • Marvin Melhorn says:

    The ignorance has ceased to amaze me! I remember in 2013, many people (all white) had a shit fit when Mark Anthony sang “God Bless America’ at the All-Star Games. They were complaining that a “Mexican” (i.e. foreigner) was singing a patriotic, American song. Never mind that Mark Anthony grew up in New York City to Puerto Rican parents. And even if he was from Puerto Rico, that’s still a U.S. territory and its people are considered American citizens under the law.

  • Honcho Lannom says:

    I am guessing these folks failed to note that “E Pluribus Unum” graces our dollar bill.

  • David Cornsilk says:

    Unless those idiots are authentic American Indians they all need to STFU about foreigners, pot/kettle.

  • crella says:

    How do you know these people are from Vermont? It’s a broad assumption..I looked a few up and they’re from Florida, New York, and other states. The commentary on the issue doesn’t exist only within the boarders of the State of Vermont. I’m reading this in Japan 🙂

  • Cheyenne says:

    From the comments above, I suggest E Pluribus Dumbshittibus.

  • StrawCat says:

    Another country often overlooked as being part of North America is France: St. Pierre and Miquelon Islands, right next to Newfoundland, are populated French islands.

    Clipperton Island, a French possession west of Mexico may be part of North America. (or maybe not…)

  • StrawCat says:

    I suppose these folks would also object to their country being named after a foreigner, an Italian guy named Amerigo Vespucci. (Amerigo evolved into America.)

  • Helena_Handbasket says:

    I hate to say it… but most of the commenters were from your generation. There were a few younger…. but it was mostly people who would have been in school in the 60s and 70s.
    If it makes you feel any better though, it appears to be mostly the type of people that are still pissed off that hippies were cooler than them in school.

  • Edgar Halcyon says:

    I wonder if these idiots wet their pants every time they see the Great Seal of the United States, with its three latin phrases and if they use magic marker to cross them out on the back of dollar bills.

  • JohnnyD says:

    So now the question becomes: Were Mother’s high hopes justified, in the end? Maybe you needed to take FOUR years? Or perhaps none at all?

    This is why I hate the current trend toward serials in popular TV programming. And why at the same time I’m a sucker for their dangling ” tune in again next week” ploys, I suppose. I just can’t stand not knowing the rest of the story. Not that I have any right to complain about that, mind you, or any beefs over your comment. But I can state pretty categorically that Latin is not the root of the Chinese language, or the Hopi, among many others. I suspect you meant “European languages”. And even that might be qualified as “Southern European languages”, as the Latin contribution is more dilute in Northern European languages.

    Just sayin’ . . . Not ALL roads lead to Rome.

    Some lead to Dubuque.

  • Michelle says:

    Why call them “conservatives” when they are really just idiots? What is this leftist zeal which has to tar every stupid remark with their idea of an insult, the word “conservative”? This is leftist prejudice at its best as it implies that no leftists are stupid and we all know the reality of that impression.

    • trwmn says:

      Well, frankly, it’s because there appears (on the basis of ongoing evidence) to be a high correlations between idiocy and conservatism. You can’t argue with the science.

  • Joe Agnew says:

    If you’re going to comment on others’ buffoonery, it’s best to know the difference between possessive “its” and the contraction “it’s.” I quote the article, “Conservative buffoonery at it’s finest.”

  • MSGH says:

    I think you are confusing Latin grammar with Indo-European grammar. Indo-European is the base language from which Latin & the Romance languages, the German languages, the Slavic Languages, and the Celtic (including Gaelic) languages (among others) derive. You are right, however, in that Basque is not an Indo-European language.

  • MSGH says:

    Given that no-one in the British Isles (or anywhere else, for that matter) spoke English at the time, why did he bother?

  • MSGH says:

    Where do they say the Mass in Latin? Haven’t you caught up with Vatican II?

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