Joe Biden’s House Shot At In Drive-By And Fox Fans Are Upset He Wasn’t Killed (IMAGES)

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife are probably extremely grateful they were not on the residence at their Delaware house on Saturday when someone went nutty and decided to shoot at it.

The shooting occurred around 8:25 p.m. on Saturda,y in Greenville, Delaware. Secret Service reports that they heard shots and saw a car driving past the house at a high rate of speed.

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Authorities say that approximately thirty minutes later a man was apprehended as he passed a New Castle County police officer who was trying to secure the outside perimeter of Biden’s home. It has not yet been determined if he had anything to do with the shooting.

The Secret Service is going over the home to see if any bullets struck the house, which sits back about 300 yards from the road where the shots were fired.

It’ll be interesting to see, in the coming days, if the shooter is another super “responsible” right-wing gun owner. Given the amount of vile hatred that has been directed towards the current administration, it’s easy to assume that maybe that was the motivation of the shooter, but we can only guess.

The rabid fans of Fox “News” unleashed their usual ignorance on the network’s Facebook page today when informed of the shooting. Some of the fans are upset that the shooter didn’t take Biden out with a bullet.






We can always count on Fox fans to keep it classy.

Images via Fox “News” Facebook Page 

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